Friday, June 08, 2007

Skin Results & Hair Problems

Ok well the results of Camerans skin peeling so far he thinks is just from her high fever last week. He asked if she had a high fever in the past week and of course she did have that viral temp thing of temps of 104.6 just a week ago. He says sometimes when kids get sick with such high temps it can cause their fingers and toes to peel! Never would have thought that.
Anyway at the visit I thought I would bring up the hair loss and this caught his attention quickly. He looked at her scalp and noticed what I have been talking about. He spotted out her bald spots and how thin her hair has gotten and receding hair lines( you cant see those unless I pull her bangs back and underneath that you can see how much she has lost)!
He said she has Alopecia for more info I put a link in the sidebar! He typically sends his patients to see a Dermatologist but he says with his 5 patients that have this the Dermatologist really doesn't due much these days unless its severe. Well he decided to go ahead and run a blood test checking her Thyroid just to rule that out as a possible reason to lose this much hair! He is aware of the meds she is on but really doesn't think its the cause. She went through a stage a while back of pulling her hair out which is also another things kids do that have Alopecia.
While there he just ran his fingers through her hair and it was falling out. SO he told us to not pull her hair up in piggy's or pony tails that a clip to the side would be fine and limit our brushing so its not breaking her hair even more! We'll find the results out on Monday and go from there.
He doesn't think the skin issues and hair loss are a problem as a whole he thinks they are two separate issues. But again he just wants us to watch these two things to make sure it doesn't worsen!
Click to enlarge these pictures, they where taken this weekend you can see what I'm mean about her hair receding back specially on the right side.

In the picture above you can see where she lost the hair and new ones are trying to grow back!

My poor babys hair looks so broken and damaged and this is "fixed" looks like a mess huh you just cant do anything with it unless its pulled up! Guess I need to invest in some hats wonder if that would make it worse??

Oh and I had to throw this in here, that my girl is still going strong no seizures in 9 weeks! WooHoo! Still no talking, just some squeals here and there, but Motor wise she is improving everyday. Go Cami

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