Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hair loss already...

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OK this is not something I thought we would be dealing with right now! But Cameran seems to be losing quite a bit of hair! Every time I wash her hair or brush her hair big clumps of it falls out. Her hair has become super thin and now her hair lines are receding. It actually goes all the way around it looks so strange when I pull it up!
Has anyone else had this happen? I read that Depakote can have this affect but I really never thought of it actually happening! Is this a common thing or am I just losing my mind? It also seems that its not growing, maybe I should go have it trimmed again but I really wanted it to grow out. I guess I just thought her hair would be thick and grow fast like Caleb's but that has not been the case. Do any of you think this is med related? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I should also mention that she was on ACTH last year between Aug 31-Nov.2nd. During that time she grew tons of hair "everywhere" but did lose that extra! Maybe its that...I just dont know! She is currently on Keppra, Klonopin and Depakote.


Kelly said...

We've never experienced that. Although, it would be great if we did.....Michaela too grew tons of hair on the steroids, but never lost any of it (and you know what that means). She was on Depekote as well, but not Keppra. Maybe it's that combination specifically?

JSmith5780 said...

I think quite a few people on the board mentioned hair loss with Depakote. But more important to have her SF and if the Dep did it, then what can you do. Can you see if a nutritionist could recommend anything for hair strength??