Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Milk Mustaches & Scrapped Knees`

What a combo huh? Well this is just some miscellaneous stuff going on around the house!
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1st here we have the kids goofing. We made some cupcakes and here they are sporting there Milk Mustaches/Cupcake Icing Smiles!

My favorite picture of the bunch! Cameran is really starting to make some hilarious facial expressions! This by far is my fav!!!!!

Oh my silly boy Caleb, always putting on a show that brings smiles to his Mommy, Daddy and Sissys faces!

Look at my girl posing with that shoulder out!

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

Now on to Camis 1st scraped knees! I have a picture of Caleb with his 1st sitting on this very step so I just couldn't resist! She fell on our front porch being silly then she did it again a few days later!

Which the 2nd part brings up a story to tell. We had a little rain blow through and it blew our back door open(if not shut correctly it opens to easy) anyhow me and Caleb where working on his math book in my room and I heard the swings chiming and I looked back there and who do you think was standing outside playing....Cami! I panicked, she hadn't been out there but maybe 2 minutes but long enough to get into trouble! So all doors have to stay locked now! But our question is how did she get down those stairs obviously she got a little scrape but maybe she can do more than we think she can...Goes to show that you can never underestimate a child, Special Needs or not, they are smarter than they let on. mischievous little things....LOL!

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JSmith5780 said...

Scary isn't it?!? One day last weekend, Jeff and I were napping when the kids were. I woke up to find Austin wasn't in our room any more. He got up to go potty and realized there was something in the van he wanted. He unlocked both the deadbolt and the door and was about to go outside. Not only that but he was naked from the waist down since he has trouble pulling his underwear up. We now have a slide lock at about 5.5 feet up to prevent this from EVER happening again! Glad Cami is okay!