Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our Sickly Lil Pooh Bear

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We sure do get our fair share of illnesses around here. Seems like everytime I turn around one of my kids are sick or I am! Cami has really taken the most of it here lately. My husband rarely gets sick, so what are we doing wrong? We are avid hand washers as to where he thinks his pants leg will do! I never have understood how it works. Why one person that is out and around sick people all the time(both of his jobs) and here we are at home and not around people that often but stay sicker than he does! Guess I should start taking some vitamins.
Cami must have a low immune because this girl has done nothing but stay sick this year! She takes the flintstone viatmins everday because she hasnt been drinking hardly any milk since before the whole diet thing but I really dont think they help keep her well! Odd thing is that she never had a temp or cold until she was 1 years old! So I guess she is making up for it!
This virus has her wiped out but thankfully it is nothing like her last one those temps where scary. This one is the stomach bug and she has had both ends of it, No temps. This virus has been running its course for almost a week now. It started with her not wanting to eat and drink guess it should have been sure signs of something coming in. My poor baby girl!

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