Monday, June 15, 2009

Its Summer time....

AND we are feeling it and loving it except for the heat that is ;)
The kids are working on their tans living and loving it up outside playing everyday! The cast didnt slow Cami down any, in fact we are happy to say that smelly thing came off last week! So hello swimming pool!!!! We are leaving for another camping trip this week. A week long set on the lake is calling our names and we cant wait to turn the kids loose. We've not been in the water yet so we are for sure to make up for the time lost ;)

Here's Cameran getting her cast off:

Thats right we had Caleb front and center! Making sure he knew what you have to go through with a broken bone. No more of these please!!!!

She did not make any big movements after that thing came off. But Jason about passed out by the was horrible. It got wet the Friday before it was to come off. We had to take her in and they where going to take it off and redo it because once it gets damp its bad on their skin but thankfully to us taking a hairdryer to it, they thought it was ok. But man did it make a bad smell! After they removed it she still had a small bruise on her elbow left over but everything looked great. They did another x-ray and said it healed nicely so no need for another cast. He tried to take a look at her but she wasnt letting any of us near it. She walked around with it held like it was still in the cast. The Dr told us that it would straighten out on its own and she was probably not going to let us near it because it just feels weird but told us it would get better and she would do things on her own to straighten it out and she has done just that! Its looking much straighter. She goes back in a month to have another xray to make sure everything is looking good and then will go back in a year to make sure it is growing straight. Its a memory of the past for her it never slowed her down once and now she is back to climbing and jumping on everything....makes us nervous...Shes our little fearless!

This week Cami has 2 more Dr appts. One with her GI Dr she has the every 2 months. Then the following day she has her Neuro follow up. This is a very exciting visit in our books....It will be her first visit with being on no meds. Thats right you have read that correctly I just gave Cami her last Depakote pill tonight!!!! I am so nervous for her but pray things will stay smooth sailing. Cause I tell ya my girl has really taken off, her speech just surprises us everyday. We are working on animal noises and just all round reconizing animals. As some may remember at her last Developmental appt she associated every animal as a doo(a cow) well not any longer! A horse is a neeeeeeiiiighhhh she says. She can say dog now and even barks, a goat is just the sound it makes, a her new one as of last night is a cat she says meeooowwww! Too cute Cami! She repeats alot of sounds and words some not so clear but in her own little way so makes no difference to me because she is trying her hardest. Her sentences are getting better. You get lots of "Lets Go Daddy" "Bye Bye gaga(Caleb)" "I go ByeBye" Go Night Night" I want Dilk(milk)" I want Dot(hot)Dog", I ride bike", I want ride", "I want up mama", "I want you mama", "I want eat", "I want cupcake". Then of course her famous words as of right now are: What? and No, those are her fav! She has such a sweet little voice. She loves for you to sing the ABC's and she even trys to sing along. Shes actually getting to know alot of tunes, like the theme songs to their fav shows, like Spongebob, Drake and Josh, ICarly, and the other day a Brittany Spears song came on ya know the Lalalalalalala love me hate girl kept the lalalala's a going the whole song while cutting up the rug...LOL! It was the cutest ever ;)

Oh and one more thing did I tell ya my girl has learned how to swing all by herself. Yes thats right she just this week mastered moving her legs back and forth to make herself go and man can that girl swing high! Caleb has been teaching her a few things himself and hes so proud of hisself for it. I just watching them they are both the sweetest things!

I've been taking him to the library and he is just in awww of all the books. He loves to read he came home with some very intersting stuff, The appalachain mts, Caves, weather books....he is so into science and the world! Cami has enjoyed these trips as well i let her play on the kid computers while he searched for his books, then he joined us. They spent 40 minutes on the computers creating pictures they loved it. The library here just offers many activites for them its great! Got to keep them entertained or they'll tear the house apart ;)

To end our week me and the hubby celerbrated our 11 year wedding anniversary on June 13th. The grandparents took the kids for the night while we headed to a crusie on the General Jackson in Nashville. It was a 3 hour night cruise down the Cumberland River and man was it amazing. We had dinner on the deck and then spent the rest of the evening at the front of the boat soaking up the views, cool breeze, and some much needed time alone! You could count every star in the sky it was just the best night and hey we even got to sleep in till 9:30 the next morning......ahhhhhhh that was nice!

June 13, 2009 Our 11 year Wedding Anniversary!

The boat we where own. It was fantastic!

The downtown city view of Nashville. It was a beautiful sight with all the ligths shinning on the water. A different side of Nashville than we've ever seen!

This is the view we had while we set on the back of the boat eating our dinner!

This was our table we picked at the front of the boat for most of the cruise. We ended up moving up to the top deck for an even more amazing view set at the the very front with a wide open view in front of us and nothing but the stars above us. It was a fantastic evening!

Up close and personal belly and all!

My beautiful rose from Jason!
Just enjoying this summer break is what its all about. Wish we could hit the beach this year but its just not gonna happen too much going on and too much to get done before the baby comes. But we've promised a trip to the beach next year as a family of 5....Excited about that! Pregnancy is still going good, 27 weeks is where Im at right now and 12 weeks is what I have left, this one will be early like Cami was. I go back to the Dr for my 7 month check-up on the 29th. I will be having another ultrasound so I'll be updating again after that appt.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer breaks thus far! Oh and Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Overdue Update.....

Sorry what can I say its been crazy busy around here. Whats been going on, well here is the latest. Cameran had to go to the Orthapedics where we waited a miserable 3 hours to get another X-ray of her arm, wait wait wait and more waiting saw the Dr. waited some more then she got recasted. This one being a full round arm cast. He was shocked she didnt do more damage to her arm in that splint she had on. Turned out being much worse than the hospital told us. They said it was large but small?????Confused well I was. SO when the new Dr told us just in fact how large it was it scared me a little. He said it broke all the way through her elbow and the only thing that held it from braking and needing surgery was the soft tissue surrounding her elbow......acckkk! He called it a Supracondylar Humerus Fracture and then showed us her x-rays where you could see the crack all the way through.....Pain I tell ya. Brought back lots of memories of my arm. But my gal did great while they casted her up and she got to pick a color so we went with a light pink cute cute she is in it. She has to wear it for 4 weeks then they will do another x-ray to see if it is ready to come off. I'll tell ya we really dont think it will that early but they say kids heal alot faster than adults so we shall see. Fingers crossed that it comes off....we are ready for some swimming! If she doesnt come out of it June 11th then we have found a cast cover that she can use so she can swim. Its called a Dry Pro

Speaking of swimming we have entered Caleb into swimming classes for the next 3 weeks. He goes for his level testing tonight to see what he knows. They will then put him in the level class he needs to be in. Super excited for my lil guy and he is thrilled to learn. Once Cami comes out of her cast she is being enrolled too!
School is now out and their summer break has officially begun. Cami unfortunately missed her whole last week of school she has had a bad cold. Its still hanging in there a lil bit but thankfully the temps are gone but not before she passed it to me. Nothing like a summer cold!

Now onto her EEG results. They came back with no seizure readings which was fantastic news so he gave us the go ahead to start the weaning of her Depakote. We are into week 2 and down to just 1 pill a day now!!!!! We arent seeing any odd behaviors, she seems to be tolerating it very well. Actually her speech is pickingup more and more everyday. Just this week she started saying hotdog(she calls it a dotdog) then today she is saying bellybutton as she discovered her belly and the hole.....LOL! She says what? What? pointing at it! Too cute my girl!

She will be done with the Depakote on June 15th. They have called in Diastat for backups. Its a med we would have to insert into her bottom if she where to have a seizure lasting more than 5 mintues and then are given instructions to seek ER help. We have been told to carry it everywhere we go just in case but he thinks things should be fine but its for a just in case you never know situation!

Other findings on her EEG where said to be very slow brain waves he said probably why we are seeing developmental issues. Also said her sleeping pattern was not what it should be and asked how she was sleeping! All things that will be covered at her next appt on the 18th of this month!

So that about sums it up. Im doing great had another appt last week at my 6 month check-up where I got a 3-D ultrasound of our lil sweet pea. It was so awesome to see the baby it was like he/she was here already! Speaking of they have given me an earlier arrival date of atleast the 10th of September because of my gestational diabetes. No surprise there though! So just 14 weeks to go but man its gonna drag by in this hot summer....iccckkk! There was a small finding on the ultrasound that I'll go over at a a later date maybe after my next ultrasound that they have scheduled at the end of this month. Its nothing too serious but something that is being watched. So we will see what the next appt shows.

Well I better get off here got diaper duty and a swimming class to get off too. Hope everyone is having a great summer break!