Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Girl.....

Yes thats right our girl is most certainly growing up right before our eyes. Cami has been up to so much here lately. She had her big 6th bday party in Hello Kitty of course her current favorite! We signed her up on a team to play T-Ball, she finished Kindergarden, lost her first 2 teeth, and has gotten her ears pierced! Busy lil gal she is ;)
I can hardly believe her 1st school year is over, its feels like she just had started. It was such a great year of learning for her. By the end of the year, she knew how to spell and write her first name she knows her last name but cant spell it just yet. She can tell you how old she is but doesnt know her birthday, but she knows when its the BIG day because she will walk around telling everyone, and the stories she'll tell you of her big day, its like it just happened yesterday to her. Great memory shes got.
Some other things she learned this year was what state she lives in, Tennessee! What planet she lives on Earth or as she calls it is ERF! By the end of the year they finally had her lining stickers up on a straight line. We are still working on her tracing which she still cant do or understand. Her comprehension is still or biggest concern for her she scores a 6/100 still. But we know she'll get there!

Her speech just keeps getting better and better though, she just told her daddy for the first time ever on Fathers Day weekend that she missed him, you could just see his heart melt. Specially since she actually knew what she was saying to him. She is a daddys girl, wrapped around his finger for sure ;)

Anyhow a couple of weeks before school was out she lost her first tooth. We have no idea where its at though :( She went to school with it in her mouth then came home without it and she was terrified. Im sure she probably swallowed it during lunch since no one noticed it. But when she got in the car she was in huge tears mommy my tooth is broke as she was freaking out in the back seat with her finger sticking in the hole saying it hurt. So since their school is only 3 minutes from their Pediatric Dentist I just swung her in the there real quick to let them help her out. She was besides herself, but when she left she was all smiles. They gave a good report and let her pick out something from the treasure box. Then the Dentist actually hand wrote a note to the Toothfairy telling her that she did infact lose her tooth that day, it was the sweetest and best keepsake.

She got $10 for her 1st one, but really didnt understand the whole process of it all because we didnt actually have the tooth to put in the box to stick under her pillow. So with her 2nd one we kept a close eye on it and she was such a big girl and actually let us pull it out. We then read her the toothfairy book that night and had her place her tooth inside the tooth box and had her place it under her pillow. When she got up the next morning we grabbed the video camera to capture her response and it was priceless. She looked under there and said look the "Mermaid" left me 500 hunshred(thats how she pronounces it) dollars($5) But a $1 is a hundred dollars in her book.....it was so funny specially since she called her a mermaid, she was thrilled. We took her to a local Hobby Store so she could pick out something and of course it was all Hello Kitty items, just made her day counting out her money to them and getting change back! Such changes this girl is making!

Her latest thrill seek came upon us Fathers Day weekend when I was getting ready one morning and I was putting my earrings in and she said I want some. I said what baby and she said those. So I said Ok well we can do that so we took her and she sat like a pro up in that chair, that girl was smiling ear to ear with excitement little did she know or undertand what it took to get those prettys in your ears. But they were able to do both at the same time. And 1,2,3 and click she was done and she just sat there puzzled, Like what the heck just happened. She then jumped down and was ready to see her buttons as she calls them. We let her pick out a prize in the store for being so big. On the way to church the next morning she said "what are these buttons in my ears or something?" She is a hoot! I just love her way of talk!

And latest is that we signed her up for T-ball, after all this girl has an amazing talent when it comes to sports. She totally blows my mind. She is fantastic at Basketball she can hit every hoop and its 8ft tall, school kept saying have you ever thought about putting her in some sort of sports, they couldnt get over how good she was! Ive got her playing ball all on video, shes awesome! She had recently started showing intrest with baseball so our neighbor is a coach so I asked him about it with her being special needs and all and he put her in the game with the 3-5 year olds and Im telling you she fit in perfect with them. She really doesnt understand the game but they have the coach who can run right with her to direct her in the correct direction. She can hit the ball if its pitched to her which is a HUGE accomplishment, and she can hit really good off the T and she knows she has to run the bases. BUt get her out in feild and if she cathces the ball she doesnt really get tagging people, shes been known to tag her own team mates.......BUT she has won us a game by getting 2 players out and recently won us a game by making it home and un-tying the game......FANTASTIC!

They placed 4th in County Tournaments, so proud of my big girl, and all the kids just love her! And just ask her about T-ball and she'll say just this, "I hit the ball and then I run and I win" as she jumps up and down! Oh my goodness this girl just amazes me at what she is capable of! We plan on signing her and her big brother up for fall ball and then again next year with the Spring Ball I figure if we keep her with it she'll figure it out :D So super Proud momma over here!

As for the other 2 kiddos go well we are just trying to keep them getting along with each other as they continue to grow. Such differences in them all making it difficult to find their simmilarities. Cami is very head strong and Caleb is laid back and Jayden is the best of both worlds she has learned alot from the two of them. And I tell ya she is the hardest to control here lately.

She will be 2 years old Sept 1st and sometimes i feel ike we have already hit the terrible twos. Cami has instilled alot of her fears into Jayden, shes scared of everything Cami screams at now, Tree get me(weeping willow tree), Dog get me, bug get me, balloon get me, light get me, its so sad to see her fear these things like her sister. But I figure its just a stage. Caleb use to be terrified of hair dryers, vaccumm cleaners, dogs, bugs and fireworks all of which was just a stage! So this too shall pass ;)

Caleb will be starting 5th grade this year and that totally just blows my mind but hes such an excellent student, He made A Honor Roll and AB Honor Roll all year, he got lots of awards for most respectuful and such, he makes his momma so proud!

As far as this summer goes, we've not really done much! Usually you would find us out camping somewhere but the camper took a beating with all the weather from this winter. Its got a bad leak that caused the ceiling to fall in so we've got to get it fixed, sadly insurance was no help :(
But we do have a beach vacation planned in a few weeks and the kids can not wait. Neither can I!!!!! This will be Jaydens 1st time to the beach, its been 3 years since weve been, so long overdue! Cami everyday wakes up saying "We go to the Beach today" No sweetheart but soon enough. Cant wait for those new memories!

Hope this finds everyone doing well.....Happy 4th of July and Happy Summer Breaking everyone!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New IEP draft for 2011

Cameran will be turning 6 in a few weeks so that means its time for a new IEP and here is the draft for her meeting this coming Friday:

Cami's IEP Draft: Students strengths, Cameran stays on task to complete her assignments. She enjoys interactions with peers. How Cami's dissabiltiy affects involovment and progress in the general curriculum: Cami's delays in most demains would hinder her progress in a regular classroom. She needs special edu to promote her progress.
Pre Vocational: 22 out of 30 skills, she has skills of independence. She needs to improve her functional academics and social skills.

Social/emotional behavior: 63.8% of the skills. She interacts well with her peers, She needs to improve her participation, interactions with the school enviornment and knowledge of self and others.

Communication: mastered 46.9% of the skills. She uses words and phrases. She needs to improve her ability to answer questions and understanding of conversational rules.
Cognitive processing: mastered 38%..She reconizes all capital letters and 23 lower case letters. She reconizes numers 1-10. She needs to improve her prereading and premath skills, concept skills and categorizing skills.

Adaptive Behavior mastered 72.9%. She carries out toileting and handwashing. she needs to improve her leatime and dressing skills.

Gross Motor she mastered 85.3%.....get this my girl is age apropriate here...she displays motor planning deficits...love hearing the word normal!

Fine motor ....ok so I knew this was going to be low ...she mastered 3% of the skills. She cuts paper in two and can manipulate objects using both hands. She needs to improve her emergent writing skills.

Language: Cameran has made significant progress in the area of language. She is using 3-4 word phrases and simple sentences. She is naming objects and people easier. She is able to express her wants and needs readily. She is able to answer some basic what questions. She can also tell the function of an object. Cameran likes to listen to books and can often answer some basic questions!
~I know she is my little talker and I love to hear her...its hilarious cause she talks in 3rd person and she has the cutest accent!

Lets see her goals in Adaptive are to be able to fasten/unfasten buttons, snaps, velcro and zippers. Eat a variety of food textures to promote healthy eating habits....yeah good luck everytime we try different things with her like rice, potatoes and things of that nature she throws up everytime! Another goal is to put shoes on correct feet...she is my 2 left feet sally.....LOL!

Cognitive Processing goals: Trace her 1st name(hey atleast she can spell it without looking at anything....thats HUGE) Match/sign/name colors, match or name shapes. Group objects, people, or events on the basis of physical attribute, match printed numbers to sets of objects 1-10, produce correct sounds for letters, count atleast 20 objects.

Fine Motor goals: hold a pencil using an adult tripod grasp pattern, while stringing six beads be able to follow a bead pattern(Im just glad she can string beads now) Be able to cut on a drawn line withing 1/8 of an inch, use sendory euipment as needed and Cut out shapes with straight and curved lines.

Social/emotional behavior: state her first and last name, state age and month of birthday(working really hard on this one) identify at least six emotions of selfs and others.
Prevocational goals: Respond to meaning of yes andd no(LOL....good luck, Cami does your arm hurt(when it was broke) no, Cami does your arm hurt yes, Cami does your arm hurt no....she has no clue of the difference of the two)Follow a one step then two step instruction appropraite for her age, participate in atleast one game or activity with others taking turns(another biggy for her she is so impatient this has been a big problem of hers at school and at home, they say she always has to go first!!!

Language goals: Cameran will what, where, who, when questions appopriately, use pronouns correctly in phrases/sentences, understand and use a variety of descriptive words, label a variety of comman objects to increase vocabulary(toys/foods/people/animals), follow 2-3 step directions in the class setting and sequence 3-4 pictures in correct order and formulate a short story appropriately!

So there is the rough draft....LOL! But no worries seems like yesterday we had goals of just getting her to sit still for longer than 30 seconds and to keep her shoes on her feet...LOL, not to mention to get her talking, shes only been doing that for a year and a half now! And now look we have big girl goals! Seems overwhelming and looks like alot but we got this I think she is doing amazing! Can you believe it my girl will be 6 years old in a few weeks and she is so excited for her Hello Kitty Booday(birthday) party! Keep up the good work BIG GIRL!

Happy New Year 2011

Wow, another year come and gone and I tell ya it flew by for us and for that I am so thankful! My kids have done nothing but be sick all winter. Cami started the show with falling off the monkey bars in our back yard and breaking her humerus bone in her left arm....knocked it clear off the growth plate! So it required suregery and 2 pins through her elbow and a cast for 4 weeks. She was out of school for 3 weeks around the Thanksgiving break! During that time Jayden took a fall off our tall kitchen chairs and broke hers that didnt require suregery but she have to go into a cast for a few weeks. Both girls had purple cast on their left arms and I thought I could just lose my mind! Bagging arms for baths, trying to keep them still so they didnt knock them and make them worse...I lived on pins and needles! But both have healed well, you would never know Cami had broke hers she uses it with no problem. Jayden still fusses with hers if she knocks it they both have rechecks in February!

For the month of December we dealt with many weird illnesses between Jayden and Caleb! Jayden had salmonella poisioning the beginning of Nov. Her runny bowels continued off and on for weeks getting worse in Dec. they did many diaper samples over 6 weeks and finally it came back that she had C-Diff its highly contageious and we have no idea how she got it. They say you usually get it from too many antibiotics but she had never been on any...but they gave her meds and things got better for about a week and now we are back to the same ol problem. She will be seeing a belly Dr soon!
Caleb the week before school got out seemed to have some virus just throwing up non stop, took him back and forth to the Dr and they kept just saying it was just a virus. Finally it got so bad with stomach pains he couldnt even walk(this was the 2nd day of vomiting) that I took him to the ER....they thought it was his appendix and did a CT scan. It came back ok so they just ran a bag of fluids to hydrate him some and afterwards he felt better they also did blood and said it looked good.

Sent us home and the vomiting and pain started back again! Took him back to the Dr first thing in the morning and they ran blood again and his electrolytes had dropped even more from the ER readings. His breath smelt sweet so he started going into Ketosis. Dr then read the report from the ER and said I know what he has Mesentric adentitis swollen lymph nodes in his belly causing him to be sick and in so much pain! They put him into the hospital the week before Christmas to hydrate him for 24 hours, since thats the only way to help it! SO mad that the Er dr's didnt tell us! Once hydrated he was back to his normal little self!
We made it through Christmas wonderfully....with no sick kids for a whole 2 days then Jaydens belly issues started back up! We found out she had that C-Diff and a day later Caleb starts running temp for no known reason! Had to take him 2 differrent times because they couldnt find anything he just a mild cough. So they did a chest xray and there the smoke sat he had pnemonia! So they put him on an antibiotic it eventually got worse he had to go back and they had to add a steroid and breathing treatments. He finally fought off the high temps and then scarred us with with low temps of 94 and very pale....but thank the Lord he got better!
So as of right now we are just dealing with non stop diapers from Jayden but she seems happy so maybe allergies?
Cami had a eye exam on Monday per schools request and she did amazing. Passed with flying colors 20/20 vision! She was so excited sitting in the chair, read and reconized all her letters, numbers and pictures! She cracks me up at how tickled she gets and the smallest things! Anywho she has her 3 year IEP meeting this coming Friday! I know it will go well cause I think she is doing amazing. They worry cause she still cant trace a line, color in lines she still scribbles! But can you believe my girl can spell her name she walks around all day saying C A M E R A N (camwan...thats how she says it) but she is doing so great I couldnt be more proud at how hard she works! I just know she will be all caught up in a few years!!!!!!
Sorry for such a long time between all my posts but as you see its been pure choas around here as usual wouldnt be normal around here with out it :D

WIshing you all a very Happy New Year!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still here....Still breathing....

Man how time gets away from you! Cant believe I havent posted since June! And so much has happened since then. One main thing is the kids have started back to a new school and they LOVE it! Its so great to have them at the same school, Cami really took to it well, she loves all her new friends and her new teachers! She is attending a CDC Kindergarden room, they have their own special wing and play ground, its great. Even more great her and Caleb get dropped off and picked up on her wing and they are all so nice. They also have the same lunch time so she gets to see her Big bubby everyday.

Her 1st day was interesting because she through a fit once it was time for me to leave she didnt wont to go into her room, through herself back in the floor and screamed. But thankfully the next day I just dropped them off outside and she walked right in, not even a fuss from parting from Caleb, shes being such a big girl ;)
She does however get weekly reports home on her progress and it seems she has problems sitting and staying in her chair and running off....LOL! Couldnt help but laugh and feel sorry for them in all the same, shes a busy gal!
Right now shes learning how to write her name and also practicing their letters and numbers...she still scribbles so she has a way to go....BUT she reconizes all her ABC's, some of her numbers, but can count to 12. They are also working on colors a different one every week. She still has trouble in that area she mostly knows PINK...everything is pink ;) Shes also learning her 5 senses, they've taught in a song, poor gal gets it all mixed up but she will get there.
A few weeks back she brought some pictures home and I was going over with them with her and I said Cami whats this and the letter was an O and the picture was an Octopus...she said its an Octofish ...I love it! So just taking to this new surroundings very well. Potty training well its still all on her terms...weve had no luck, she went pee one time on the potty and screamed out in fear and jetted out of the bathroom she wanted nothing of fushing and saying bye bye...teehee ;) But this I know will just be a memory of what once was and sayings of look what she has accomplished!

Caleb has done remarkable at this school! He loves all his new friends and new teachers, they offer so much more fun activites at this school then their last school, so Im really looking forward to all the memory making these 2 are gonna make there!

Jaydens 1 year pics I took of her...just a few of my favs!

Jayden well shes growing like a dang weed. She turned 1 years old on September 1st. Just makes me cry everytime I think about it...time is just slowly(fast) passing us by! Shes such a sweetheart and is spoiled by many and showered with lots and lots of hugs and kisses...right here in our home. Caleb and Cami adore her, and fight over her often! She gets into everything and can figure out just about anything. So weird watching her meeting these milestones that seem so easy to most people but to me Im like man shes a genius but only because I see Cami meeting the same milestones with her. Its almost like starting over because nothing Cami did was on target....EXCEPT for....Drum roll please......She taught herself how to ride her bike the beginning of this summer with no training wheels. Thats right, she actually did something at an appropriate age and we couldnt have been more proud :D Got it all on video, I cried happy tears for my girl she is so amazing!

Anyhow on Labor day weekend we celebrated Jaydens 1st and Calebs 9th birthdays together. My mom and youngest sister got to come up from Louisiana to help us celebrate. Wanted to thank everyone for thinking of my mom during her time of loss. She is getting there one day at a time without the love her life whom is greatly missed!
And me well thats why I havent posted much is because Ive had a ton of problems keeping me plenty occupied. Had some gallbladder attacks at the end of July beginning of August went in to the Dr and he set me up the following to have it taken out. Had that done August 18th and all went really well he said I had numerous very large stones. So glad its gone! Took a week of recovery but I have heeled nicely. Went in a week after started having problems with high BP's(but was said to be due to just the stress of surgery and all, its since gone back down), Anyhow at that appointment I had routine blood work done and it came back that I had Type 2 diabetes, so I quickly signed myself up for an 8 hour education class on how to manage this and so far it has been succesful! I never picked up sugar drinks after having Jayden I knew my risks were higher for diabetes since I had Gestational diabetes with all 3 and it got progressively worse with every pregnancy. I also have a family history of it!
That same week I went and had my eyes checked since it had been 12 years since I had that done and I noticed my eyes were getting bad. Well turns out Im nearsighted in both eyes and have an astigmatism in my right eye so now I have a new pair of eyes. Took me a while to gt use to glasses but now I think nothing of it. My husband said oh great now you look smart....LMBO! Hes such a nut ;)

Let me not forget to mention that inbetween all that maddness with me, Jayden had salmonilla poisioning and it was absolutely horrible. I kept taking her into the dr because her poo was so bad then we started finding blood in it. they kept saying it was just a virus because it was going around so bad at that time. I took a diaper into them and they tested it and it didnt come back for a week. They called me and said Mrs Hayes jayden has salmonilla posioning hows she doing....my jaw dropped! Gosh folks here I sat with a really ill baby for a week and you are just now calling me and telling me this. She had high temps severe belly cramps and bowel problems, wouldnt eat. It lasted for 3 weeks. She had to be taken back 2 weeks into it for not a high temp but too low of a temp of 95, she was shivering, I had to put winter clothes on her and wrap her up, they were worried, but she eventually got over it, med free! She didnt get it from Eggs as some may wonder, she did however a few days before she started having problems got into the trash while I was cooking and pulled out a raw chicken package...I had forgot all about that! Little stink is busy body number 2 in this house...just like her big sis!
We are currently working on our upstairs, kind of got delayed with all these extreme heat days. His temp gage would read 130 up there so he couldnt work on it. But since we've had a few cooler evenings hes gotten the air unit put in now to have it inspected and then we can start insulating, dry walling, floors, paint, all the electric works hes already done and the framing, cant wait to see it finished. And Caleb cant wait either since he will be moving upstairs. It will be big moving then cause Jayden will get moved out of our room and Cami to Calebs room, oh fun I love a project.
Speaking of projects Ive been back into my craft mode I guess it just goes hand and hand with the holidays nearing. ive been crochetinghats left and right, blankets, then started making pillowcase dresses! Havent made anymore tutus or hairbows as much. Need to figure out how to start selling all this stuff.

Well the kids are getting aggetated so I guess that can only mean 1 of 2 things, either they are hungry or tired...my guess is its grub time ;)
Hope everyone is doing well, I promise I will try to keep this more up to date!
Happy Fall...pics to come soon!

Caleb and Jaydens Birthday Party pics!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer news

Man the fist day of summer was yesterday and it was another scorcher of a day! Poor kiddos have been stuck in the house because its too hot to be outisde. So when indoors you just have to make do. Right now they are pretending they are in a car driving through different states (Caleb is also the GPS) and Cami keeps putting her stinky feet in his face...LOL! Cami says she is going to work and gives you a kiss on the face then holds her phone up to her face chatting on her way out of the room. Got to love those wild imaginations, I just adore that Cami is getting into the pretend stage, its a great thing to see! I also have a 9.5 month old that is trying to walk. Anyday now she will literally be into everything!!!! She is the fastest crawler and loves to be everywhere her brother and sister are and if they shut her out of their room she will sit there in the floor and scream till they open back up! She adores them both. And I tell ya this girl is full of expressions, she makes some of the most adorable faces you have ever seen, she keeps us laughing all day, its an entertaining household for sure!

The past few weeks have been a doozie! First bit of news goes out in memory of my step-dad who passed away unexpectedly June 5th. It was a bit to take in and still doesnt seem real. He had a kind soul and loved my mom very much and of course his step-grand-children. He will be greatly missed! He and my mom would have celebrated 15 years of marriage on June 28th. So Im asking for many prayers during this difficult time for my mom and his two sons and family!

In Loving Memory Garland Austin McCoy(Luke/PawPaw)

We took that long trip to Louisiana for his service and back in 2 days time, Went down on Tuesday night and came back Thursday so basically 19 hours of car ride = cranky kids...LOL! They were not happy campers for sure, lots of crying and meltdowns and of course wouldnt be a car ride if you didnt hear "Are we there yet?" a couple dozen times, ha I think I said it a few times myself ;)
I wished we went down on better terms and of course I wished we could have stayed longer, I miss my family so much! Wish we could have wrapped them up and brought them back up here with us. When we got back in town we had to unpack and then pack for our camping trip on Friday and left out for Kentucky on Saturday morning. Thankfully it was only a 2 hour trip to our destination. We stayed at Yogi Bears Jellystone Campground at Mammoth cave. It was so hot we stayed in the camper from about 10-2, the heat was just horrible. We hung out at the pool and of course the 300ft water slide that the kids just could not get enough of. That is all we have heard out of Cami, she gets so excited talking about it that she starts jumping up and down. We did a few games of putt-putt, hit the game room a few times, the park and always ended the evening with a stop for ice cream! On June 13th the hubs and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary we took a drive to Bowling green that day to get out of the heat and walked around in the mall for a little shopping. On Monday we took the kids to the cave which is suppose to be the longest cave in the world like 300 something miles long and we toured a whole 1/4 of a mile of it....LOL! We took the Frozen Niagra tour which is suppose to be good for the young kid group and Elders....LOL! Felt like an old fudie dudie...teehee! We were the only ones on it that had kids. We took a bus ride to the destination and of course it was Camis first bus ride(she was extatic) and of course that meant a big melt down when we had to get off of it...she cried through the whole 30 minute tour of the cave because she wanted to ride the "school bus" again. Jayden started up soon as we got in the cave as well, so guess it would be safe to say that Caleb was the only one who got to enjoy it. Since the hubs had to carry 47 pounds of whinning and I had to carry 18 pounds of a whinner and back arching baby. We had to hunch down through some parts and squeeze through some very narrow walls with these two attatched to us. The tour guide even took his hat off and was flashing his flash light off and on through it to keep there attention off of crying....LOL! Sorry folks that our crew ruined it! But atleast Caleb enjoyed it he thought it was the coolest.

Tuesday we packed it all up and came home. On Wednesday Cami started running a temp, took her to the Dr on Thursday couldnt find anything to cause her temp. It continued for 3 days of temps of 102.7 and 103 until Friday afternoon she bursted out with a rash. So took her to the Dr on Saturday where she was said to have a viral rash. I almost thought she had the dang chicken pox cause she was so itchy and they were everywhere. After the Drs appointment we got the all clear of her not being contageious anymore so we went to a local town and hit the RC Cola and MoonPie festival and we werent there and Caleb collapsed complaining of leg pain again. His legs were like noodles couldnt walk he had done this on our camping trip as well. We ended up having to carry him he said his legs felt weak. Then 15 minutes later he said mama what is this and shows me his finger. Also while camping he had picked up these what we thought were like colored stone rocks well that would be a negative turned out it was glass found that out after he picked the sucker up and it sliced 3 of his fingers open. Serioulsy those folks needs to put a sign out there warning people/children to not pick them up! Anyhow his finger looked infected raised with white...staph is what it looked liked, looked just like Camis finger did a few weeks back. So with all that excitement we ended up just leaving the festival. We hit the drive-in movies Saturday night for an early fathers day activity. It was great it was a double feature Watched Toy Story 3 and then Prince of Persia. It was the first time that Cami did really good with it, she sat with her daddy in his chair and rubbed his ear (she loves to rub ears) she wathced almost all of it the fell asleep. Jayden sat in my lap and watched about half of it, she had those feet dangling off my lap with excitment wathcing the movie. Next thing I knew she was sound asleep on my chest! Not one fuss out of them! After they were out we placed them in the pack and play and it was just the hubs and I and Caleb enjoying the movies. Caleb loved spending that time with just us he also loved eating 2 funnel cakes and ice cream at 11pm. The 2nd movie didnt end until a little after 1am. We were pooped out, but it was great! Spent the day with the hubs on Sunday just hanging out celebrating him. On Monday I took the kids back to the Dr, Cami still had her spots(that get worse in the heat) he said they could take a week to go away but she is not contageious. Calebs finger was said to not be staph, said it looked like it was healing. He looked at his legs, hips and ran some blood test and nothing was found. Again they just hand us the verdict of being growing pains. Me I just dont buy it. He has been doing this for years and complaining of severe leg pains for a while so bad that sometimes he just doenst wont to walk and other times he just collapses. So I guess its just time for a 2nd opinion. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Well that sums up our summer break so far. Im so hoping that it gets better from here ;0

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Little Graduate!

Our big girl is growing up so fast. She just graduated her Special Needs Preschool on May 26, 2010. In August of 2010 she will be starting CDC Kindergarden room at a new school. They held a little graduation for these little special guys at her school and I tell ya it was the sweetest. Cami had no clue what was going on but she was just thrilled to be there with her friends! She received a Laffy Taffy award for having a Happy go Lucky personality! And then of course a diploma of graduating her Preschool, sweet stuff. I was in tears, hard to believe my big girl is leavng this school after being with them for 3 years. Broke my heart seeing her say(as she does everyday) Bye friends. But this time she had no idea it would really be her last time seeing them. Im so proud of all her progress that she has made, she has come leaps and bounds since 3 years ago. Just thinking when she started there she couldnt sit in a chair it had to be a booster seat because she couldnt sit up straight and of course because she was a busy body always on the go...and there she sat follwing directions and sitting so patiently during a 30 minute ceremony.....You have one Proud Mama sitting here right now. Way to go Cami go show Kindergarden all you can be!

Caleb also finished out his last year at his current school. He will be moving to the same school as Cami so I will only have one trip instead of 2. He couldnt be anymore excited to meet new fiends and have a new school. I was so worried about this whole thing but he really took to it well! Today was his last day of school and he came with another fabulous looking report card....A/B Honor roll and met his AR goal..so proud of Big Boy!

Jayden is also on the move, I cant keep that girl out of anything, once she mastered her crawling she is everywhere. She is pulling up and walking along furniture & walls so I know it wont be long until she is walking. Just this past weekend she pushed her self up to a standing position all by herself and just stood there unassisted for about 30 seconds. Breaking my heart seeing her grow up so fast.

We had a few crazy moments last week. Cami one day woke up with a sollen thumb...looked like she had been bitten by something posinous. 1st appt they said just Bacteria Infection. That same day I was on the way home with Cami and Jayden from he Dr. and Calebs school calls says he was running a temp and complaining of belly pain so we picked him up. He ended up with a bad virus, severe headaches and temps for the day. The next day Camis finger got even worse took her back it was a Staph Infection(culture came back positive) so they added another antibiotic. It looked horrible, she had streak marks going down into her arm and poor gal was in pain.
Day 1

You can see the streaking going down her hand and into her wrist below:

This was day 2

Day 3

Starting to heal:

Got done there went and picked Caleb up from the grandparents when I left him he was feeling great and eating and when I got there he started crying saying his throat was hurting and that he was cold. Got home he really started bawling saying he couldnt swallow so off to the walk-ins we went since the Drs offices were now closed. Turned out he had a nasty case of strep throat. So meds for both kids for 10 days. Camis finger looks so much better! I hate when stuff happens in bulks like that, I was so stressed and poor kids were stressed missing so much school right here at the end of it! But all is well and calm now, hoping the rest of the summer goes good from here on out.

Happy Summer Breaking Everyone =)