Sunday, November 01, 2009

Time Change....

Well since Ive got an extra hour I figured I blog with it....LOL! This day has seemed to really drag on and has taken its toll on the kids. Cami was begging for bedtime at 6:30 and Caleb said how much longer till bedtime I say its not even 7:00 yet......awwwww he said.....that was a first, normally he is my night owl! But with it being so dark out so early it has really thrown us all off! Besides the time change being a bummer we did enjoy the beautiful bright sun shine of a day today! We got out and I took the kids pictures and I thought I would share those with you. Caleb did great and Jayden such a sweet heart she is and Cami well bless her heart she just hates to take pictures. Specially if we are outside she LOVES to be outside and if you are holding her back from exploring a new surrounding she goes absolutely nuts! I swear it was like a bipolar child...pitching a fit then 2 seconds later she was laughing....LOL! This is why I do not pay for someone to do our pictures its too frusterating and takes way too long and they worry about the tiniest amount of snot on her nose after she has just pitched a fit...teehee! She tries to be good but she only allows a certain amount of time for you and if you didnt catch her looking then too bad opportunity missed there is no redue she is D-O-N-E....little stink she is! But I did however manage to catch some fantastic shots inbetween the maddness as I always do and I tell ya Im just in love with these guys!

On another note they so enjoyed Trick or Treating! They were running a hundred miles an hour without the candy that was just pure excitement. Cami was so funny with her Tritreats and Thank yous and if they didnt say your welcome she would look back at them and say it for them and they would get such a chuckle out of her. And if they didnt get to the door fast enough she would try to open the impatient! Funniest was if they gave her some good candy she would say Wow thanks much then run off! Caleb he was so quiet as usual but was tickled to be getting candy. Mental note to self always ask them if they need to go potty before you wiggle them into a one piece super man costume that took 8 minutes to get him stuffed into. It hit him by the first house, he was dancing around on their front porch about to wet his pants...LOL! Other than that we had a great night Jayden didnt care for it much guess it was too cold for my baby girl!

Well as we say from the south Happy Fall Yall ;)