Monday, September 22, 2008


I've been tagged by Jen for a game of Threes. So since I've been lagging in the blogging department I thought I would give this a whirl.

Three Joys:
1st one definitely be my kids and hubby. They are the lights of my life and I don't know what I would do without all the belly giggles, love, hugs and kisses and of course the chaos too, my life just wouldn't be the same.

2nd-My family and husbands family, I miss mine dearly and don't see them that often so I'm so thankful his family all surrounds us in the same city, they are all wonderful and I feel like they are my own!

3rd-Camping camping camping! Man its such a great bonding time with the family and we love getting out there and enjoying the nature....the best words yet that made the camping experiences that much more is hearing my son say "This is the Best day of my life".....tears :).... Seems he thinks each trip tops the other, we just cant get enough of it!

Three Fears: Oh boy I have lots of these but my biggest ones are:
1st-is the unknown. I have dealt with this for a long time with Cami! I hate not knowing how she feels and what if something hurts and she couldn't tell me and something bad happened do to that fact. Many parents with children that have Infantile Spasms know the big med decisions we all have to make and watch our children suffer from the side effects and yet not be able to tell us how they feel. I hated having to be the one making those decisions for my sweet girl it was such a hard time for me. And to this day we still live with the unknowns...Why did she have the seizures? Why is she still not talking? Why is she having belly issues?.....So many questions and not enough answers!

2nd-and this is a big one is SPIDERS I hate them!!! I am the one that screams and jumps up on the table no matter the size and then has the chills and remains jumpy for the rest of the day....LOL. Jason says I have damaged Caleb because he acts the same way...but Cami she has not one fear! If you say "Dont Move" the first thing I do is jump and!

3rd-is deep water, I shiver at the thought of whats swimming under my feet. I cant stand it!!!!!

3 Obsessions
1st is photography! I love it and I can never seem to have enough pics! I always have my camera in hand or near by not wanting to miss one photo opp! My kids are my best subject, sleeping, eating, brushing their teeth, playing or just being silly, I want to capture it all. I never want to miss a moment of their lives.

2nd is tidiness/clutter. I cant stand a dirty house or clutter I hate it! I always feel like my work is never done. I clean and clean and wash and wash everyday and have to remind myself to take a break once in a while. The toys get drug out and I'm right behind them picking them back up knowing good and well they are right behind me pulling them back out. And Clutter is the worst, I always feel so overwhelmed with objects! I don't like things on my kitchen counters unless its related to the kitchen. My hubby loves to drop the mail there, phones, coins etc....drives me up the wall. I'm right behind him moving it to his dresser. I don't like sitting at a restaurant with tons of plates, spices, menus...its all to much.

3rd- Lastly is Organizing. I do this with my groceries in the buggy then organize them for the check out so they are put in the bags correctly. Cold stuff with the cold,ect. When I clean the kids rooms I want it put back in its correct place not just where theres an empty space. I color organize our clothes in the closets. I organize mail and books from smallest to largest...its so exhausting that I do it but If I don't I cant stop thinking about it.

Three Surprising Facts:
1st: I went to 18 different schools growing up....we moved alot. In fact I went to 3 different high schools in 3 years and then moved back to the first one I started out at totaling 4 moves.

2nd: I was the only one out of my immediately family born in Texas everyone else was in Shreveport, Louisiana, Mom, dad and 2 sisters. I'm the odd ball out and in fact there where only 2 kids born at that hospital on October 9th...One boy and one girl(that was me)! It was a small small hick town...imagine that! Growing up we where back and forth from there and Louisiana. Texas just happened to be where they where when they had me, then I think when I was 2 months they moved back to Louisiana! So glad I have a foundation town for my kids!

3rd: This may seem weird but I do have food issues...probably where my kids get it! But I don't like eating the center of pop-tarts and when handed a plate of hamburger helper I don't eat the meat just the noodles! I don't eat hardly any red meat and I cant have milk it makes me sick!

So there you have it me in the three nutshells and I'm starting to scare myself with these actual facts....accckkk! Well now I'm tagging I'm gonna see if my S-IN-L Emily is up for the challenge! Then pass it on to Mrs Sophie's mama and then over to Mr. Dawson's parents I think they can handle the challenge and I would love to learn more!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stopped up

Well thats Cami's delima this week well this is an every week deal since she was a baby. Finally I said enough is enough. We have been giving her Glycolax, Muralax and enemas out the wazoo and I'm tired of it. I shouldnt have to be giving her this stuff to make her go to the bathroom. Its been 8 days since shes been and her eating is getting worse and worse. Her norm is once a week this is the longest so far that she has gone. So I called and said whats the next step so they put in a referral and she will be seeing a G.I. Dr. in 2 weeks. Maybe then we can get some answers for my poor baby girl.

I already know the questions I'll get out of them.
-The What have you tried? Well the listed above and Fiber in her drinks none seem to work but the Fleet Supository.
-Whats her diet like?
*Well thats gonna be the biggy because she refuses juice all shapes, forms, pouches ect she hates it all.
We have also done the V8 juices all of them, none to be a success! She loves sweet tea(decaf), Vit D milk and the occasional sprite.
We've tried yogurts, puddings nothing has struck her intrest yet.
-Fruits and Veggies those are a joke. She loves bananas which she gets alot but it ends there she will not touch any other fruit. I offer things often all a failure.
Veggies- I have hidden broccoli succesfully in her mac and cheese and that is the only one I can get past her. I offer corn, green beans, carrots, peas flavored up flavored down and hidden and she spits it out then will refuse her other foods.
-Meats- the only meats we can get her to eat are chicken nuggets and cheese hots dogs thats it!!!!
She will not touch grilled chicken even with sauces, no pork, no steak, no roast tips etc. I have tried and tried hiding it in her food and she will spit the meat out and just eat her mac and cheese or her mashed potatoes. She will eat the occasional Chilli or something with hamburger meat in it but some days its a stretch. I am running out of ideas. I think it all also plays a huge role in her being so sensitve to textures. Not liking the way it feels in her mouth or to the touch.
Her intrests in foods:
Breakfast- She eats a plain blueberry or chocholate chip waffle, muffins, donuts, dry cereal, oatmeal bars, fiber fruit bars. Lots of bready things.
Lunch- is usually hot dog or grilled cheese, cup of pasta and her fav chips.
Supper-I have a few supper things she really enjoys but man does it get old quick cooking the same things over and over. Both my kids are very picky but Cami takes the cake but neither of them like red sauce.....meaning no PIZZA that hate it!

SO as you see she eats lots of breads and cheeses that probably play a big roll in her belly issues.

Any ideas anyone?

So for now we just wait and continue doing all that we know we can do and hope my girl gets some relief soon!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Busy week

Well last week tunred out to be a very busy week for us. I was so overwhelmed with the kids being sick and Dr. appointment after Dr. appointment and then trying to get ready for company and Calebs birthday party.
Camis rash ended up clearing out pretty quickly. Actually by Wednesday it was a thing of the past. But of course the germs got spread to caleb. his teacher called me Wednesday morning saying he just wasnt acting himself saying he was tired. So I asked her to send him to the Nurse to check his temp and sure enough it was 100.4 so Jason picked him up and brought him home. No other symptoms of course but the temp...I hate that type cause you dont know whats wrong. I of course figured he would get sick since it was his Birthday week and weekend approaching, thats the way it always works. SO to play it safe I took him to the Dr. on Thursday where he came out with just allergies a low grade temp and complaining of headaches. The Dr, took a look at what was left of Cami's bumps and seemed to think it was chickenpox. Said it is possible to get Chickenpox even though they had both been vaccinated. Said it comes in viral forms with temps, coughs, headaches and then the rash of course. Some being worse than others. Its possible he got it or maybe it was something else who knows. I was just thankful he sweated out his fever Thursday night and was good to go for his party on Saturday.
The kids had a blast. He had a Cyber bowling party and it was a 1st and last for me, there was too much going on at once! But it was nice to try something different, we had a great turn out. Caleb lost intrest in the bowling once I handed out the party favors of cups with coins for the machines....a big hit obviously but we lost almost all of our bowlers ;) So some of the adults decided to give it a whirl and it was good fun. Its hard to keep kids attention on one thing too long anyhow! And how did Cami do? Well she did great she entertained he self by spinning the cups and glow braclets on the floors and tables. She showed alot of intrest in the bowling balls and with some help from her daddy she got to bowl a little. She did run off once but was just curious with all the other parties there. At the end of the party I was pooped out we came home and crashed...well Cami her Daddy and my mom took a nap while Caleb and I played with his new toys. He got some of the neatest stuff. A few of his favs was a Fish aquarium light show its too neat and a perfect fit in his Ocean themed room, a weather machine and a tornado machine which is by far his absolute fav I got woke up by that thing it sounds like a blender. We took the weather machine out yesterday to get a reading on our high winds we where having from the Hurricane Ike leftovers it was reading between 10-15 so pretty accurate. SO thanks to everyone for the neat gifts this year, its sure to keep him entertained.

Sunday we took him out to eat for breakfast at Waffle House to have his Favorite Chocholate Chip Waffle. It was a good eat and a sad good bye to my mom, we had such a good visit but she had to head back home to Louisiana...its a looooong drive! We finished the day with his b-day money shopping. He ended up buying a pirate ship for his room and played with it all afternoon. Hope you had a great Birthday Caleb but try to slow it down this year you are growing up way to fast! I love you little man!!!!

Cami ended up being out of school all last week. She was good to go back on Thursday but her teacher said a virus was now going around so to play it safe we kept her home for the remainder of the week. Caleb missed 3 days of school so this morning was a rude awakening for both! 6:30 came early and neither wanted to get up. Caleb was worried he was going to have too much homework and Cami couldnt even remember her rountine at school. They told her to go put her backpack in her cubby and she handed it to me and just stood there lost! Good thind its only a 4 day week for them both.....LOL!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Does the weird ever stop?

I tell you I have had my fair share of sick kids! Cami has pretty much had a runny nose and cough since school started back in July. Actaully every week for atleast 2 days she would have a nasty cough and runny nose then it would clear up only for it to return the next week. So this Saturday she acted fine but had the chills all day with the chattering teeth. Wouldnt you know a temp started that evening. Come Sunday morning she is full blast of high temps of 103 so we took her to her Dr who happened to be on call on Sunday! SO he said she looked to have a Sinus Infection and gave her Amoxicillin to help clear it up. No other test could be done since the labs where closed. Well I gave her 1st does of med Sunday evening and alternating her Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours as instructed to keep the fever down. I dont think they seemed to work her temp wouldnt go below 100. So Monday I gave her the 2nd dose of Amoxicillin and all seemed fine. Then she started getting very pale very sluggish again like before and very clingy and temp started to rise again. This went off and on all day. Then later in the afternoon I noticed what looked like a heat rash on her legs, arms, belly and just brushed it off. Then around 8:00 it started to get worse. But we continued with our bedtime routine by this time her temp is back up to 102.6 and she has the chills again. We go ahead give her meds for the evening and these bumps continue to get worse so I called Vanderbilt. They said it sounded like a reaction to the med and if her breathing was ok to just take her in the morning to see her Dr. So this morning when I awoke her arms looked terrible. I took her to the Dr. they said it doesnt look like the typical allergic reaction and his 1st actaul response was has she been exposed to anyone with chickenpox......ackkkkkkk! My thoughts are gosh who could tell she goes to school and we shop so you never know! But he thought it looks like chickenpox but says the only thing that holds him back from that is she doesnt have the spots on her belly or back, its just on her arms, legs and feet. So he is a little puzzled saying it might even be viral. But they went ahead and tested her for pinicillin allergy which she did not favor at all...I'm gonna have some major bruising on my legs! They are also running a CBC checking her white blood cells and such. He said there isnt really any kind of test to figure out what it is besides the allergen test. Lord I hate the unknown. And poor Cami I felt so bad as people stopped and starred at her poor little arms I coverd her legs up with bluejeans but it was too hot for a long sleeve shirt so we got the stares and questions of what happened. The Dr. told us to throw out the Amoxicillin and prescribed her a new med. The Pharmacist said this is usually tolerated pretty well in kids and I said yeah well thats what they said about the last med we tried and this happened. She said well this does have a small trace of pinicillin in it so to watch her closely. And if it didnt get better in 48 hours to call the Dr.s back! Man I hope its out of here by Friday. My little mans Birthday party is Saturday, I would hate to miss it :(

Oh they also ran a strep test because her throat is very red but it came back negative so that was good. But she is still refusing all foods and drinks!

Oh the stress of it all, so much to do and I cant get out to do it! But right now all that matters is my baby girls health and keeping Caleb well too! We won't get the allergen test back for 2 days so I will update more then. Heres some pics of what it looked like last night then todays.
Last nights:


Shes still smiling and being silly through all this! Mommy's Brave Little Pooh Bear!

Friday, September 05, 2008

The simple things,

One thing I enjoy most about my kids is the simple things! They are both so easy to love! This week I caught Cami in her room early in the a.m. rocking on her rocking horse while looking at her favorite book of colors and she was humming the theme song to Spongebob Squarepants....LOL!

I could have watched her forever just minding her own without a care in the world, it just really touched my heart of how much my girl is learning. She might not understand alot but hey she can multi task and hum Spongebob. Actaully all you have to do is mention the name Spongebob and she starts humming it, it is the cutest! Glad she can share the love for him like her brother does.

We will be celebrating Calebs 7th Birthday at the bowling alley next weekend and the theme he has choosen is Spongebob.....uggghhhhh....I can just hear that annoying "baaayayayayayaya" laugh in my head now. But its a fav so I dont mind.

Caleb is on an Ocean kick right now he loves sea animals...Seahorses especially. We re-painted his room last weekend and the color turned out just beautiful...Ocean Blue is what he chose of course and I'm glad he did, its just gorgeous! We havent hung anything on his walls yet, we are going for the whole beach theme.

Hes got the surfer dude sheets and surfer car lamp and 2 wood signs that say Surf this way its cute. We have ordered him a huge surfboard that hangs on the wall and we had it personalized, I just have my fingers crossed that it makes it here on time for his Birthday. He really wants a real seahorse so bad so I've been looking into it. Maybe a good gift for Christmas because I think he would just pass out from excitement! He has a pirate treasure box in his room and its loaded down with his seashells he found at the beach on our earlier trip this summer to Edisto Beach. So I cant wait to see how it all comes together.
Now for a Caleb simple thing story. Yesterday at school I was volunteeing like my usual. Well they go outside and come back in and his teacher says he is all sticky.

(Caleb and his teacher)
With what you might ask, well it was SAP! Well being the little boy he is, he loves to explore and find new things and on this day it happened to be pinecones and this strange substance on it that looked like syrup. His hands were covered in it and his shirt. HE goes to the sink and is scrubbing and scrubbing and with my help I'm just geting sticky as well. I give him a paper towel to dry his hands and then he is stuck to it. It wouldnt peel off so I walked him down the hall with him holding his hands out and paper towels hanging! I took him to the nurses station where they got a good chuckle out of the sticky situation and wondering how in the world they where going to get it off. I unfortuanately couldnt stick around I had to go pick Cami up from school. But when I picked him up from school he was all cleaned up. He said it took them a long time to get it off, including hand sanitizer, a warm hand wash, peeling, scrub pads, another warm wash and a following up peel where it finally came off.

My poor guy, his papa asked him if he remembered where he got into it at and he said yes by the blue playground. He said well now you know what tree to leave alone....Calebs response "Yep, I never want to be that sticky again".

Calebs 1st project of 2nd grade was an All Bbout Me poster! he was so proud of his!