Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It's a Girl!

We welcomed a beautiful healthy baby girl on September 1, 2009 at 8:51pm. Jayden Paige arrived 17 days early weighing in at 8 lbs 11 oz and was 20 inches long!

My contractions had started while sitting in the Dr.s office while waiting on my weekly stress test on Aug. 31st. I was checked and was said to be a 4 cent. and was thought to be in labor. The Dr just sent me home to see what happened I continued to contract every 4-15 minutes all night and through till mid day on the 1st. I called and they requested I come in to the Dr's office again to be checked again where I had progressed to 5-6 cent so they sent me over to the hospital to be monitored. Within that hour I had progressed to a full 6 so they kept me and said we where going to have a Birthday, I couldnt believe it. They broke my water at 6:15pm and I actually stuck with the ol natural route it was an amazing experience but let me just say I am done....LOL! Little Miss Jayden made her apperance very quickly at 8:51pm. It went so fast the Dr barely made it in time to catch her....momma meant business! Let me just say that once they announced it was a girl the tears just flowed and I had forgotten about all that pain. Here I sat with another beautiful baby girl. Caleb unfortunately was very sick that day with a hi temp so the kids couldnt come back so they got to see her through the nursery window and then had to wait till we got home to meet and hold her. It was love at first sight for Caleb he couldnt get over how tiny she was. He said awwww look at her tiny ears, and her tiny fingers and toes...shes so cute momma....I love her!
This was the first time for them to hold her pics:

Cami was a little more standoffish. We asked her if she wanted to hold her and she said no baby! But we got her on up there and she held her but wouldnt move her head to look at her she would just cut her eyes down at her ;)She is slowly getting use to her, she doesnt like Caleb getting near her she'll say my baby and push him backwards knocking him down. When I feed her she gets very jealous it becomes a screaming match and big tears flow for my attention. Im trying different things out Ive pulled out a rocking chair so she can sit and rock beside me as I feed her sister it works sometime.

It will just take some time but man I tell ya its stressful I feel like Im missing out on the bonding time even though Im breastfeeding I just dont have the time to sit and hold her, breaks my heart. But now that they are back in school it will give me more mommy and Jayden time ;) I'll figure it out but considering such a big change they have both done well to it all.
When we left the hospital last Thursday she weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and yesterday at her 1 week check-up she weighed the same. She looked great oh and her ultrasound they did on her in the hospital after birth on her kidneys came back fine, no problems. She is good to go till she is 2 months old.

Caleb also had his 8 year check-up yesterday. He did amazing, he finally reached the 50 lb mark and was 49 3/4 inches tall his Dr said your almost a square....LOL! He got 1 shot and blood drawn and didnt shed one tear. He was so big! Man I tell ya where is the time going for these guys?
Cami's bladder problems have much improved they never found anything wrong with her. They figure she just figured out how to control her urges but was making it worse by not going. Who knows....only she! Im just glad its getting better.
Well that about sums it up Im sure Im forgetting something but Im just too exhausted to think or type anymore....LOL! Its nap time for me....Thanks to everyone for all your help.

This was hilarious, the kids shared a bed while my mom was here helping out and we went in and here they lay calebs head was all the way back and Cami laying on him, it was the sweetest!

We stuck Jayden in the bed with him and Cami one morning to wake them, she hopped right up, Caleb just layed there sleeping ;)

My mom with the kids!