Sunday, November 01, 2009

Time Change....

Well since Ive got an extra hour I figured I blog with it....LOL! This day has seemed to really drag on and has taken its toll on the kids. Cami was begging for bedtime at 6:30 and Caleb said how much longer till bedtime I say its not even 7:00 yet......awwwww he said.....that was a first, normally he is my night owl! But with it being so dark out so early it has really thrown us all off! Besides the time change being a bummer we did enjoy the beautiful bright sun shine of a day today! We got out and I took the kids pictures and I thought I would share those with you. Caleb did great and Jayden such a sweet heart she is and Cami well bless her heart she just hates to take pictures. Specially if we are outside she LOVES to be outside and if you are holding her back from exploring a new surrounding she goes absolutely nuts! I swear it was like a bipolar child...pitching a fit then 2 seconds later she was laughing....LOL! This is why I do not pay for someone to do our pictures its too frusterating and takes way too long and they worry about the tiniest amount of snot on her nose after she has just pitched a fit...teehee! She tries to be good but she only allows a certain amount of time for you and if you didnt catch her looking then too bad opportunity missed there is no redue she is D-O-N-E....little stink she is! But I did however manage to catch some fantastic shots inbetween the maddness as I always do and I tell ya Im just in love with these guys!

On another note they so enjoyed Trick or Treating! They were running a hundred miles an hour without the candy that was just pure excitement. Cami was so funny with her Tritreats and Thank yous and if they didnt say your welcome she would look back at them and say it for them and they would get such a chuckle out of her. And if they didnt get to the door fast enough she would try to open the impatient! Funniest was if they gave her some good candy she would say Wow thanks much then run off! Caleb he was so quiet as usual but was tickled to be getting candy. Mental note to self always ask them if they need to go potty before you wiggle them into a one piece super man costume that took 8 minutes to get him stuffed into. It hit him by the first house, he was dancing around on their front porch about to wet his pants...LOL! Other than that we had a great night Jayden didnt care for it much guess it was too cold for my baby girl!

Well as we say from the south Happy Fall Yall ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloweeney!

Well it was another hit of a camping trip although I have to say our coldest one yet for October. I about froze my tootsies off so it was lots of sitting around the campfire for me! Kids had a blast couldnt keep up with them, actually barely saw them most of the time. Weird being able to say that with Cami now although you do have to do random checks but pretty much she stays up with the crowd of our kiddos.

We had a double whammy of a birthday party, dress up with some trick or treating and some pumpkin carving. We didnt do as many pumpkins this year it was just too stinking cold that evening. But all in all it was a great trip to end out our year of camping.

Also got the EEG results back and there was no seizure activity seen. Great news there but I already knew that, it was just checked since she had a few pop up when sick but mainly it was to see how it read now that she is off all meds. It still showed the slowing brain waves. May just take some time or it may be PDD related, or genetics can only guess! But she continues to do well so no meds needed. She returns for her 6 month check up with her neurologist in December. He thinks she is doing great. Said she may just deal with seizures when very ill like we saw but said we can do meds during that time to prevent oncoming seizures.

So that about sums it up this week. We've had to do a school project with Caleb or I should say "FOR" Caleb.....gosh do they honestly think they do these things on there own parents usually end up doing the most part of it. Its like school all over again! He had to do a Ocean Habitat Diorama in a shoe box, it turned out really cute thanks to my cricut machine. If you dont have one its a must makes projects so easy.

Cami's been out of school for a few days again with a nasty runny nose so I kept her home to keep her from getting more to it! But she should go back tomorrow. Shes so fun to be around right now as shes learning new words and I tell ya she watches you like a hawk specially her brother. Could this lead to more trouble??? She now has grown very impatient when it comes to eating and sits at the table and says I want Shick-un(chicken)(She really drags this word out) I want Shick-un I want Shick-un I want Shick-un till we set it down in front of her...its hilarious and annoying all in the same...but you cant help but laugh. Mainly because the way she says it. Her other one is a Dot Dog for hot dog trying hearing her say that fast 3-4 times in a row....she is a nut and is becoming the typical toddler! I love the changes.

Jayden holding a toy for the 1st time. 10-24-09

And little Miss Jayden is doing fabulous she will be 2 months old on Sunday!!!!! She smiles up a storm, loves to stare into your eyes and is cooing and is starting to find a little bit of a squeal. Sweet stuff angels!

Hope everyone has a Happy and safe Halloween!

Mommys Sweet Little ghost on her 1st Halloween!

Little Miss Riding Hood: Cami

Pumpkin Carvings:
Mine was the cat in the window it was so much easier than the sea horse I did last year!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Fall....

Well there goes another season come and gone! Cant believe its Fall and the countdown to Christmas is on....65 days can you believe that!!!! Anyhow I think I'll put that thought on hold cause Lord knows I'm not ready for the crowds...teehee! I think I'm gonna just enjoy this beautiful fall temps and gorgeous leave changes right now, its been so amazing outside push aside all that rainy week last week and these early winter temps and I think I could enjoy it more, the weather is much like the kids... in a hurry to get to the next something!

Man I tell ya my baby girl is growing up so fast already, she is 7 weeks already thats right she'll be 2 months old next week..sniffsniff! Pure craziness is what it is around here barely enough time for myself let alone a 5 minute shower! We have celebrated Calebs 8th birthday, my 30th b-day and had their 2 week fall break, took a short camping trip and a quick trip to my familys down in Louisiana during that time. I was so glad I got to share Jayden with them while shes still so small, she did great on the trip down just woke to feed and then back into the carseat she went for another 3 hours...shes such a great baby ;)

Of course you know us and that means that our story is always eventful we can never go anywhere without something happening and unfortunately it wasnt a good thing. Cami ended up getting very sick while we where down in Louisiana and of all days it was on my birthday. I have to say it is by far the worst birthday of my life and I hope I never have to relive it ever again! She started out with a temp of 102.9 out of the blue the day after we arrived down there. She had a cough so we just put the 2 together. Well later in the day she was sitting with my hubby and she started to vomit and during the mist of that she just stopped and was hunched over almost gagging like but wasnt make a sound well lift her up and her eyes where rolled up...yes my sweet girl was having what we thought was a febrile seizure. So we called insurance they directed us to a quick care that took our insurance. They tested her for the flu and that was about it......I could go on and on about the horrible service these people give but I wont needless to say thats all they tested her for it came back negative so they just prescribed her an antibiotic and cough medicine for her cough and sent her home. When they returned it was about 7:30pm I was then holding her she was still running very high temps and while holding her she was facing away from me I noticed her head just going back and forth while looking up it was very slow I said what is she doing, you guessed it another stinking seizure...but this time she stopped breathing her mouth was turning blue by this time Im hysterical because she isnt responding to anything... it seemed to last an eternity but it was really only for a minute but still too long. When she came too she took a deep breath and was very lethargic and pale. I gathered my things and we headed to a pediatric ER they took her immediately they couldnt get an accurate temp reading but when we took it right after the seizure it was 103.6 by ear. They ran chest xrays and it came back clear, her throat was fine and her ears they gathered that she did indeed have the flu even though the test came back negative. He said just because a cow doesnt moo doesnt mean it isnt a cow same with the flu not all test come back positive. He said she had all the classic signs of it. So he prescribed Tamiflu and told us to still give her the antibiotic the earlier Dr prescribed. He said that the seziure described was not febrile that it was a clonic a fever induced seizure. Kids who have a seizure background are always more likely to have seizures when sick it lowers there threshold for them. He also told us to never give her over the counter cough medicine because its not good for kids with Epilpesy. He said that lots of them can bring on seizures. We've always been told this but I had earlier in the week given her Dimetapp not thinking about it. This also was her first time ever being sick since being off all meds, we literally never in a million years thought she would have another seizure didnt think twie about it I pushed that thought completely out after being seziure free for 2.5 years now. These by far where way scarier Ive never seen her stop breathing. He said those are sinotic(sp?) where you stop breathing! He gave us some Diastat also to keep on hand. I have some of that but it was at her school lot of good it did me there! So that thing stays with me at all times now. She never did have another seizure, they gave us special tylenol and motrin instructions to prevent her fever from coming back up again she literaly had to take it all day long every 3 hours alternated or given at the same time if it got high again. Thankfully we didnt see anymore. But honestly what a way to ring in 30....the worse day of my life(besides when she was orignally dx).... but it rained all day actually the whole time we where down there...NON STOP RAIN and with her being sick we went no where. I did so enjoy my visit with the family though but was so glad to be back home so we could be around our Dr.s.

We've talked with her Neurologist and he too says they sounded like Clonics and said its very common to get seziures when you are sick with her history. Gave us the option to put her back on a med we however declined my baby girl has come leaps and bounds since being off the meds so I dont want to stir things up again. They however have given us the option of clonzepam when she is sick only. She also goes for another EEG this Thursday mainly for a follow up of being on no medicine to see how her brainwaves are. I'll try to update on how those results come out as soon as I get them. As of right now she still has not been back to school because shes still holding onto a rumbling cough.....grrr tis the season!

Anyhow we are gearing for our last camping trip of the year. The whole family is going, its a double birthday party, halloween party, pumpkin carvings and the good ol campfire on a chilled night! We cant wait, Jayden did awesome on her 1st camping trip a few weeks back so hopefully things go just as smoothly this weekend ;)

Caleb is doing great, loving school as usal, he adores his teacher and mommys proud to say that he made straight A's on his 1st report card this year...Way to go Caleb!! In school they are working on telling time in all kinds of ways 5 afters, 5 tills quarter tills and afters, military times those sorts of things. They also are working on their first home school project. Hes gotta make a habitat and he choose an ocean theme...of course, he loves sea creatures. So this ought to be fun...who ever said its "their" project when the parents have to be so envoled in making it, its like school all over again.

Jayden news like said she is just growing up way to fast, shes smiling and cooing and has amazing eye contact, she still sleeps most of the day and tends to be on an every 3 hour eating schedule all day and night. Although at night here lately she will nurse every hour for about 3 hours and will then sleep a 4-5 hour stretch. Of course she is going through a very spoiled stage and will wake as soon as I lay her down and the little stink thinks its time to eat again. This happend last night and went on till the wee hours in the morning, I was exhausted then Cami gets up raring to go. This all equals a walking zombie mom....LOL! But everyday I manage to find strength somewhere to pull through all these hardships.

Last bit of Cami news and this will be a bit different. Normally I type in all her new words, well this go round I will just say............What word can she not say! This girl is a little chatter box and can pretty much repeat anyword said. She doesnt comprehend much of it that we say but she knows fully what she is saying. That girl can give you an ear full and talks in full blown sentences she just leaves out the I's, and's and The's its cute listening to her go on and on ;0 Oh and she talks in 3rd person its hilarious....Cami wants juice, Cami go outside, Cami do it! But ask her what her name is and she couldnt tell ya....LOL, she'll just say Name. I just love these guys they make life so interesting.....So until next time Happy Fall, Happy Halloween and Im sorry but I might even have to go ahead and say Happy Thanksgiving because with my limited time I get around here it might be a while before I can get back on! I hope this finds everyone doing well ;)
Heres some pics of our past few weeks....Enjoy!
A few of Calebs Camping Party!

Some fav black and whites:

Jayden's 1 month fav's:

1st camping trip as a family of 5:

A little Humor: She fell asleep standing up while he read her a bedtime story! Hes grinning ear to ear because he had just lost another tooth that night ;)

Louisiana visit: This was all I got mainly just some with my neice Natlaie holding her she kept saying My Baby Jayden...sweet stuff. Then one of my younger sister holding her! It was just an eventful visit so weve got to get more pics next time!

This years Pumpkin Patch Adventure: They had a kids 200ft zip line Caleb would only do it once, they had a huge tree that had swings galore on it, a mining thing you could do down by the river to hunt for gems, a hay maze, hiking trails and hayrides and much much more!