Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Look what I can do.....


I think a window has really opened up for Cameran, seems as though she is picking up new things daily. I've never been so proud of her and I love love being able to request something and she actually do it. What can she do? Well she is now waving bye-bye consistently, if you say NoNoNo to her she will shake her head no real fast its hilarious! Also she will repeat some sounds back, if you say Rub rub she will rub her hands together, if you ask her if she wants a bath she walks to the bathroom door. Tell her diaper change and she will walk to her room and lay on her bed and wait. Tell her time to eat she climbs up in her chair and tries to buckle herself. Tell her take it to Mama or Daddy or ask her where Caleb is and she goes on a hunt! And lastly she is learning clean up time. If I start to sing that song she will wait to see what I do then she will pick up toys and drop them in the bucket and waits for a praise. But you gotta be fast because once all the toys are put up she wants to dump them out and sit in the tub.

At school yesterday Her teacher told me she showed intrest to one of the other kids in the room. Cameran typically thinks she is the only one in the room stumbling on top of the others paying them no attention. Well yesterday her teachers said at lunch time one of the little boys put a orange in his mouth like it was teeth and smiled at Cami. They said she let out the biggest belly laugh and kept on searching for him to do it more! Just melt my heart would ya! I love stories like that! She is really doing great up there and seems to really like it. In fact if she sees me packing her lunch box she gets so excited and waits by the garage door. Once its made she knows we leave so she insits on carrying her on bags. We get tot he school and she is overwhelmed with excitement kicking those feet trying to get out of her seat. I get her out and I can barely get her backpack on her and she is trying to run, skip and pull me to the front. They must really work her because we get home and that girl is out! Poor thing only gets an hour nap though because then we are off to pick Caleb up from school.

They have been working on Sensory stuff with her, so she has been playing in rice and beans and she really seems to enjoy it. Normally she tries to put it in her mouth but they said on Fridays try she didn't! So proud of my girl! Now if we can just conquer her sleep issues we would be good to go!

These things might seem small to some but its actually HUGE for Cameran and I just love her participation.

Here she is on Valentines Day ready for school!


Oh and a neat affect to their snow picture that a friend made me!


Monday, February 25, 2008


That's all we can do with the whole bed situation. We have fought and fought over this issue but the insurance will not budge. My thoughts are this, How can you send a company a letter of approval allowing them to order the bed but in that same letter say at the bottom it does not guarantee payment. Why even give the approval if you don't intend on paying. My frustration doesn't end with the insurance company and yes I am going to name drop its Holland Medical and never again will I do business with them again! How can they allow someone to deliver a bed to us knowing that in fact it had not been approved but lead us to believe it is and that is for an intire year of not knowing any different...That is just dirty business! We are going to do our best to win this thing. But honestly I don't know what else we can do. We have had our Neuro call and talk with the insurance and they still will not budge! What is the deal?
Holland Medical called Friday with an offer and that is for us to pay what the insurance would pay but still that is $3,741.00 thats a $1600.00 discount.

So my question to you all is would you pay it or would you seek out a lawyer? Any suggestions welcome! I know what I really want to do and that's to tell Holland tough luck and for them to take it up with the insurance for it because I really don't think we are at fault here!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Some more pics....

In a slideshow! Theres like 40 something pics so if it doesnt go all the way through them just click under the slide where it says view all pics!

Ready to kick sick in the butt.....

Here we go again Cami is sick again. She woke up Saturday morning the day of her Birthday party running a temp of 102.5. So her party had to be cancelled :(
I took her to the Dr that morning and found out that she had Strep......Ahhhhhh! Can you hear me scream, this is ridiculous! My kids have been so sick this winter and I have no idea why! Why are they catching everything that is going around?

The Dr thought she had the flu and strep but only the strep came back positive....I was relieved but still as he said they both make you feel crumby so atleast she didnt have to deal with both! But man I have never had to cancel a party before and here we where stuck with a cake that feeds 50! I was happy that my mom had made it up to visit so atleast we had a small party....LOL! I'm not even going to attempt a rescheduled party because as sick as my 2 have been the chances of another illness on that day are pretty high! And one of those illnesses probably already got picked up at that Pediatricians office when I took her. There where probably 50 people in there all with the same miserable looking kids as Cami on a Saturday!!!

Cami is on Amoxocillin and is still running the hi temp and she is still refusing food but is atleast drinking! Of course this is all making her sleep at night that much worse. My poor little Cami, Mommy hopes you get to feeling better soon!

I did take a few pics of her "Small" party so enjoy!




Caleb riding beside his sister, showing her the ropes of riding a bike!

We got this for Cami in hopes we could teach her how to ride it will also be some great coordination for her. It has a seat strap now we just need to get some velcro to strap her feet down she doesnt understand to pull her feet up, but with practice she will get it.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Valentines Day!

Sorry I forgot to put that up yesterday! Hope everyone had a wonerful Love day! The kids got lots of valentines from school. And Caleb is wearing out the Alvin and the Chipmunks cd we got him, he insisted on listening to it while he went to sleep last night. He loved that movie it was the cutest! At his school they gave out their cards and candys and they also had a party. I have got the cutest picture of Caleb with his new girlfriend Madison, he bought her a pink dog that said Be mine on it. She was so excited she started skipping around the room. Puppy love its the sweetest!

Camis teacher called me yesterday and invited me over for a class party. I walked in and Cami was sitting in her booster seat eating her lunch like a big girl! Got to meet the other moms and their sweet little boys. It was great!

Some new things:
She likes to feed YOU! SO she kept feeding me her goldfish at her party, she thought it was hilarious, such a sweet baby girl. But if you dont eat what she is putting in your mouth she throws a fit so better keep your belly some what empty......LOL! Whatever makes her happy! Her teachers just adore her and are so excited to have a girl in their class. Mr. J got caught off guard today when she started rubbing his ear. We dont know why she does this but its only with males!!!!! And thats with any male she will go up to a complete stranger and rub on his ear......She has done this in the waiting room....Talk about embarrasing! But she will get right up to your ear and rub it and suck her thumb, its hilarious. SO watch out boys!!!
Cameran has also started spitting not sure if its just new to her or if she saw someone doing it but its a cross between raspberries and a spit but she does it to everything, on our dog, us, Caleb, an offer of food, on her food on the tables...Gross baby girl! Also a newbie is rubbing her hands together she likes to wash her hands and loves to put on lotion, she does a good job rubbing it in. And lastly is brushing her teeth, I always brush them for her and then give her back up toothbrush of hers that she loves to chew on. But yesterday she was moving it side to side brushing her own teeth....Way to go Cami!
Oh and one more thing her babbling is getting better lots of new sounds coming in. And she loves to say Mama......Thats my girl!

Heres a pic of Caleb out in our snow the other day. The kids had their first snow day of the year. Ok well it wasnt really anything but it did snow all day long and it was a beautiful sight. We got maybe less than an inch. But the roads where icy and so was our back steps I about lost my tailbone! But I took the kids our for about 10 minutes thats all we could handle it was 22 degrees....Brrrr! Cami just ran her little legs off completely oblivious to the fact of how cold it was or that it was snowing. Caleb on the other hand was thrilled but sad that there wasnt enough to make a BIG snowman. So really all I got was some cute pics so here you go! I love these pictures.





Tuesday, February 12, 2008

1st Day of School

What a BIG girl! Cami had a great 1st day at preschool! When I took her in I was so nervous but everyone was so nice. I put her things in her cubby and the teacher walked her over and had Cami pull the 1st pic down of the day and thats the potty and she happily walked along with the teacher to the potty and the teacher waved goodbye and said we will see you at 12:30! I walked out and barely made it outside before the tears came running! My baby girl was all grown up and I didnt even get to give her hugs and kisses and she could have cared less, she was happy! Did I mention she is the only girl in the class they have a room full of boys 7 of them, Daddy is gonna have to keep his eye out on that situation....LOL!
It took me 15 minutes to pull myself together in the parking lot and dried it up and headed over to Calebs school to Volunteer, which is right down the road maybe 5 minutes if at that so its great! I needed something to take her being gone off my mind and it worked because Caleb's teacher was swammped with a new student, Valentine makings and such but I kept finding myself looking at the clock and checking my cell making sure I didnt miss anything! I guess it will get easier I just missed her tons!

Well at pick-up time I was of course the 1st mom inside waiting outside her room. Then out they came and Cami had the biggest smile on her face to greet me. Her teacher said she had a GREAT day! Hooray Cami!!!! She said well I took some pics so you could see(thats my kind of teacher) there she was all smiles in the sitting area and then in the painting area painting up a storm. It was the sweetest. She said that she was hand painting and had finished the page so they took it from her and she screamed so they gave her another, they said she really enjoyed it. And by the looks of her clothes I would say so she was a mess! But as long as she had fun thats all that matters. They said she also worked best if they put her in her booster seat, she knew then it meant work time. I'm so proud of her!

And I tell you the good things didnt stop there. I was in the restroom which of course is never alone if you have kids you know what I mean. Anyhow Cami was showing intrest so I asked her if she needed to go potty and she walked over to the potty and raised the lid.....Blew my mind. So I sat her up there and she made the biggest grunting sound and then looked up at me and gave me the hugest sweetest grin like all done! Of course she didnt do anything but she tried. Then I got her up and thought I would ask her if she could flush it and YES my smarty reached over and pushed down the handle then bent over and pulled up her own pants. Ok people no way is the Preschool that dang good....Come on! I couldnt believe this, I mean I have tried the potty many of times with her with no luck. But of course last night we are getting her ready for a bath put her up on the potty she doesnt go we get her down and she squats and pees in the floor! So my question of the day is, Does she understand or not?

Heres a picture of Cami right before I took her to school! I didnt get any of her after that because I was by myself and had to carry her, her backpack, her lunch box, her booster seat and a bag full of class supplies! So a little sad about that so hopefully her teacher will be able to share her pics with me! But here is my BIG girl all ready for her 1st day!




Thursday, February 07, 2008

Look whos 3

I can not believe how fast this year has gone by. My baby girl is 3 years old today! Its hard to believe that come Monday Cami will be a Preschooler!

She is done with Early Intervention and will now recieve her OT, PT and ST at her Preschool. We will be starting her out 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for a few weeks and then start her full time depending how she does. We had her IEP meeting today where we discussed her goals and such so we are good to go.
She has really been making great improvements in her development. Just today I was telling her clean up and singing the song and what does she do.....she crawls over picks up a toy crawls back with it and puts it in the box. SHe did it over and over again,it was funny because every time she dropped a toy in there she would wait for me to praise her. It was so sweet. She is also feeding herself with a fork she will watch me poke it for her and then I will help her and then like a snap of a finger she had it. She does get frusterated with it if she pokes and pokes and nothing gets on it. So she will hold the fork in one hand and with her other hand cram the food in her mouth. Its hilarious and forget me trying to show her how to do it again she thinks she is going to loose the fork!

I'm so sad to see her classes over and see her teachers go that have worked so hard with Cameran for over 2 years. They have all been so wonderful and they will all be dearly missed! Thank you Christy-TIPS, Susan-Speech Therapist, Amber-Physical therapist and Nicole-Occuptional Therapist for all your help. Also Katie and Stephanie at Special Kids for your hard work, I know it was especially hard on you guys while you sat back and watched her have seizures during class, making it harder to work with her.
So to all: You are all like family to us and Cameran loves you so very much. I cant wait for the day she sees you again and she is talking up a storm and is running, jumping, skipping and playing with toys appropriately. You have really helped get her far in her development and I will always be so appreciative for you helping my baby girl!

And let me not forget to mention that is has been almost 10 months since we have seen a seizure. We pray these improvements continue. I cant wait to see what school does for her.

Get well...

I've got to get these kids better. I have lysoled this house down and cloroxed wiped every toy and opened up all the windows this past Monday and Tuesday to air out all the germs...So thank goodness for a few warm days! Hopefully it worked!
Cameran is feeling much better and is over the flu, learned that she picked it up at her Preschool last week during her Observation some of the teachers in that room had it and kids.....ICK! But welcome to the world of school, we experience that enough with Caleb. Who speaking of has been out of school since Tuesday. We thought he had the chicken pox he has some real bad bumps on his bottom. Turned out to be Perianal Strep/Impetigo....uggghhhh! We have no idea where he picked that up at probably from the schools toilet or something! He is on an antibiotic for 10 days, it is very contageious but only if you rub up against it(which no one should be doing) its like a form of staff. But anyhow I have kept him out of school so it doesnt get passed through toilet sitting and such. Oh and lets not forget the lovely med that he is on for it, it makes him sick to his stomach. So every time he gets the med he is running to the bathroom! Could I have any sicker kids???? I'm telling you this is ridiculous. You know what makes me really mad is that parents send their kids to school like this. I know you gotta work but look how many people are put out because of one child. I've heard of a parent who doeses her children up with Tylenol for their temp sends them to school, hoping it gets them through half the day so she doesnt have to take off work all day! Thats just horrible, come on people they are contageious if they are running a temp and up to 24 hours after a temp. Its unbelievable how packed the Dr.s office has been and its careless parents like that of why this is such an outbreak of flu and viruses right now! They just need to shut schools down for a week to flush out all those germs. I'm really hating that I have to take Cami for her 3 year check-up tomorrow fearing we will come out with yet another illness. But with her starting school Monday I guess it makes no difference she is gonna get it there if not from the Doctors office!
Sorry just venting, I'm tired of having sick kids all the time!!!!!
We have been to the Dr 3 times in less than a week. For the Flu-Cami, And Calebs hands and now his bottom and then tomorrow will make 4 visits but thankfully its just a chek-up!
Oh and Calebs hands are much better they are still dry but the bright redness and open wounds are gone. Here are some pics of his hands:



Caleb praying his hands soon get better. Poor little guy says it burns everytime he gets water on them. They gave us Hydrcotisone to put on it 3 times daily and Eucerin and Aquaphor for other times during the day. He had to wear gloves over his hands to keep them moist!

Heres a picture of our sick babies piled on their daddys lap and our dog Daisy is squeezed in there too! I love this picture!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Quick update!

Sorry dont have much time to update! Cami is very sick right now with the Flu and temps reaching 105 took her to the Dr today he said it will last 4-5 days! He put her on Tamiflu, So much for her classes this week, its her last week with Early Intervention, we'll miss all her wonderful teachers!
We also had to make a Dr visit for Caleb on Friday for his little hands that look horrible. He had red hands then it turned into dry patches that started to split all along his knuckles, wrists and inbeteewn his fingers. Looked like he was burned. Dr gave us a RX for hydrocortisone 3xs daily and Eucerion and Aquaphor for Excema and chapped hands. He has to wear gloves until its healed.

The bed is still being processed no more news as of yet we were instructed to give it 15 days.

And last but not least if you noticed the tag at the top of her page in the right corner than you guessed it! Our Big girl will be starting the Special Needs Preschool come next week. We got the warm fuzzies from her teacher! Mommy is very nervous but Cami did great in the observation!

I'll update more when I can!

Love you baby girl, we hope you feel better for your big day!

And to Cami's New York buddies Ben and Connor who share my special day with me!

Have a good one! Muah!