Wednesday, August 12, 2009


School time, Kid time, me time, relax time lets just say there really isnt enough time for it all ;)
Its been so hectic around here!

Caleb is loving school, he loves his teacher, he loves his homework he just loves it all! When that boys alarm clock goes off in the morning he hops out of that bed and is dressed and ready to go. Its so great now that he can dress hisself, fix his own hair, make his own breakfast and is ready to go when I get up...Great stuff!

Cami well she did good for the 1st few days and then kicked in moody judy Cami who didnt want to go to school anymore. No cool mama she would say and pitch fits when we got there Im talking flat out in the floor screaming. Then there where days she was hanging on to my legs screaming. Of course once I was out of there she would calm down about 5 mintues later and would have a great day!

Well wish I could say all the drama ended there. But folks I tell ya in our family what is normal anymore? Hectic is the story of our lives! Started out 2 weeks ago on a Wednesday night with a high temp she had of 103 out of the middle of nowhere with no other side effects. Then came the no wanting to eat or drink. So off to the Dr we went they found nothing but a red throat but they went ahead and checked for strep just in case it was negative. So he said just to push the fluids and give tylenols for the temps. So needless to say she missed 2 days of school that week. Come the following Monday we started seeing another odd behavior she would cry and scream and was holding herself like she had to potty. Little did we know she hadnt been all day after I asked school. She finally went at 4:00 that afternoon but screamed when she went. So we took her to the Dr on Tuesday by this appt time she still hadnt been come midday and was refusing all drinks but was still eating. They couldnt get a urine sample well because she doesnt know how to do that on the potty yet. But they opted out of cathetar in fear it would make things worse. And of course the labs where closed anyways, so they just bagged her and sent me home with a cup hoping she would go so I could save it and take it in the next day. Well lets just say it never happend until the next morning. Stubborn girl I tell ya!

Anyhow I sent her back to school to see how she would do and of course she was still refusing the drinks so after I picked her up I called the Drs office back and they told us to go the the ER. SO we checked in at 1:20 they had to a cathetar on her because she wouldnt go which was absoultely horrible for my baby girl. It broke my heart! They also tested her blood both test came back perfect no signs of any infections! But they continued to watch her scrammble around in the floor screaming and holding herself and was confused as to what was going on. They wanted to observe her overnight and run a x-ray, and an ultrasound but after a long 5 hour wait and was getting nowhere we checked ourselves out. SLOW people I tell ya. Anyhow we took her to a follow-up with her Ped again the next day because the issues continued. He thought maybe she had vulvitis and told us just to give her 2 warm baking soda baths twice daily and call back Monday to see if the problems continued. Seemed like things where getting better but she was still holding herslef alot. She went to school on Monday and she was excited finally to be back...but it was short lived come Tuesday morning. She started screaming and saying ow ow mommy and peed all the way through a dry diaper, her clothes and soaked the floor. So off to the Dr again. This time he is thinking Bladder Spasms as the urine from this visit came back normal as well(yes another cathetar...horrible stuff)! So he has prescribed a med to help relax the bladder muscles to see if this will help. If it does not he will be referring her to a Urologist first thing next week. He has wathced her and says she is definetly in some pain but bad thing she cant tell us what she feels!
So now we wait! I kept her home today again but hopefully she will be back into school tomorrow. This med she has to take 3xs daily blurred vision is the main side effect but she hasnt ran into anything today so far....LOL!

But enough of the bad news let me share some good stuff that she has been doing. One being her speech, man has this girl is talking up a storm new words daily seems like. The other day in one of her soaking baths I was just walking from her room to Calebs picking up the bathroom is in between their rooms and she said mama I poo I poo and I ran int here thinking oh gosh dont poop in the tub but much to my surprsie she was saying shampoo and pointing to it "Look mama Ipoo".....LOL! Another on this same say is I did it! Look mama I did it, its so cute to hear and she gets so excited when she has acheived something and says I did it and claps for herself.

Now the Biggys: Let me start off saying how proud I am of my big girl because she has been working so hard on this tasks all summer and has taken many beat up bruised legs. What is it, well its peddling her bike! She has finally figured it out with much practice and different kinds of vehicles like a small peddle car and a bike peddle game. She has put in so much practice that she actually finally figured it out. She still has some problems specially since its easier to peddle backwards and this bike has brakes so she will come at a skreeching hault almost throwing her off, but she will get it.

The other thing she has learned 2 days ago was all thanks to her daddys persuasion to get her to figure this machine out. This past Christmas she got a Barbie car you know the ride ins that she can control or it had a remote that we could control it for her while she rode around. Well the antenna on that thing broke long ago so we would have to follow her around on that thing while controling the remote. Well finally her daddy said he was going to teach her how to push the gas peddle to make this thing go and to much surprise after 10-20 minutes she had it figured out. We have tried this and tried this but something finally just clicked for her. And she looks so precious out there driving that thing on the road and yes she even stears it the right way. Never had a more proud mama.
Lots of credit to Caleb too because he has worked with her lots to, he would say watch me Cami. Hes even taught her to swing really high on the swing. its so great seeing these two together ;)

Now off to mommy world! Lets just say Let the countdown begin! Im 35 weeks and the baby just keeps getting bigger and bigger. As of last weeks ultrasound the baby was weighing in at 6 pounds 3 hubby says gosh at this rate we are gonna have a 10 pounder....gee thanks! Caleb was 8lbs 5oz, Cami was 9 even so its looking like a pretty steady rate of increased weights! Ive been going twice a week. Every monday I have NST's(stress tests) which is where they just hook you up to a monitor for 20 minutes watching the heart beat and movements.

And on thursdays I have BPP ultrasounds to look at movements, weight, size, fluids and organs. Im considered High risk because of my gestational diabetes which is under lots better control! But baby looks great, happy as can be in there...loves to swing from the rib cage feels like...LOL! So not much longer before we know what this sweet pea is going to be a Carson David or a Jayden Paige! I'll keep ya posted ;)