Monday, August 20, 2007

What was I thinking?

Have you ever had one of those days where you wonder what in the world was I thinking?
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Well lets just say I had mine on Sunday!

OK well to start off what we were doing to lead up to my ending is! We where out boating with some family. We packed it up at 7:30 and stopped for a bite to eat at Sonic on the way home. We all got out and ate while eating we started noticing the lighting off in the distance the same way we have to travel to, we where a town over. Well all of a sudden the wind picked up and I mean picked up! So we loaded up and headed home.

Now let me paint the picture for you!
Pouring rain:
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And Lighting all around we saw it blow tranformers left and right of us:
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Well not even 2 miles from Sonic its like the sky just fell out! The rain was so hard you could not see where you were going but we stayed behind his dad while he pulled this big Pontoon! Well we get in our town about half way through it(we live on the opposite end) and then the wind picks up and blows seats open and a life jacket flys out!
So Jason and I opted to turn around and go get it. While his parents and his cousins wait up ahead for us. So anyhow we spot it so he pulls up to it on the side of the road. Mid town mind you cars going by and its 8:45 still people out! We drive up and I say I'll get it, Jason says I'll get it, Me: No No its just right there! OK so I get out leave the car door open just thinking I would just grab it and we would be on our happy little way! Well of course that's not really how it happened.
I get out and see it sitting on the edge of the ditch opposite from where I stand and the ditch is full of water and moving fast. So I continue towards it and take a step down and another and then straight down to the bottom I went! And folks I'm not talking about shallow here I'm talking I went all the way under and I'm 5'9! I come up gasping and grab the stinking life jacket! Then come to a stand in the water and turn my head to the right and see both my flip slops going down stream fast! Aww Man is what I'm thinking as I pull myself out of the water. That water was moving so fast those shoes where gone in a heart beat and I wasn't about to chase them after what had just happened. Well I wave for Jason to drive down to the nearest parking lot and I'm running in the pouring rain lighting striking a pole near us and I'm soaking wet!
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Can you picture this? Well if so that's about the half of my look but with make-up dripping down my face and hair curled into tiny little curls!
Soon as I get close to the car my wonderful hunny is grinning ear to ear! He said I couldn't barely see you....DUH that's because I was under the freakin water! He then says where are your shoes I say floating in the next town somewhere probably! Well he then pulls out his phone and tells everyone what I just did! If I wasn't already humiliated enough....TERD! Caleb in the back seats says I'm not laughing mommy because its not fun to make fum of people! Thank you Caleb!!!! But I had to laugh, I'm sure the people driving by thought it was hilarious to....Its like something you see on the funny videos of people thinking its a small hole and step in it and go all the way through....Well yesterday that was me!
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Well once back in the car my leg started hurting really bad and I looked down and my right knee was bleeding and it was swollen and had a knot on it where it was bleeding. It did not hurt while I was out, Jason said it was probably me adrenalin running. Man was I sore last night today not as bad but still painful! Today it looks like I might have hit something about the size of a nail and it left that hole in my knee!
So did I learn my lesson....You bet your butt I did! Now I see how easy it is for people to take what seems to be shallow water for granted and then end up stuck in the middle of a flooded river somewhere!!!!!
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My, What COULD HAVE BEEN headline in the paper "Woman drowns in Ditch trying to save Life Jacket"......LOL guess I should have put one on before going after that one. Oh when I got in the car the first words out of Jasons mouth where "If you wanted to swim why didn't you do it in the Lake?" Not even going to say what my response to that was :0
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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Busy Bee

Cameran is on a roll this week! Making Monday a good start for the rest of the week!
She had Physical Therapy on Monday and I think it was her best class yet! 1st off she had on her inserts and new shoes and was ready to go. She did great in all her strength training, balancing on balls, climbing up and down stairs with assistance of course but at least she wasn't doing noodle legs! Funny thing is that she can go down our back door steps all alone, why want she do this at PT????
Then it came to our ball time, rolling, catching and throwing it! Well let me just say she did it ALL!!!! Hooray baby girl! She has been slowly doing the rolling and throwing(well for her its a fling and it lands where it lands) but as far as the catching by her self she had NEVER done! We where both in shock when she was doing it that's a huge milestone for Cami and takes great coordination to do!

Come Tuesday Speech I was thinking this ought to be interesting with the PICS(pronounced pecks) since she hates it when I get them out. Well she did not mind them one bit and was actually picking them up, she isn't real consistent but her eye contact has GREATLY improved.

And today Wednesday for Speech and TIPS she surprised us with a new word! She said Hi Dada, I about fell over in my chair! Mind you this is all on her terms she NEVER does it when you want her to and she does not Mimic on hand, although she will sometimes. Lots of babbling going on Dadadblaaaammmmmm with raspberries mixed in with it, reminds me of the Tasmania devil.

She is still very much clingy and cries and screams if I walk past her unnoticed she demands for my attention! She is currently getting some new molars in so she is chewing on everything in sight!
Cameran will start back with OT next week cant wait to get that all started again. OT's are running short in this town right now. Actually the woman she will be seeing is just an Occupation Therapist "Assistant" until we can get squeezed in somewhere! Well that the latest for this week! Happy August and Happy Schooling to all the late starters! Caleb is going on his 3rd week and is doing much better be sure to check out the other blogger!


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This is so funny! Cameran is in love with this soccer ball we got from Old Navy for a $1, she totes it everywhere once she gets her hands on it! SO it has a new name....Wilson! She rolls on it on her belly, sits on it, kisses it, cries with it and totes it around like it's an accesory to her outfits! She tried climbing up the slide with it and didnt get very far but she didnt care because she was not going to let go! So I wanted to share the pictures....Its super cute!