Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Little Graduate!

Our big girl is growing up so fast. She just graduated her Special Needs Preschool on May 26, 2010. In August of 2010 she will be starting CDC Kindergarden room at a new school. They held a little graduation for these little special guys at her school and I tell ya it was the sweetest. Cami had no clue what was going on but she was just thrilled to be there with her friends! She received a Laffy Taffy award for having a Happy go Lucky personality! And then of course a diploma of graduating her Preschool, sweet stuff. I was in tears, hard to believe my big girl is leavng this school after being with them for 3 years. Broke my heart seeing her say(as she does everyday) Bye friends. But this time she had no idea it would really be her last time seeing them. Im so proud of all her progress that she has made, she has come leaps and bounds since 3 years ago. Just thinking when she started there she couldnt sit in a chair it had to be a booster seat because she couldnt sit up straight and of course because she was a busy body always on the go...and there she sat follwing directions and sitting so patiently during a 30 minute ceremony.....You have one Proud Mama sitting here right now. Way to go Cami go show Kindergarden all you can be!

Caleb also finished out his last year at his current school. He will be moving to the same school as Cami so I will only have one trip instead of 2. He couldnt be anymore excited to meet new fiends and have a new school. I was so worried about this whole thing but he really took to it well! Today was his last day of school and he came with another fabulous looking report card....A/B Honor roll and met his AR proud of Big Boy!

Jayden is also on the move, I cant keep that girl out of anything, once she mastered her crawling she is everywhere. She is pulling up and walking along furniture & walls so I know it wont be long until she is walking. Just this past weekend she pushed her self up to a standing position all by herself and just stood there unassisted for about 30 seconds. Breaking my heart seeing her grow up so fast.

We had a few crazy moments last week. Cami one day woke up with a sollen thumb...looked like she had been bitten by something posinous. 1st appt they said just Bacteria Infection. That same day I was on the way home with Cami and Jayden from he Dr. and Calebs school calls says he was running a temp and complaining of belly pain so we picked him up. He ended up with a bad virus, severe headaches and temps for the day. The next day Camis finger got even worse took her back it was a Staph Infection(culture came back positive) so they added another antibiotic. It looked horrible, she had streak marks going down into her arm and poor gal was in pain.
Day 1

You can see the streaking going down her hand and into her wrist below:

This was day 2

Day 3

Starting to heal:

Got done there went and picked Caleb up from the grandparents when I left him he was feeling great and eating and when I got there he started crying saying his throat was hurting and that he was cold. Got home he really started bawling saying he couldnt swallow so off to the walk-ins we went since the Drs offices were now closed. Turned out he had a nasty case of strep throat. So meds for both kids for 10 days. Camis finger looks so much better! I hate when stuff happens in bulks like that, I was so stressed and poor kids were stressed missing so much school right here at the end of it! But all is well and calm now, hoping the rest of the summer goes good from here on out.

Happy Summer Breaking Everyone =)