Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July update!

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OK so where is the time going? I just cant get over that tomorrow is the 1st day of August! This summer has really flown by. I apologize for not updating soon like I said I would but Caleb has really had a hard time adjusting to school this year! I'll be updating that site later this week. Cami has also made it hard on me she has become very attached to the hip lately so I don't get much done.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket There has been many new things I need to share that Cameran has been doing over the past few weeks, that I hope I don't leave anything out! Starters my little girl is Babbling again...........Hallelujah!!!!! Of course she will never do it when you ask her but on a typical day(non fussy that is) she goes at it all day. She is making B and M sounds. The b she is going byeyayayayayayaya or BBBBBBBBBBB. The M is just MMMMMMMM no a's in it yet. She is also making the raspberries again.

Last week we started her on Pecks and she has done relatively well. For those who don't know pecks its pictures of everyday items. Like right now we are just working on milk and cereal. SO we have a picture of her sippy cup and fruit loops cereal her fav! She then has to point, tap, pick up(along those lines) to what she wants, she then gets what she asked for. She doesn't fully understand it yet and gets really mad when she picks up the milk card when she really wanted the cereal. But we have to give her what she pointed at. At first she wouldn't even participate in this but now she is actually picking the cards up and we do hand over hand and say "I want ......." Believe it or not she is even tolerating her hands being held...Somewhat(depending on the mood)but it has gotten better!

Her signing has improved greatly and its so funny to watch her because she may not speak but man can that girl speak through sign language. An example: The other day we took a brush away from her and normally she will just slightly tap those hands together for "more" but this time she was smacking those hands loudly and bouncing up and down for More! It was like she was in church really getting down praising the Lord it was hilarious! Cute too is that mouth flys open like she is really gonna tell you a thing or two but nothing comes out. We are so close I can feel it!

Her interest in toys has gotten 10 times better she is actually taking the time to explore new things. So I guess its off to Wally World(Wal-Mart) for a new stage of toys.

Physical Therapy is going great although Cameran is really giving her more of a work out. Ever since she has come of the Klonopin her mind and thinking is opening more and more week by week. So she really is starting to understand things better which means more attitude when she doesn't want to do something they want her too. So she stiffens those little legs up making it difficult for he PT to bend them. Then when she picks her up she does the noodle so she cant hold her up to work. Little Stinker is what she is. They had ordered her some more shoe inserts and those came in last week to help straighten up those little feet and ankles.

More news her hair is coming back in. Lots of cute baby hair so now its time to go get the rest trimmed and evened up with the rest, its all kind of crazy right now. Maybe we can finally go get her 2 year pics done horrible I know since she is 2.5 years old now. Cameran also had a Dentist appointment last week. We take her to a Pediatircian Dentists office who are absolutely wonderful. Well I knew this visit was going to be different from all her prior visits....Again its the whole being more alert ordeal! Well lets just say a mother knows best and I told them that she bites down when a toothbrush is put into her muth so be careful. Well the woman stuck her hand in her mouth and Cameran bit down and would not let go they had to pry that girls mouth off. Cameran screamed and hollared that whole visit took 3 of us to hold her down. Totally opposite from her last visits. You know they always put notes in their files of past visits(they where reading me her notes from her last visits on how well she did) I'm pretty sure this one is gonna be highlighted!!!!! LOL! Needless to say it was over quickly she got a great report of no cavities and perfect straight white teeth! Surprising since I cant get back in the back with a toothbrush so they gave me a few soft wegdes to prop her mouth open with so I dont get bit which wouldnt be the first time ;)

Last but not least Cami still remains SEZIURE FREE!!!!! Its been 15.5 weeks!!!! We are thrilled and cant wait to get her off another med. Which is coming up quickly in September we will wean her off the Keppra if not sooner.

That's about all I can think of at the moment but I'm sure I'll remember more later! Here's a slideshow of Cami over the summer! Oh theirs one of her on their crying her little heart out these are her new little fits....Her terrible twos kicking in! Gotta love it! You might have to give the slideshow a minute to download if you dont see it right off!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Trying to keep up

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I am trying so hard to keep this blogger up to date. But the days fly by so fast I'm lucky if I get a chance to get on anymore! I have soooooo many pics and updates to do so I'm going to try to get them done this week.....TRY that is! As you will see below Caleb started back to school this week and its been a hectic week getting him ready for first grade! This is also my neice Cheyenne's (Chi) last week here so we are trying to spend our time wisely! I'm super excited that my sister, brother and law and new baby neice will be coming in on Friday! I havent seen them in a while and I know it will be great to have Cami a play mate. Chi's sister Natalie is 8 months old and is more on Camis page far as development only difference is that Cami is more mobile. So they ought to get along great. Cami is doing great still, I'm gonna hold everyone out another day before I tell all the goods she has been doing. She just impresses us everyday! Well that about sums it up for now its been a looooooong day and a crazy one at that! I had one moment of the day where the kids where fighting and carrying on that I called my husband and said make me an appointment to have my tubes tide ASAP!!!! LOL! Just one of those "I need to get out of the house more often WITHOUT the kids"! Jen maybe I should borrow your idea and head out camping for the weekend .......With some friends ....ONLY :0

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nature Girl!

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I believe if our little Cami could talk it would be to tell us that she wants to LIVE outdoors! She loves to spend every minute of her time outside exporing whats new or maybe just something she hasnt figured out yet! She has picked up a huge intrest in her Rocket we purchased around Spring and up until a week ago it just sat their collecting spider webs. Well all of a sudden it has become a new favorite of hers. She loves to climb up the slide and then goes in turns the steering wheel a few times looks out the little windows then she is going back up to the slide fixing herself into the correct position and then slides down. Its a great thing that she has accomplished, well just when I had gotten use to her climbing the little slide she took off for the BIGGER slide and it took a few slips but she has now mastered it! It scares me to death when she does it because she has no clue on what to do once she gets up there. She takes a peek around and then BACKS herself down the slide, sliding down on her belly. I have found that she is becoming more cautious of the heights. She now thinks twice before stepping down so maybe her Safety Awareness is kicking in! Also the steps at our backdoor, 4 of them, well she has no problem going up or down them by herself now. But the big tall stairs she still has problems with, I think she might have a fear of heights like her Mama!!!!
Cameran is doing so great I just know any day she will brake out of that little shell of hers and just blow us away at what she can do. Still NO babbling or talking but she is making the raspberries sound again!
I am posting some pictures below of her playing outside the other day. The ones of her at the playhouse was so amusing to me. It has a door on it but she still will not use it to go in. She will open and close the door but will NOT walk through it. She would rather take the harder way in, Guess you can say she likes a CHALLENGE....take a look!

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We are so proud of you little Doodle Bug! Keep exploring and you will be on the right track before you know it!
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Cameran has been without seizures for 13 weeks and is still going strong. We are finally rid of the Klonopin which was the best thing for her, maybe she can think more clearer with it gone. We will wait another month or two before weaning her off the Keppra that will leave us with the Depakote alone!!!! It has been 2 years since Cami has been on JUST 2 meds....Its such a great feeling to see those things gone. The Keppra and Klonopin she has been on since the beginning of her I.S. the Depakote is her most recently added and the one that turned out to be the med for her. Anyone know how often you get their blood checked while on it? He says we will try to wean her off the Depakote as well around age 3 depending on how she is doing! Other news, we are working on some more inserts for Camis little feet that are still pretty wobbely mainly at her ankles. They will be pretty much like her 1st pair but a little different. Her new PT class is going great she is really working our baby girl, but she sure misses all those sweet lovins she got from Mrs. Katie and Stephanie! As far as OT we havent started with her new teacher yet which she will be coming here twice a week, which is nice. We also have a new service coordinator so lots of changes! Maybe with these new changes will bring better things for our little Cami!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Way to go Cami!

It has been 3 months since our girl had a seizure! She has been slowly making process over this time but just recently has she put things into high gear! She is almost done with the Klonopin...In fact just 6 more days!!!! Well I have some excellent news to share. Yesterday during her speech class she did something that shocked both her teacher and I. She started playing with the toys in the correct way. The same toys we have been working on for over a year and half and she just now figured them out. It had to be the Klonopin because she has been making progress here and there over the past few months but it has been slow. Then all of a sudden we start weaning the Klonopin and things pick up even faster. And with just one pill a day I swear its like a whole new kid in my house! She is so happy and is so aware of things, making lots of facial expressions. Leaning for things that she wants and choosing from 3 different objects offered, signing for "More" & "Play". She is making GREAT eye contact and actually paying attention when you talk to her.

During her Speech Class she was given a boat with 4 holes in the top, it comes w/ 2 balls. With this toy she would always just watch the balls go down and come out and then grab them once they came out and that was it. Well last week she just started to push the balls down with assistance(she has a thing about her hands being touched normally she screams and yanks them away if you touch them). Well have you know the next Speech Therapy day last week she was pushing them down by herself.
Then yesterday she was holding the 2 balls, one in each hand which she has never done. Normally when she picks something up in her right hand she automatically drops whats in the other hand. But not this time she was holding both the balls and not only that she started placing the balls into the hole and pushed them down all by herself!!!! HOORAY Cami! I could not believe it, she kept doing it over and over and not only that she was alternating the balls. During this session she continued to play with all the toys correctly. We are also working with her decision making, choosing a toy from 3 different kinds. She definitely lets you know which one she wants by waving her arms in excitement. Its the cutest, well enough talking from me here are all the pictures of all the action! Check out her facial expressions!

Here is a one of her favorite toys Mrs Susan brings its Winnie the Pooh kind of like a jack in the box but you push on him several times and he goes down and then he will pop up! Cami loves it! When we took it away from her you can see her arms going up and they are in motion that is her sign for "Play" and then she brought her hands together for "more"! Great job Cami!

Cameran has been sucking her thumb alot lately so that has been another goal is to pull her away from that. Its gonna be a hard task...But baby girl you cant talk with that thing in your mouth all the time! Doesnt help that she is teething right now she is getting her 2 or3 year molars in 1 just popped through last week.

During class she kept trying to sign more with her thumb in her mouth like she is doing with the picture below. We had to change that quick, with 4 of 5 times of Mrs Susan shwoing her the correct way she had it down pact!

Working on hand over hand....Its a working process! Stacking objects is also a goal she can take them off but can not place them on!

Which one would you like to play with Cami?

I dont think she cared for that one too much judging by the look on her face. She has sensory issues...Can you tell?

What a great class, she was following directions, making great eye contact and had a wonderful time!
Today she is super happy and doing some new things we havent seen in a long while. She is shaking her head no and clapping her hands again(one handed still just moves her right hand up and down). Also she is trying to bounce and jump! Keep going baby girl we love these new skills you have!