Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy Easter, Happy Spring....

Man I am lacking in the blogging business for sure! Of course there isnt much excitement going on either just the regular chasing after kids all the time. We are fastly approaching the end of the school year. Thats right just 6 weeks to go, it sure flew by this year. So starting in early August, I will have myself a 9 year old in 4th grade a 5 year old in Kindergarten and a 1 year old tearing my house apart....LOL! We will be starting at a new school this year since Cami requires a CDC room.

But yep my big girl will be starting Kindergarten.....JAW DROP! She is doing so great, talking up a storm, theres not much she cant say, talks in full sentences and in 3rd person its hilarious! She still loves music very much and actually sings along with songs on the radio. She knows mainly words that stick out or drag on or repeated alot. Her favorite song is what she calls the Yeah Yeah song(Miley Cyrus'....Party in the USA) I love to hear her sing. Who knows maybe one day she will be or American Idol ;)

We are gonna miss her school and her little friends, but Im thinking a longer routine will do her some good. Nervous though on how she will do of 7 hours in school instead of 4. But she adores school so hopefully she'll take to it well. She still isnt potty trained, its a working process but far from success! But her everyday skills is getting better, we recently picked up a little 4 wheeler for the kids and that girl can manuver that thing with no problem. She hasnt figured out the reverse yet but like everything else she will get it in time.

On to Caleb:

He is super excited about starting a new school. I worried that he wouldnt take to it well because he is so shy, but he can not wait! What am I to do with a 4th grader....well a 4th graders homework that is! He is already bringing home algebra and double digit mulitplication. I tell him that when it comes to math his Daddy is his best friend :)

And then lastly Miss Jayden:

She is 7 months old and is in full exploring mode. She is sitting up, rolling around, pushing her self up into a sitting position, pulling up and is so close to crawling. She has the sweetest personality and is such a little smiley. All you have to do is say her name and she grins ear to ear! Kids adore her and is spoiled to the core.

We just got back from visiting my family in Louisiana for their Spring Break and we had an amazing visit. The kids loved spending time with their cousins, wish we lived closer so they could play more often. We've got another Easter gathering set for this weekend with the hubs side of the family...Im sure to be more good memories!

Ending note, is the best news of all and that Cami was finally released from her Neurologist(he told us if anything to were peak up to call them 1st thing but for now she was good). He could not believe the changes and said they didnt have NOT ONE patient with her outcome. Thought she looked amazing, he walked in and said Hi Cami how are you and she said Good. He stepped back and said I think I have the wrong room. The last time he saw her was last summer and last summer she wasnt talking at all. She was carrying on full conversations with him. Of course her comprhension is low and she couldnt follow most of the directions he was giving her for some tests but with some visual on how to do it she eventaully got it. Like sticking out her tounge and copying facail expressions....He was impressed! So proud of my girl for beating the odds!