Friday, May 15, 2009

Just in time.....

Lets just say I caught the most beautiful pictures of my sweet girl just in time. Wednesday turned out being a very crazy scary day. Wednesday morning she had to start off at an EEG at 8:00am. Crazy crazy crazy time for one of those! Anyone that has had them done knows you have to sleep for a portion of the test. Which meant a very late night and early morning for us which backfired...LOL! She did so great laying there while they hooked her up with those 40 wires glued all over her head and then wrapped her up like a mummy. She kept saying Hat Hat!

Then for the first part of the test they flipped it around on us and did the flicker light test first she thought it was hilarious....and then she was over it and was getting mad it. Now she was done and ready to go and we still had to get her to sleep. She was not having it! The woman came back in and gave us to options. 1. to leave and reschedule or 2. stay and keep trying while she goes in with another patient. We decided to stay and thankfully she finally gave in. Too bad they only let her sleep 7 minutes before returning and saying ok we got what we needed you can wake her up now....Thanks people! Girly Girl was mad on top of that we still had the 2 hair washes to go to get all that glue out.....accckkkk!

But she pulled through and was happy as ever to leave. She was in such a good mood afterwards I took her over to a nice place here in town and took her pictures and she just looked like a lil princess. She was so cooperative 30 minutes was all it took to capture those amazing shots. She did so well after Caleb got out of school I took them back and got some of them together and then some of Caleb by hisself!

The EEG was ran because I called them and told them I was ready to start the weaning of her Depakote as previously discussed. Shes been seizure free for over 2 years now so things can only get better with no meds....FINGERS crossed! Anyhow the EEG has to come back clear in order for the med to be removed, no results are back yet. Funny story Caleb saw her appt written on the calender and asked why Cami was having an egg.....LOL!

On to our next happening on Wednesday. I took the kids outside to play that evening and all was well, I was chatting with my mom on the phone when I heard a loud was Cami she had flipped off the slide and landed on the ground. I ran and picked her up and asked her if she was ok and she said No. Her new favorite word! Anyhow she wanted down and wanted to play but kept fussing and holding her arm. I noticed it was dangling and she would try to pick it up and she would start screaming in pain. I ran over and took another look and noticed her elbow was swelling up. So I called the hubby he was at the firedept that day and told him what was going on and he met me at the ER with her. Poor gal wouldnt even let you near her arm without crying. When they took her back and was looking at her the said her elbow was warm and said that it definetly needed an xray so Jason went back with her since I couldnt because of being preggers.

Anyhow the results came back that she had a large fracture in her elbow. So they put her in splint/cast for 6-8 weeks. IT cant be removed and cant get wet.....Man this brought back may memories for me. I broke mine when I was 15 my first day that I moved to Tn and in the month of June my summer was swimming!

I was so thankful hers did not require surgery. And I tell ya my girl is a lil trooper she is still running around and climbing on everything like nothing ever happened, lil dare devil is what she is. Her first night I let her sleep with me and she acted paralyzed she didnt move all night. And when she woke up and looked down at her arm in shock...Like what is that and when did it happen???? She was so confused. She then tried to sit up and couldnt so she I want up Mama. I then took her to the kitchen to give her some breakfast and put it on the table thinking she would be able to get up there I walked off and I heard Mama I want up and she was really struggling to climb up in the chair....LOL! SO she is trying to learn around this obstacle and so far she is starting to get it. At first she wouldnt even try to lift her arm or move it but now she is starting to move it kind of hard though since she is wearing a sling. The cast goes from her shoulder to her wrist on her right arm. Thank goodness it was not her thumb sucking hand....yeah maybe we could have broken her from it but that was not something I wanted to deal with at this time. Of course it is on her right the hand she colors with and eats with so its been a little difficult and she gets easily frusterated but it will get better in time. We are awaiting her appt to see the bone dr. and we know that she will have to have another XRay when the cast comes off and Im sure some physical therapy. Fun stuff I tell ya!
Her Xray pics:

Kids are down to like 8 days of school left so we are gearing up and I think they are ready. As much as my lil Caleb loves school he looks so run down. He said he will be so glad to sleep in. But we have plans of camping trips this summer and Calebs favorite is weekly trips to the local Library for activites and checking out books. What can I say the boy loves to read, Cami too!

Speaking of he got moved up to the top level of reading. They do AR everyday thats where they bring home a book in their reading level. They read it then get tested on it the next day. Well Caleb has exceeeded he has made 100's on every test making his levels rise every week. He is now at a 3.2 which is into the third grade reading....HORRAY lil man! Mommas so proud of you. They have been sending him home with chapter books now, he is super excited about that.
I did get Cami's report back about her PPDNOS diagnosis but its really long so I will put it up later. Until then enjoy all the sweet pics!

Have a good weekend guys;)

Friday, May 01, 2009

It's a Surprise!

I had my ultrasound yesterday and I cant believe I actually followed through to not find out the sex of the baby! The baby looked great and was very active....actually moved the whole entire 35 minute ultrasound. My bladder was about to give out for sure....LOL! Little stinker kept moving so much she was having a hard time to get pictures and view the heart, lips and spine. She said you have quite the little gymnist in there...No doubt! But everything looked great and the baby was to precious playing hide and seek behind those sweet little open hands. We even caught a peek of the little tootsies.....Sweet Sweet stuff!

We actually picked out the names the night before. Surprisingly it was easy! I had gone through a baby name book this week and picked out 17 boy names and 17 girl names I liked. Gave my list to Jason and he circled 2 of each. The middle names where set in stone so it was just a search for a first name. So drum roll please......... If its a boy: Carson David, David is after my hubbys dad! If its a girl: Ava Odessa, Odessa is after my grandmothers sister! We are thrilled and cant wait to meet our new addition.
Heres the pics they captured of our sweet pea!