Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bad Moods

Well lets just say this has Cameran written all over it! Her moods are all over the place and every week we get something new added to the drama. Lots of screaming squealing and fits. I really dont know what has gotten into her!!!!! If she is playing don't dare step in because she takes it as if you are gonna take something from her. Oh and to add to the problems if she doesn't get her way she automatically strips our of her clothes and diaper.

We went out Friday evening to our new Macaroni Grill for the 1st time. Well the setting was nice. Well Cami decided to bring out her bad side upon arrival. At first it was ok her norm trying to pull off the table cloths, fussing for food and drink. We got bread it kept her quite till she was done and then all fell apart when our food arrived. Obviously we couldn't get the food to her fast enough so she thought she would let the whole restaurant know with a very high pitched squeal. So I cover her mouth quickly only to my finding that made her mad. My mistake. Lets just say we had the waitress pack up our food to take home. We have never been so embarrassed and also it was a first she has never done this. Well her acting out didn't end there because we had another stop to make.

We headed to the book store looking for a RV book brave I know after what had just happened. Well we got in there Cami happy and calm from her last mood and she is in her favorite stroller. Well Caleb is wanting to look at the kids books and automatically come upon a weather book his favorite...He's our future Weather Man! Anywho I go to the computer there in the kids section looking for Jenny McCarthys book and I look down and Cameran has a really big book in hand and I lean down and say lightly "no, no Cami" to which she responds AHHHHHH and rips like 6 pages down through the book. I grab her hand and try to pry it from her little hands. While she manages to rip corner pieces off of it! Well I'm trying to calm her but its not working...Then comes my hubby across the store knowing it is our daughter pitching the fit. He picks her up out of the stroller to quite her well it didn't work. So I quickly find a soft book to which she throws in the floor and screams even louder so I'm scrounging to find one to her likings and come upon one with ribbons and such which makes her happy enough for us to pay for it and the other she has damaged plus our pickings and head for home! Ok so lesson learned never take a moody no napping child out to public EVER AGAIN!!!!!

So are these just terrible two moods she is showing or a possible peek of Autism? Any thoughts?

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Camping World....

Here we come!
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We are so excited about our new camper! We have been looking for a while now and decided on what brand we wanted then it was just a matter of finding one at the right price. We strolled upon this one and new it was a winner! We checked it over several times on Saturday and made our decision. So Monday at lucnh time we went down and picked it up and now here we sit Proud Camper owners.

It's a 2002 Starcraft Hybrid in perfect condition. The ends pop out making into double beds and the whole side slides out making it more roomy. It sleeps 8 it has a stove, oven, microwave, sink, fridge, freezer, heat, air, bathroom with tub/shower, grill, radio, outside shower hose and it has lots of storage!

We are anxiously awaiting our first outing in it which will be the first weekend in November. Caleb was ready to camp out in it Monday night and wanted me to cook our supper in it so we could eat out there in it. Then last night he made the comment Mommy are we gonna sleep in it tonight? I said no its a school night. His response was well why did we buy it if we aint gonna use it! I said because we have a house to stay in when we are at home and we only sleep in this thing when you go camping away from home......Ohhhhh he says! Guess we will just have to sleep in it one night this weekend to tide him over :)

Cami loves this thing she was the main reason we wanted something bigger than just a pop-up! She is quite the little handful, you cant just put her down outside and expect her to stay beside you or follow directions. Because as soon as her little feet hit the ground she is gone the girl has NO safety awarness. So with this camper it has a screen door so if she wants to run around while we set up or visit we can stick her in and let her go wild. I think we are gonna try to bring her circled gate so she can have outside time as well while we are just relaxing. RELAXING is the BIG keyword! Cant wait for the day when we can just let her go and not constantly stay on her heels!!!!

I think this is gonna be a great thing for us more one on one with the whole family and even friends! Check out the pictures in the slideshow or its faster if you click the button below it that says view all images!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

6 months Seizure Free!

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Wow...what a great milestone she has reached, we are thrilled! She is just the sweetest thing and has quite the little personality! We have successfully weaned her off all meds this summer, leaving just the Depakote. What a difference less meds makes, she just seems more alive than ever......HAPPY!

I e-mailed her Neuro today to see where we go from here. His response was that she will have to remain on the Depakote until she has been seizure free for 2 years! She has a scheduled appointment with her Neuro next month for a follow up. At this appointment we will be setting up her next MRI. It will be set within the next 1-2 months...She has to have these yearly to watch a lesion she has in her Cerebellum, making sure it doesn't grow!

Other news: She continues to impress us weekly with new skills and new noises. She is a little hoot and has us laughing all the time at her silliness! See what I'm talking about in the photo below....Such a goof! For Halloween she is our little Princess Pirate and looks absolutely adorable in her costume.

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Oh and dont let me forget my spookey little guy! Caleb decided he wanted to be a skeleton for Halloween he looked soooooo adorable! His costume glows in the dark it has a smiley face masks that matches but it broke and we had nothing to pin it up for the Halloween party....but you look super cute Caleb...I mean SPOOOKY!

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And one of the 2 kiddos together!
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Hope everyone is having a wonderful fall!

Friday, October 12, 2007

How to.....

Potty Train a Special Needs Child?
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Does anyone know what to do in this area? Cami is showing signs of being ready but has no idea what I'm doing when I put her on the pottty! She just laughs at me! But she will not keep her diaper on. We are going through diapers because she rips them off. So I put her in overalls so she couldnt pull her pants down well she found a way around that too and pulled her diaper through the bottom of her pants. So frusterating.....Do you think this is signs of being ready? When we come out of the bathroom she will dart in there and pat the potty so we put her on it but again no intrest. I really dont think she understands the Potty time! So what can I do to keep this girls diapers on.....Besides Pull-ups cause those dont stay on either they come straight down with the pants when she starts stripping out of her clothes! Uggghhhhh!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Congratulations to our Daddy!

He made "Fireman of the Year" right here in the good ol Boro' of TN!

Way to go Daddy! Heres some pics of our kiddos on the new truck the City just got in last month. Its 10 feet across can you imagine driving that thing....Well our Daddy does it like a pro! He's been with the Firedept for 10 years now, We are so proud of you!

Monday, October 08, 2007

October update

So glad its finally

Now if we could just please have the fall temps!
This is my favorite month of the year maybe its because its my Birthday month who knows. Not that I look forward to getting any older and believe me Caleb has not let me forget this coming up date at all. He has it circled on his calender with a sad face and says its a sad day because you are getting old.....Thanks alot Bubby!

But it's just so hard to believe how fast this year is going by. Seems like yesterday that Cameran had her first seizure free day and now here she is 1 week shy of being free of them for 6 months!!!!!!! She is doing fantastic! Learning new things everyday, its the cutest seeing her expressions when she discovers how a toy works! We've also been hearing lots of new sounds....Loliloliloli, Sssssssss, Wawawawa, Byabya, Doydoy(sounds like toy), high pitched squeals and lots of cute laughs!
Some other new things is bringing things to you when she needs help. Like turning a toy on. And the other day she brought me her sippy cup and shook it at me and said Aaaaaa loudly getting my attention! Sure enough it was empty and she was wanting more! I was almost in tears, I love seeing her work and concentrate on 1 particular thing. She doesn't seem so everywhere all the time.
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Last week we took a trip to my mom and sisters in Louisiana and we where kinda of stressing a little.
-1 this was her 1st trip since being seizure free and not so heavily medicated so she is more aware of things.....Like a 10.5 hour drive! But she did great.
- 2 was that the last time that we where down there we didn't get to visit much because you could not take your eyes off of her for one second. She was everywhere, cabinets, breakables and such. This time around she played with the toys and her cousins.....It was a wonderful get away even though it only lasted 5 days. Miss you guys already and thank you Angie and Sol for getting the camper so we had our own little spot it was really nice and now we have to go by one....Thanks!

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My adorable nieces Cheyenne(10yrs) and her sister Nati(10.5 months)
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Pumpkin patch

Yesterday we headed out for our yearly Pumpkin patch day of fun. Well lets just say we think the harsh weather of no rain played a huge role of us not being able to find one this year. All the ones we usually go to where closed with no pumpkins :(.....
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So we where just enjoying our Mountain rides and came upon another old favorite spot and they too had no patch but they did have a nice set up with their mums and pumpkins so Caleb grabbed a wagon and went pumpkin shopping/hunting! He loved it even though it wasn't the whole day deal we normally do. Guess the wagon made his day!!!! We put Cami down and the girl went nuts she just loves to be outdoors. So check out the below slide show of our Pumpkin Patch excursion!!!