Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Wishing Everyone a.......

Things for the new year:
-We are awaiting Camis MRI appointment which is scheduled for Jan. 3rd to watch her lesion on her Cerebelum.
-February 7th Cami will turn 3 and will transition into a Special Needs Preschool, cant believe how fast she is growing up!
-In April she will be having her sleep study test....We are very anxious for this!
-Also on April 15th will mark her 1 YEAR of being Seizure Free!!!!!!

Heres a few pics of the kids from Christmas, they had a wonderful Holiday! Hope you all did as well!


Caleb with his new skating dog Blade!

Cami with her 1st baby stroller! She pushes this thing every where but does not know how to turn it around so once she runs into something she will just back up till she backs into something and then moves forward again till she finally gets turned around...Its the cutest!



Thursday, December 20, 2007

The results....

OK well its not really a full answer but it will have to do! After the 3 hour testing the Dr. came in and says I think she DOES have Autism but I CAN NOT diagnose her with it because of her seizure history! Now let me explain in more detail. For those who are not familiar with the testing they do let me try to describe what they did with her.

Me and Jason where in a small room with Cami with a Dr and an assistant, the main Dr observed through the window. Anyhow it consisted of lots of paper work for Jason and I questions from her eating habits, playing skills, fits, social skills and so forth. While we filled out paper work they did what seems like a simple enough test to kids but for Cami it was not so. First problem they ran into was just getting her to sit still in the chair it was unsuccessful she would not sit longer than 5 SECONDS tops, which for her is not unusual!!! After that fight they just decided to sit her in the floor and have her try to point to a picture. They had 4 different pics on a page and they would ask Cami where the ball was hoping she would point to it, well that was a no, and of course we knew she wouldn't and couldn't do it. Cameran at this time was highly frustrated just 15 minutes into the test she was already screaming at, kicking and hitting the women. So they moved on trying to get her to stack 2 blocks, we know she can do this but she refused to do it for them she picked up the blocks and threw them at the wall this went on for 5 minutes till they moved on. Next came pretend play and of course me and Jason was snickering because we knew what was fixing to happen. Well the woman took the lid off the big Tupperware box and of course Cami wanted to play with the lid but then got her looking in the box. They pulled out different Ziploc bags at a time....The 1st one was a car, airplane, frog and a cup. Cami look what I can do Vroom vrooom on the floor with the car your turn, well Cami took it in hand and ran it across the floor....Yay Cami good girl. Next this is a frog(bouncing it on the floor) boing boing....Camis turn Cami takes it and taps it to the floor a few times and then throws it...Good girl Cami. Next was the airplane.....she flys it in the air...Cami watches then she hands it to her and Cami just throws it(does that count... she made it fly...LOL) and last was a cup. She says look mmmmmmmmm that was a good drink, Does Cami want to try well Cami takes the cup and places it up to her ear she did this over and over.

Next bag she wanted her to pretend play a birthday party, with a baby, napkins, forks, straws for candles. The woman pretends to pass out plates Cami is just throwing them as she gets them and then the woman acts like she strikes a match and lights the candles and Cami reaches for it and she says that's hot don't touch...But Cameran continually tried to pull them out and place them in her mouth. She through Many fits in that session.

Next they just gave her a dump truck, blocks and a hard page book. Cami did put a few things in the truck and push it and then sat down and was looking at the little book flipping through the thick hard pages but while doing this she would keep situating herself until she was no longer facing us but she kept doing it in circles.

They tried many other things where she continued to throw a fit and hit, scream and kick so they just let her be and watch how she played. They just watched her move constantly about the room not playing with anything in particular just moving and destructing everything in sight. While she played alone they asked us another 100 question survey and they went out of the room for about 30 minutes. Then he came back in and gave us the above answers but also mentioned Sensory Disorders. We have been questioning this and after reading some notes from her OT we found out that they say Cameran stays in a constant Sensory seeking mode making it hard for her to concentrate. He definitely thinks she has Sensory issues and as of right now Autism but again cant diagnose her because he is wondering if things will change the more she is seizure free. So he wants to retest her in 1 year to give her time to make the changes if any. So we will just watch her and take in any info given and learn all we can to keep her ahead.

In a little over a month Cami will be turning 3 and will be entering in the Special Needs Preschool here in town, we are to observe another classroom to see how it goes and hopefully it goes well so she can receive all those great services!!!!

She has an upcoming MRI on Jan 3rd checking the lesion in her cerebellum and in April they have set up her Sleep Study! Uggghhhh....That's a long ways away but they said they are BOOKED! Guess we will have to figure out something to make this girl sleep better at night....Mommy and Daddy need their rest.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas is almost here!

Well I finally got all my Christmas shopping done! I tell you I think there had to be a thousand people in one store with all the same thing in mind....Last minute Christmas shopping! We do it every year....Don't ask me why we just do! But I think next year I'm starting in July....The lines where ridiculous! We went out about 9am Saturday morning and everything was smooth sailing no waits hardly a crowd then came 12:00 you could not move in the same store you where in earlier that day! I will never price shop again just get it the 1st time you see it!~ Lesson learned!

Minus the crowds me and the hubby really enjoyed are half day out without the kids it doesn't happen often maybe once or twice a year if that....So it was great!

Caleb and Cami are really geared up for Christmas. Caleb especially since Cami really doesn't understand it all. She just likes to back up and sit on my tree and now that we have gifts under the tree she has showed in interest in ripping the paper off...Little stinker! We took them to see Santa 2 weekends ago and the look on Camis face was priceless....She was very wide eyed and full of giggles! She couldn't wait to go over to see him and lucky for us there was no wait we just walked right up! We let Caleb go 1st so he could give him his letter and let Santa read it so he made sure he understood it....LOL....Dont want to leave anything out! Then came Cami we sat her on his lap and she turned around and gave him the biggest smile then turned and let out a big giggle! It was the cutest.

Other news: We are heading to her next Psych test Wednesday the 19th...It takes 3 hours...Hope she tolerates it! We are leaning more towards Sensory Processing Disorder, she has lots of quirks and lots of sensory issues! So we will see. I will post as soon as we know something!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Some new things!

Ok well I'm way behind and have lots to update everyone on!

First things first and that is her current med. Cami had blood draws for this a few weeks back and I got the results back. Her Depakote level was 130 its suppose to be around 100 so it was elevated. So they took immediate precautions and took her off 1 pill leaving her on 125mg 3x's daily instead of 4 a day. We are watching for any unusual behavior/seizures! So far nothing during the day but at night we are seeing some questionable stuff. Lots of jumping like she use to do when she had seizures in her sleep. BUT we have been noticing this behavior before the wean down, about a week ago is when is started. They are wanting to do a sleep study on her but not until after her Autism test and MRI. The Autism test is on the 7th and 19th of this month and the MRI is set for Jan. 3rd. So not to long to go. Until then I have a call into the Neuro about her sleeping issues. Which right now its terrible! She stays in such a light sleep all night tosses and turns whines....She just isn't getting the sleep she needs. Neither is Mom and Dad!!!!!

~On a more positive note! Cameran is really moving forward this past week. Let me sum it up in a nut shell! The past few weeks its like a door has opened up for her. I've been trying to teach her a new sign every week and she is finally catching on to it. The only thing is she want do her hands for the sign she comes over to me and signs my hands for what she wants. Which is still fantastic, she is communicating with us! Her new signs are "Open" and "On" and man does she use both alot!!!!!!
~Next is that my baby girl has been practicing and practicing on her jumping and I'm happy to say she finally got it on Sunday! She is now a great little jumper its the cutest! She gets a little caught up in it and starts squatting alot trying to remember how you do it and then she'll smile and hop up and start jumping again...We love it!
~This next one has been a working process but this past week she has really mastered the skill of throwing a ball. And cute thing is at PT they will put the ball in her hand and guiding her hand up and down they will count 1, 2. 3 and on 3 they throw it. Well yesterday she was coming to me with her ball in her hand hold it in the air then she would move my arm for 1,2,3 and then she would toss the ball that she had in her hand. It was the funniest thing!
~Babbling, oh my goodness what a little babler queen she has become lots of new sounds all the time. Still saying mamamamam, dadadadadada, bubububububu, today it was nananananana lots of growling and high pitched squeals as well.
~Mimic...THis she has just started within the past few days....She likes to smack her lips and then waits for you to do it back so she can do it again. She also coughs if she hears you do it. And then lastly the cutest is clapping her hands she will only do it if you do it. Funny thing is that when she started doing it was while we where watching Wheel of Fortune and every time the audience cheered she did the same and giggled! Its just the sweetest thing imaginable.

Well that's about it for now. I've been super busy with Cameran and Caleb. We are gearing up for the Holidays and trying to keep them well on top of that. Thankfully neither have been sick again since the Merry go round of Bronchitis and Viruses!!!!!

OK one more thing, if you see to your left I have put up a Tree and a Mistle Toe...Just for fun so join in and leave them a gift and some smooches!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Camis Friday appt

Well all in all it was a great follow up at the Neurologist! He couldn't get over how great she looked. We are still waiting on her blood results for her Depakote levels. They also have set up her another MRI it should be in the next few months haven't got the exact date yet. But he doesn't think we should worry, since the lesion is in her cerebellum, he said if it was growing in size her balance would get way off a sure sign of growth. So no problems there because her balance has really improved alot. One other thing we discussed was her sleeping issues, she tosses and turns and wakes alot during the night so he is wanting to do a sleep study on her early next year and possibly put her on a sleeping med to help her get some much needed rest. The way he talked in my describing her sleeping pattern he thinks she is staying in a the light sleep and not the deep sleep. So we will see.

On another note.....We have had a doosie of the cold season already. The kids seem to be staying sick. Cami started running temp last Monday so we took her to the Dr where we found out she had Bronchitis. They gave her Antibiotics and it cleared out of here fast. Then that Thursday I was at Calebs school visiting for their Turkey day dinner and decided to spend the rest of the day out with him and he was just happy go lucky. Then it ended he got sick at school threw up everywhere. Yes you named it a virus....2 days later Cami gets it. That leads us to this week Caleb woke up at 1:30 this morning saying his belly hurt got sick then said his head was hurting really bad so I felt it sure enough he had temp. So I checked it and it was 102.6. So I gave him Motrin sent him back to bed he woke up again saying his head hurt another temp of 102.6 so I took him in to the Dr. today and sure enough he now has Bronchitis. I tell you its like a never ending cycle of sickness. The nurse there said the Dr wants to do a follow up next week and all I can think of is what in the world we are gonna pick up when we go back! Ugggghhhhh I really hate this time of year....Don't get me wrong I love the Holidays I just hate what this season brings! My poor baby's! Hopefully Caleb will be good to go come Saturday for our family gathering! All I can say is Thank goodness he is out of school and has plenty of time to rest!

Hope everyone else is staying well! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wow we got lots to be Thankful for this year! No seizures and still going strong!

Sending our best to everyone this Thanksgiving. Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Its been 7 months......

Since we have seen a seizure! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
We are so happy for Cami. In 2 years she will be med free if all goes well! Keep going strong baby girl! We love you very much!
Heres one of my favorite pictures of Cami!
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On another note I had posted about earlier this week about having her tested for Autism. Well we were fortunate, they had an opening and got her in for December testing. We where shocked because they originally had us down for the mid of June! So now she has one meeting on December 7th(the small test) and one December 19th for the big test! She will also be evaluated by her Neuro tomorrow. I'll update as soon as I can with that visit. We are actually heading out for one last camping trip this weekend before we tuck the camper away for the winter! We are so excited its gonna be a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Just a small update

Sorry I havent posted in a while, I have just been super busy with Calebs school(Volunteering for 2 weeks) and staying busy with Cami as well! She is still throwing the fits mainly when we venture out but she will give you some doozies at home too so watch out! They have her on the waiting list to be evaluated for Autism said it could take 6-9 months...Ugghhh the dreadful waiting game! So I guess we wait bad thing is she will be 3 years old in 3 months so that means Early Intervention runs out so we are on are own the day of her Birthday! I've heard the test is very expensive so hopefully our insurance will cover it. She has a follow up Neuro appt this Friday so he will be evaluating her there and maybe we can get his thoughts on some weird things she does. I hope its just a stage thing but you never know. We are currently looking into her transitioning into A Special Needs Preschool and let me just say its not been fun! I will post about that whole subject when its not so late! I'll just say its a touchy subject in our household right now!
At her appt they will just be doing lab work for her Depakote levels just going over the past 7 months since we havent been in since then. They will also be setting up her MRI that she has to have done yearly I think he said he wanted to try and get it with in the next month!
I'll try and post about it all this coming weekend but no promises cause we are taking the camper out 1 more time this weekend before we put it up for the winter. We are excited, we went a couple of weeks ago and had a blast, Cami gave us a hard time but we made the best of it! Hope everyone is doing well!
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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bad Moods

Well lets just say this has Cameran written all over it! Her moods are all over the place and every week we get something new added to the drama. Lots of screaming squealing and fits. I really dont know what has gotten into her!!!!! If she is playing don't dare step in because she takes it as if you are gonna take something from her. Oh and to add to the problems if she doesn't get her way she automatically strips our of her clothes and diaper.

We went out Friday evening to our new Macaroni Grill for the 1st time. Well the setting was nice. Well Cami decided to bring out her bad side upon arrival. At first it was ok her norm trying to pull off the table cloths, fussing for food and drink. We got bread it kept her quite till she was done and then all fell apart when our food arrived. Obviously we couldn't get the food to her fast enough so she thought she would let the whole restaurant know with a very high pitched squeal. So I cover her mouth quickly only to my finding that made her mad. My mistake. Lets just say we had the waitress pack up our food to take home. We have never been so embarrassed and also it was a first she has never done this. Well her acting out didn't end there because we had another stop to make.

We headed to the book store looking for a RV book brave I know after what had just happened. Well we got in there Cami happy and calm from her last mood and she is in her favorite stroller. Well Caleb is wanting to look at the kids books and automatically come upon a weather book his favorite...He's our future Weather Man! Anywho I go to the computer there in the kids section looking for Jenny McCarthys book and I look down and Cameran has a really big book in hand and I lean down and say lightly "no, no Cami" to which she responds AHHHHHH and rips like 6 pages down through the book. I grab her hand and try to pry it from her little hands. While she manages to rip corner pieces off of it! Well I'm trying to calm her but its not working...Then comes my hubby across the store knowing it is our daughter pitching the fit. He picks her up out of the stroller to quite her well it didn't work. So I quickly find a soft book to which she throws in the floor and screams even louder so I'm scrounging to find one to her likings and come upon one with ribbons and such which makes her happy enough for us to pay for it and the other she has damaged plus our pickings and head for home! Ok so lesson learned never take a moody no napping child out to public EVER AGAIN!!!!!

So are these just terrible two moods she is showing or a possible peek of Autism? Any thoughts?

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Camping World....

Here we come!
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We are so excited about our new camper! We have been looking for a while now and decided on what brand we wanted then it was just a matter of finding one at the right price. We strolled upon this one and new it was a winner! We checked it over several times on Saturday and made our decision. So Monday at lucnh time we went down and picked it up and now here we sit Proud Camper owners.

It's a 2002 Starcraft Hybrid in perfect condition. The ends pop out making into double beds and the whole side slides out making it more roomy. It sleeps 8 it has a stove, oven, microwave, sink, fridge, freezer, heat, air, bathroom with tub/shower, grill, radio, outside shower hose and it has lots of storage!

We are anxiously awaiting our first outing in it which will be the first weekend in November. Caleb was ready to camp out in it Monday night and wanted me to cook our supper in it so we could eat out there in it. Then last night he made the comment Mommy are we gonna sleep in it tonight? I said no its a school night. His response was well why did we buy it if we aint gonna use it! I said because we have a house to stay in when we are at home and we only sleep in this thing when you go camping away from home......Ohhhhh he says! Guess we will just have to sleep in it one night this weekend to tide him over :)

Cami loves this thing she was the main reason we wanted something bigger than just a pop-up! She is quite the little handful, you cant just put her down outside and expect her to stay beside you or follow directions. Because as soon as her little feet hit the ground she is gone the girl has NO safety awarness. So with this camper it has a screen door so if she wants to run around while we set up or visit we can stick her in and let her go wild. I think we are gonna try to bring her circled gate so she can have outside time as well while we are just relaxing. RELAXING is the BIG keyword! Cant wait for the day when we can just let her go and not constantly stay on her heels!!!!

I think this is gonna be a great thing for us more one on one with the whole family and even friends! Check out the pictures in the slideshow or its faster if you click the button below it that says view all images!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

6 months Seizure Free!

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Wow...what a great milestone she has reached, we are thrilled! She is just the sweetest thing and has quite the little personality! We have successfully weaned her off all meds this summer, leaving just the Depakote. What a difference less meds makes, she just seems more alive than ever......HAPPY!

I e-mailed her Neuro today to see where we go from here. His response was that she will have to remain on the Depakote until she has been seizure free for 2 years! She has a scheduled appointment with her Neuro next month for a follow up. At this appointment we will be setting up her next MRI. It will be set within the next 1-2 months...She has to have these yearly to watch a lesion she has in her Cerebellum, making sure it doesn't grow!

Other news: She continues to impress us weekly with new skills and new noises. She is a little hoot and has us laughing all the time at her silliness! See what I'm talking about in the photo below....Such a goof! For Halloween she is our little Princess Pirate and looks absolutely adorable in her costume.

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Oh and dont let me forget my spookey little guy! Caleb decided he wanted to be a skeleton for Halloween he looked soooooo adorable! His costume glows in the dark it has a smiley face masks that matches but it broke and we had nothing to pin it up for the Halloween party....but you look super cute Caleb...I mean SPOOOKY!

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And one of the 2 kiddos together!
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Hope everyone is having a wonderful fall!

Friday, October 12, 2007

How to.....

Potty Train a Special Needs Child?
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Does anyone know what to do in this area? Cami is showing signs of being ready but has no idea what I'm doing when I put her on the pottty! She just laughs at me! But she will not keep her diaper on. We are going through diapers because she rips them off. So I put her in overalls so she couldnt pull her pants down well she found a way around that too and pulled her diaper through the bottom of her pants. So frusterating.....Do you think this is signs of being ready? When we come out of the bathroom she will dart in there and pat the potty so we put her on it but again no intrest. I really dont think she understands the Potty time! So what can I do to keep this girls diapers on.....Besides Pull-ups cause those dont stay on either they come straight down with the pants when she starts stripping out of her clothes! Uggghhhhh!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Congratulations to our Daddy!

He made "Fireman of the Year" right here in the good ol Boro' of TN!

Way to go Daddy! Heres some pics of our kiddos on the new truck the City just got in last month. Its 10 feet across can you imagine driving that thing....Well our Daddy does it like a pro! He's been with the Firedept for 10 years now, We are so proud of you!

Monday, October 08, 2007

October update

So glad its finally

Now if we could just please have the fall temps!
This is my favorite month of the year maybe its because its my Birthday month who knows. Not that I look forward to getting any older and believe me Caleb has not let me forget this coming up date at all. He has it circled on his calender with a sad face and says its a sad day because you are getting old.....Thanks alot Bubby!

But it's just so hard to believe how fast this year is going by. Seems like yesterday that Cameran had her first seizure free day and now here she is 1 week shy of being free of them for 6 months!!!!!!! She is doing fantastic! Learning new things everyday, its the cutest seeing her expressions when she discovers how a toy works! We've also been hearing lots of new sounds....Loliloliloli, Sssssssss, Wawawawa, Byabya, Doydoy(sounds like toy), high pitched squeals and lots of cute laughs!
Some other new things is bringing things to you when she needs help. Like turning a toy on. And the other day she brought me her sippy cup and shook it at me and said Aaaaaa loudly getting my attention! Sure enough it was empty and she was wanting more! I was almost in tears, I love seeing her work and concentrate on 1 particular thing. She doesn't seem so everywhere all the time.
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Last week we took a trip to my mom and sisters in Louisiana and we where kinda of stressing a little.
-1 this was her 1st trip since being seizure free and not so heavily medicated so she is more aware of things.....Like a 10.5 hour drive! But she did great.
- 2 was that the last time that we where down there we didn't get to visit much because you could not take your eyes off of her for one second. She was everywhere, cabinets, breakables and such. This time around she played with the toys and her cousins.....It was a wonderful get away even though it only lasted 5 days. Miss you guys already and thank you Angie and Sol for getting the camper so we had our own little spot it was really nice and now we have to go by one....Thanks!

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My adorable nieces Cheyenne(10yrs) and her sister Nati(10.5 months)
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Pumpkin patch

Yesterday we headed out for our yearly Pumpkin patch day of fun. Well lets just say we think the harsh weather of no rain played a huge role of us not being able to find one this year. All the ones we usually go to where closed with no pumpkins :(.....
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So we where just enjoying our Mountain rides and came upon another old favorite spot and they too had no patch but they did have a nice set up with their mums and pumpkins so Caleb grabbed a wagon and went pumpkin shopping/hunting! He loved it even though it wasn't the whole day deal we normally do. Guess the wagon made his day!!!! We put Cami down and the girl went nuts she just loves to be outdoors. So check out the below slide show of our Pumpkin Patch excursion!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Caleb!

Our Big boy is turning 6 tomorrow 9/14/01! Where in the world is time going? Tonight when I tucked him in he asked what I was doing when he was in my belly! So I told him that I was hanging curtains in his room the night before I had him and Daddy patted my belly and said you can come now that your room is finsihed and then daddy said plus I dont want to go to work tomorrow! Caleb thought that was so funny and then said do you think I could still fit in your belly? So I balled him up and held him up next to me and he started laughing he said I think I could fit. Guess I should just start calling him my little "Roo". He then continued to say so after I came out Cami just stayed in your belly till I was 3! Ok Caleb its time for you to go to bed, I didn't want to get to deep into that conversation....if you know what I mean! He's 6 enough said ;)

I hope you have a wonderful day little man! Mommy, Daddy and Cameran are wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday We love you very very much!

Jen this is For Austin....Sorry its a little late!

Oh and tell him we are so proud of him going to Kindergarten! Girl cant believe you where brave enough putting him on a bus I know that must be really hard for you! Sending our best too you! Oh tell Ben & Connor hello too weird how they share their b-day with Cami and Austins is in the same week as Caleb's!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wonderful New Things!

OK again I apologize for taking so long on Camis update! Well let me 1st say that she has been Seizure Free for 5 months now! HOORAY! We are seeing improvements weekly, she is just so happy.

Well as I mentioned before we have been working on Pecs and let me just say that the girl is getting it. She just got mad one day a couple of weeks ago because she was so hungry, that she grabbed that picture card and pointed to it hard 3 times for I Want Bite! So she was rewarded with what she asked for! She has finally gotten use to the drink and eating pecs and uses them correctly for the most part(like when she is done she just wants to play and chew on them). So now we are introducing more pics for toys.
Signing- Is about the same, she does "more, done, play(sometimes). We are working on Thank you, Bath, My Turn, Choo Choo, Go and a few others. Sometimes it looks like she does it but its not consistent enough.
B-U-T she is doing Bye-Bye, occasionally she will wave, but her sign for it is blowing kisses....well she kisses her hand but doesn't know how to blow it away! Funny story the other day was that I had her at her new OT's and Cami was getting mad she didn't want to work and she kept putting her hand to her mouth and her OT asked me what she was doing and I said she is telling you Bye! It was the cutest because she kept going to the door blowing her little kisses and trying to open the door...OK Mom I'm done here.....LOL!

Talking- The days vary she is still saying Dada, Bubba/Bye(not sure which one it is), Lots of squealing, laughing and a new thing is she likes to act like she is choking you know the fake cough...Drives me batty!!! She clicks her tongue says Hi sometimes. A new cute thing is she walks around taking quick deep breaths real fast then smiles and releases its hilarious!

Playing- This is where she has most improved. Cameran can now stack rings on a stacker! She has also started putting objects back in buckets where she pulled them out of. Like the pop beads she will pull them out and we will tell her to put them back and she will!

Sharing- Now she just started this skill this week we aren't really sure what she is doing but this is what she does. She will be playing with a toy bring it over to you and put it beside your head always up next your face and then taps you with it like she is telling you here you go. You take it and she just grins and I say thank you Cami for sharing with me and she just grins. Then she signs for more wanting it back so we are trying to get her to sign for my turn! We are getting there. We try to get her to do this with Caleb but she will not she just gets mad when I give him the toy she shared with me. She yanks it from him(like he does with her so she gets that honestly) and then gives it back to me. Such a little stinker but she has her ways of doing things and who knows what she is telling us.

Although she doesn't share her toys with him she would follow that boy anywhere! She loves to play chase and ball with Caleb. And he gets a big kick out of her reactions to the games.

Feeding- Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
OK well her eating is off and on. One day she is a great eater and the next day she will not touch anything....So stubborn! Well 2 weeks ago we approached spoon feeding herself. This has gone relatively well she does refuse it sometimes but at least she is trying. Right now we are trying puddings, yogurts, potatoes and oatmeal they stick to the spoon better. She has gotten really good at dipping the spoon into the foods and taking good bites. But don't let me fool you here, there have been times where she absolutely refused to touch that spoon and would just dig her hands into the food. We have not figured out if she is left or right handed yet neither hand favors over the other. Caleb is left handed but me and Jason are both righteys! So we will see with time I guess.

Weaning- Well the time has finally come...HOORAY! We started weaning her Keppra today. She is currently on 500mg a day so 250mg in am and pm! So we are to reduce the pill down a 125mg a week until its gone. Just keep her in your thoughts that this will be another successful wean. This will eventually just leave her with the Depakote alone.

Well that about sums it all up! I hope I covered it all but I know I always leave something out!
Heres a few pics that I took over the last week!