Sunday, June 03, 2007

Its been 8 Weeks.....

Since our Little Pooh Bear has had any seizures!
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Cameran is just doing fantastic! She is finally over that nasty viral thing and is back to her old self again & has picked up where she left off with her new sounds! Now she is straining that voice deep down and every once in awhile it will let out a very HIGH pitch squeel that startles her. She will jump and then look around like who or what in the world was that! Its sooo funny! No babbling yet but we are getting close we try to get her to say mama or dada and she'll open her mouth like she is going to but thats all we get is a wide open mouth!

Cameran is doing new things here and there so I wanted to share her new talents with you!
1. Following objects
-Outside we have this huge new disk/frisbee and she LOVES this thing. Well now when we throw it she looks up to follow it where as before she would just watch the ground for it or by the time it came down she had already lost intrest!

2. Noticing people
-Before she acted as if she was the only one in the room, now she wants to interact. Just this past weekend we where at a good friends house and they have a baby that is 2.5 months and Cami was very interested. Touching her feet, face, giving her hugs, she just couldnt get enough of her and baby Casey just loved Cami she would laugh everytime Cameran got near her! It was adorable and I was so extatic that she paid attention to her for so long! Her attention spand is getting bigger everyday.
Now if we can just get her to sit still for a longer period of time.

3. Sitting things down
-Another new thing that we have just noticed in the past 2 days is when she wants to climb up where I'm at but has a favortie toy in hand she will push it up onto the couch and then climb up with me before she would just drop it and come up. Today I sat in the living room floor to feed her breakfast and she came over sat her sippy cup straight up next to me and then sat down on the floor beside me waiting to eat! I was so excited......This might be small to some but to me this is HUGE milestone for Cameran!

4. Following Commands
I'll say "Cameran you want to go by" and she will walk door to door banging on it. And then saying "Do you want to go outside to play" and she will walk to the backdoor then back to me, "I'll say lets get your shoes on and she will walk with me to find them and then sit down in the floor and wait....So WAY TO GO Cami!
And this morning when I was done giving her a bath I said "All done lets get out" and she stood up held her arms out to me and smiled! Keep up the good work Cami!!

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Caleb and Cameran riding around in their Jeep yesterday! She did great sitting in it the whole time....Well she did as long as he kept it moving!


Lily Bean said...

Yay, Cami! Those are HUGE milestones! Excellent work!

JSmith5780 said...

Great job Cameran.

Note to mom- I think she'd love a baby sister!! Come on if I can do three you can!