Monday, June 25, 2007

School & Medicine Updates!

Well its hard for me to say but we had to bid our fair wells to Special Kids after being with them for a year and a half! I wasn't expecting things to move so fast after we got the news of the T.E.I.S. contract running out!
We will miss you guys tremendously!!! I know Cami has left an impression in your hearts just as large as you have in ours! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all that you did and all that you do for these little guys! We loved being apart of your family and feel blessed to have had you travel this road with us as we watched Cameran learn and discover new things! We will never forget you and of course we will always come by for a visit! Sending our Best your way!

I love you Katie and Stephanie!
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Cameran will be starting a new school this Thursday for her PT. We are still awaiting to hear about her OT appointments. They are trying to get those in our home since she seems to do better here!

Since we started weaning the Klonopin she is continuing to do new things everyday. Just yesterday we watched her climb all the way up a BIG slide BY HERSELF!!!! But the big thing is that when I was taking her outside she waited for me at the door I opened it she looked at me and I said go ahead she then continued to grab the rail and walked down the steps one at a time! It was perfect...She looked so BIG going down them herself! I don't know about her coming up them by herself since I can never get her in that direction she hates coming back inside so we have to carry her back in...What can I say the girl loves the outdoors!
But the weaning process is going well NO seizures! We just weaned it down another notch tonight so I hope and pray it continues to go well! It will be 12 weeks on Saturday of no seizures! Oh and one more thing she is really making alot of noises, tonight it even sounded as if words where trying to come thru and she is being very vocal.... So sing it baby girl, we are listening and waiting! I've herad lots of Ma's and Aww's, cant wait for Mrs. Susan to hear the improvements she has made in just a weeks time. Way to go Cami!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

6 Month Review

Cameran had her 6 month review on Tuesday where we learned she is making great progress in some ares! Cameran is 28 months old. Here are her reports.

Physical Development-Gross Motor
*Developmental Age in this area is 17-19 Months
~Her strengths- She can go up and down a slide with assistance. She can back into a small chair. She can squat during play.
~She needs to be able to Catch a ball, ride a tricycle and walk up and down stairs by holding onto the rail.

Fine Motor-
*Developmental Age she is at 11-13 Months
~Her Strengths- She can remove pegs from a pegboard, mark paper with a crayon and can invert a small container to obtain a tiny object
~She needs to be able to place one round peg in a pegboard, to scribble spontaneously and point with her index finger.

*Developmental Age she is at 13-15 months
~Her strengths- Cameran can sign "More" and "Play". She repeats sounds or gestures if laughed at(sometimes), She shows understanding of words by appropriate behavior or gesture
~She needs to say "no" meaningfully, to name one or two familiar objects and imitate environmental sounds.

*Developmental Age is 14-16 months
~Strengths- Cameran can use play dough and paints-with help, she can explore cabinets and drawers and can identify herself in the mirror.
~Needs to indicate two objects from a group of familiar objects, bring objects from another room on request and needs to match sounds to animals.

*Developmental Age is 18-20 Months
~Strenghts- Cameran enjoys solitary play for a few minutes, she hugs and kisses her parents and she displays dependent behavior.
~Needs to experiment with adult activities, needs to separate easily in familiar surroundings and to participate in circle games.

*Developmental Age 17-19 Months
~Strengths-Cameran can open a door by turning the knob, can unwrap food and plays with her food.
~Needs to sit on a potty chair with assistance, to distinguish between edible and inedible objects and needs to help with bathing herself.

This is the report from her Physical Therapist
Cameran has made moderate gross motor progress this past re certification period. She is ambulating independently, however she continues to demonstrate decreased safety awareness, evident by frequently falling over surface changes. Attempting to have Cameran propel a tricycle via pedaling, however she is not expressing interest in the activity. Also attempting ascending stairs with single HR, Which she is doing better at, however she still demonstrates great difficulty with descending with B HR.
The goals they are setting for her are
1.To be able walk a taped line with one foot on the line for 4 feet
2.Walk on even and uneven surfaces for 50' w/ no loss of balance
3.To be able to ambulate up an down 4-4" steps with 1 hand on wall/rail and 1HHA
4.Be able to navigate over & under various obstacles, visually attending to obstacles and appropriately traversing through obstacles
5. Visually attend to kick a ball 3 feet
6. Orient to and catch a large ball when thrown to her, independently.

Occupational Report:
Cameran is showing more interest in toys and is signing more to get more toys. She is consistently taking objects to her mouth or throwing the objects. She has pulled apart pop beads with her hands during 1 session but has not done it since then but will place in her mouth and then pull on the other one. Her attention to toys is improving with some maintaining for 30 seconds.
The goals set for Cameran are:
1. That she will demonstrate improved fine motor skills to grasp a toy with an open web space %50 of the time for 2/3 the sessions
2. Be able to demonstrate improved visual motor skill to turn 2 pages in a book with min assist 2/3 times
3. Demonstrate improved visual motor skills to place 1/3 objects into a container with min assistance.
4. Demonstrate improved visual motor skills to pull apart 2 pop beads with verbal cues 2/3 tries
5. Demonstrate improved play skills to play with a toy for 30 seconds with minimal verbal cues 5-% of the session


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Coming soon!

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Camerans 6 month review and 1 more group of pics from our vacation! Gosh that whole thing is taking longer than I thought! Also updates on how the weaning process is going and an update on Camis new school! Make sure to check back in within the next few days I'm just too pooped out to Blog anymore today!

Our Sickly Lil Pooh Bear

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We sure do get our fair share of illnesses around here. Seems like everytime I turn around one of my kids are sick or I am! Cami has really taken the most of it here lately. My husband rarely gets sick, so what are we doing wrong? We are avid hand washers as to where he thinks his pants leg will do! I never have understood how it works. Why one person that is out and around sick people all the time(both of his jobs) and here we are at home and not around people that often but stay sicker than he does! Guess I should start taking some vitamins.
Cami must have a low immune because this girl has done nothing but stay sick this year! She takes the flintstone viatmins everday because she hasnt been drinking hardly any milk since before the whole diet thing but I really dont think they help keep her well! Odd thing is that she never had a temp or cold until she was 1 years old! So I guess she is making up for it!
This virus has her wiped out but thankfully it is nothing like her last one those temps where scary. This one is the stomach bug and she has had both ends of it, No temps. This virus has been running its course for almost a week now. It started with her not wanting to eat and drink guess it should have been sure signs of something coming in. My poor baby girl!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Sweetest!

This is the sweetest video! My sister just sent this to me through an e-mail and I had to share. This little girl has an amazing voice I was in tears. She was singing one of my favorite songs! Check it out!

Cami News
SO far the weaning is going ok. We started it this am so we had all day to watch her! As far as the not eating and drinking I took her to the Ped and he said its just a faze she is going through! He said she looked a little dehydrated but nothing to be concerend over. So today when she got up she has a stomach bug that has kicked in full force. So i'm guessing this is probably whats been going on! My poor baby could she please get some relief!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Weaning Klonopin!

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We got approval from the Neuro today to start weaning Cami off the Klonopin! It will take 1 month for this process. If things go well he says we can move on to the Keppra just leaving us with the Depakote! I'm so excited to get her off this one, remember we tried to remove it back in January and she had a really bad seizure withdrawl so we had to add it back. We are hoping this will not reoccur! He is anxious to get her off it since it can hold back her thinking. Maybe my baby will start progressing a little faster with it gone! We'll start the wean tonight. I have a call into the Ped about her not eating and drinking I'll let you know as soon as I find out something!

I have 2 more vacation post to go so check back soon for more photos!

R/R Wednesday Vacation

Here is the 2ND half of our Vacation day last Wednesday!
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We took the kids on a train ride that is 6 miles long and goes through an historic tunnel and over bridges. It was super cool and by all the Pictures you can see my Little man was super excited. He kept doing the ChooChoo and hand movements of the wheels turning, it was hilarious! This was his 2ND Train ride and Chi and Camis 1st time! Cameran slept the whole 1st round of it and then when you stop for them to turn the train around on the turntable she woke up! She too loved it you will see them all with their heads hanging out the windows watching everything pass by!

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What a great ride! We'll have to do it again, maybe we can swing by when they do their Polar Express ride for Christmas!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!
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Goodness hard to believe it has been 9 years since we have been married. Even harder to think that we have been together for 12 years. I was 15 years old when I met Jason and he was 16. Just little pups him and I, We married on June 13, 1998 at the young ages of 18 and 19. Then 2 years later came along Caleb and 2.5 years after that Cami! We are truly blessed with a wonderful family!

Our Wedding photo. I was taking a picture of it and when I uploaded it I noticed the kids picture in the background of it! It was reflecting from the opposite wall. How awesome is that!

Fall of 2000

For our Anniversary we decided to take the family to Chattanooga or "ShaaaGanooooga" as Caleb calls it. We took up the Aquarium and the Tennessee Valley train ride. What an exciting day we had planned! I'm posting our vacation backwards here sorry if its confusing anyone!

Wednesdat morning we got up and headed out at 6am for the 2 hour drive to Chattanooga. I thought the kids would be pooped out from all the excitment from the previous day but that wasnt the case. They really took in all the sights and couldnt wait to start our daily activites!

Chattanooga Aquarium

1st stop of the day the Aquarium!

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Chi petting the sharks!

This was the neatest thing. You walk in with all these butterflys flying around you. You could let them land on you but you couldnt touch them, specially their wings because it would kill them. They were all just gorgeous, and you should have seen my baby girl she was being very observant watching them fly around her. This turned out to be a good motor class for her!
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My Favorites of the day where absolutely hands down the PENGUINS! They where adorable! Make sure you click on these photos to enlarge on how sweet they where. They would come right up to the glass and look right at you! It melted my heart!

Penguin Love, Hugs & Kisses!

Well there is my FAVORITE pics of the Aquarium! I took about 200 pics but I'm sure you have all seen fish and sharks. I just wanted to share my sweetest pics. This only covers half our day I will try to post some of the Train pics tomorrow. Blogger is moving way slow tonight and it is past midnight already!
My baby girl has been acting strange the past few days of not wanting to eat or drink she is only taking in about 4 ounces of fluid a day for about 4 days now but ever since she had that virus she has NOT been drinking more than 10 ounces a day! Food is a struggle she spits it all out! I'll be calling into the Peds office tomorrow~! Still Seizure Free!