Monday, October 29, 2007

Bad Moods

Well lets just say this has Cameran written all over it! Her moods are all over the place and every week we get something new added to the drama. Lots of screaming squealing and fits. I really dont know what has gotten into her!!!!! If she is playing don't dare step in because she takes it as if you are gonna take something from her. Oh and to add to the problems if she doesn't get her way she automatically strips our of her clothes and diaper.

We went out Friday evening to our new Macaroni Grill for the 1st time. Well the setting was nice. Well Cami decided to bring out her bad side upon arrival. At first it was ok her norm trying to pull off the table cloths, fussing for food and drink. We got bread it kept her quite till she was done and then all fell apart when our food arrived. Obviously we couldn't get the food to her fast enough so she thought she would let the whole restaurant know with a very high pitched squeal. So I cover her mouth quickly only to my finding that made her mad. My mistake. Lets just say we had the waitress pack up our food to take home. We have never been so embarrassed and also it was a first she has never done this. Well her acting out didn't end there because we had another stop to make.

We headed to the book store looking for a RV book brave I know after what had just happened. Well we got in there Cami happy and calm from her last mood and she is in her favorite stroller. Well Caleb is wanting to look at the kids books and automatically come upon a weather book his favorite...He's our future Weather Man! Anywho I go to the computer there in the kids section looking for Jenny McCarthys book and I look down and Cameran has a really big book in hand and I lean down and say lightly "no, no Cami" to which she responds AHHHHHH and rips like 6 pages down through the book. I grab her hand and try to pry it from her little hands. While she manages to rip corner pieces off of it! Well I'm trying to calm her but its not working...Then comes my hubby across the store knowing it is our daughter pitching the fit. He picks her up out of the stroller to quite her well it didn't work. So I quickly find a soft book to which she throws in the floor and screams even louder so I'm scrounging to find one to her likings and come upon one with ribbons and such which makes her happy enough for us to pay for it and the other she has damaged plus our pickings and head for home! Ok so lesson learned never take a moody no napping child out to public EVER AGAIN!!!!!

So are these just terrible two moods she is showing or a possible peek of Autism? Any thoughts?

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Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I think a lot of our IS kids display signs of autism due to their developmental delays especially with communication skills. Sophie just met with a developmental pediatrician in which she thinks Sophie falls on the autism spectrum but does not think Sophie has autism. Anyway, we have a follow-up appointment just for an autism evaluation. I am going to look into ABA therapy for Sophie through EI. Our developmental pediatrician thinks that ABA therapy is beneficial whether or not the child has autism. It has to be so frustrating to know what you want but not be able to communicate it. Hopefully as Cameran is able to communicate better, you will see less of this behavior.


JSmith5780 said...

I completely agree with Elaine. She is two and can't verbally communicate. It's tough though. I remember going through it with Austin. It gets better! I promise!!