Friday, October 12, 2007

How to.....

Potty Train a Special Needs Child?
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Does anyone know what to do in this area? Cami is showing signs of being ready but has no idea what I'm doing when I put her on the pottty! She just laughs at me! But she will not keep her diaper on. We are going through diapers because she rips them off. So I put her in overalls so she couldnt pull her pants down well she found a way around that too and pulled her diaper through the bottom of her pants. So frusterating.....Do you think this is signs of being ready? When we come out of the bathroom she will dart in there and pat the potty so we put her on it but again no intrest. I really dont think she understands the Potty time! So what can I do to keep this girls diapers on.....Besides Pull-ups cause those dont stay on either they come straight down with the pants when she starts stripping out of her clothes! Uggghhhhh!

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JSmith5780 said...

When you figure it out will you let me know?? Austin was 4.5 before he was fully trained. Ben at 3.5 can use the potty when HE wants...not when WE want. Conno has ZERO interest, but at least he leaves his diaper on. My only though would be to switch to cloth diapers that pin. Two benefits, she can't get them off and maybe she'll hate it and figure out what to do on the potty. I know, there is nothing helpful here...SORRY!