Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Camping World....

Here we come!
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We are so excited about our new camper! We have been looking for a while now and decided on what brand we wanted then it was just a matter of finding one at the right price. We strolled upon this one and new it was a winner! We checked it over several times on Saturday and made our decision. So Monday at lucnh time we went down and picked it up and now here we sit Proud Camper owners.

It's a 2002 Starcraft Hybrid in perfect condition. The ends pop out making into double beds and the whole side slides out making it more roomy. It sleeps 8 it has a stove, oven, microwave, sink, fridge, freezer, heat, air, bathroom with tub/shower, grill, radio, outside shower hose and it has lots of storage!

We are anxiously awaiting our first outing in it which will be the first weekend in November. Caleb was ready to camp out in it Monday night and wanted me to cook our supper in it so we could eat out there in it. Then last night he made the comment Mommy are we gonna sleep in it tonight? I said no its a school night. His response was well why did we buy it if we aint gonna use it! I said because we have a house to stay in when we are at home and we only sleep in this thing when you go camping away from home......Ohhhhh he says! Guess we will just have to sleep in it one night this weekend to tide him over :)

Cami loves this thing she was the main reason we wanted something bigger than just a pop-up! She is quite the little handful, you cant just put her down outside and expect her to stay beside you or follow directions. Because as soon as her little feet hit the ground she is gone the girl has NO safety awarness. So with this camper it has a screen door so if she wants to run around while we set up or visit we can stick her in and let her go wild. I think we are gonna try to bring her circled gate so she can have outside time as well while we are just relaxing. RELAXING is the BIG keyword! Cant wait for the day when we can just let her go and not constantly stay on her heels!!!!

I think this is gonna be a great thing for us more one on one with the whole family and even friends! Check out the pictures in the slideshow or its faster if you click the button below it that says view all images!

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