Monday, October 08, 2007

October update

So glad its finally

Now if we could just please have the fall temps!
This is my favorite month of the year maybe its because its my Birthday month who knows. Not that I look forward to getting any older and believe me Caleb has not let me forget this coming up date at all. He has it circled on his calender with a sad face and says its a sad day because you are getting old.....Thanks alot Bubby!

But it's just so hard to believe how fast this year is going by. Seems like yesterday that Cameran had her first seizure free day and now here she is 1 week shy of being free of them for 6 months!!!!!!! She is doing fantastic! Learning new things everyday, its the cutest seeing her expressions when she discovers how a toy works! We've also been hearing lots of new sounds....Loliloliloli, Sssssssss, Wawawawa, Byabya, Doydoy(sounds like toy), high pitched squeals and lots of cute laughs!
Some other new things is bringing things to you when she needs help. Like turning a toy on. And the other day she brought me her sippy cup and shook it at me and said Aaaaaa loudly getting my attention! Sure enough it was empty and she was wanting more! I was almost in tears, I love seeing her work and concentrate on 1 particular thing. She doesn't seem so everywhere all the time.
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Last week we took a trip to my mom and sisters in Louisiana and we where kinda of stressing a little.
-1 this was her 1st trip since being seizure free and not so heavily medicated so she is more aware of things.....Like a 10.5 hour drive! But she did great.
- 2 was that the last time that we where down there we didn't get to visit much because you could not take your eyes off of her for one second. She was everywhere, cabinets, breakables and such. This time around she played with the toys and her cousins.....It was a wonderful get away even though it only lasted 5 days. Miss you guys already and thank you Angie and Sol for getting the camper so we had our own little spot it was really nice and now we have to go by one....Thanks!

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My adorable nieces Cheyenne(10yrs) and her sister Nati(10.5 months)
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JSmith5780 said...

OK- this is unreal...when is your birthday? Cami and Ben & Connor share a birthday, Austin & Caleb are close in b-days and now I find out you and I have Oct b-days. Really weird! When is Jason's b-day?

Anyway, glad to hear the kids are well and you had a great trip south!