Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Some new things!

Ok well I'm way behind and have lots to update everyone on!

First things first and that is her current med. Cami had blood draws for this a few weeks back and I got the results back. Her Depakote level was 130 its suppose to be around 100 so it was elevated. So they took immediate precautions and took her off 1 pill leaving her on 125mg 3x's daily instead of 4 a day. We are watching for any unusual behavior/seizures! So far nothing during the day but at night we are seeing some questionable stuff. Lots of jumping like she use to do when she had seizures in her sleep. BUT we have been noticing this behavior before the wean down, about a week ago is when is started. They are wanting to do a sleep study on her but not until after her Autism test and MRI. The Autism test is on the 7th and 19th of this month and the MRI is set for Jan. 3rd. So not to long to go. Until then I have a call into the Neuro about her sleeping issues. Which right now its terrible! She stays in such a light sleep all night tosses and turns whines....She just isn't getting the sleep she needs. Neither is Mom and Dad!!!!!

~On a more positive note! Cameran is really moving forward this past week. Let me sum it up in a nut shell! The past few weeks its like a door has opened up for her. I've been trying to teach her a new sign every week and she is finally catching on to it. The only thing is she want do her hands for the sign she comes over to me and signs my hands for what she wants. Which is still fantastic, she is communicating with us! Her new signs are "Open" and "On" and man does she use both alot!!!!!!
~Next is that my baby girl has been practicing and practicing on her jumping and I'm happy to say she finally got it on Sunday! She is now a great little jumper its the cutest! She gets a little caught up in it and starts squatting alot trying to remember how you do it and then she'll smile and hop up and start jumping again...We love it!
~This next one has been a working process but this past week she has really mastered the skill of throwing a ball. And cute thing is at PT they will put the ball in her hand and guiding her hand up and down they will count 1, 2. 3 and on 3 they throw it. Well yesterday she was coming to me with her ball in her hand hold it in the air then she would move my arm for 1,2,3 and then she would toss the ball that she had in her hand. It was the funniest thing!
~Babbling, oh my goodness what a little babler queen she has become lots of new sounds all the time. Still saying mamamamam, dadadadadada, bubububububu, today it was nananananana lots of growling and high pitched squeals as well.
~Mimic...THis she has just started within the past few days....She likes to smack her lips and then waits for you to do it back so she can do it again. She also coughs if she hears you do it. And then lastly the cutest is clapping her hands she will only do it if you do it. Funny thing is that when she started doing it was while we where watching Wheel of Fortune and every time the audience cheered she did the same and giggled! Its just the sweetest thing imaginable.

Well that's about it for now. I've been super busy with Cameran and Caleb. We are gearing up for the Holidays and trying to keep them well on top of that. Thankfully neither have been sick again since the Merry go round of Bronchitis and Viruses!!!!!

OK one more thing, if you see to your left I have put up a Tree and a Mistle Toe...Just for fun so join in and leave them a gift and some smooches!

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Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Wow - that seems really high for only being on 500mg per day. Was her blood tested first thing in the morning before she took her morning dose? Sophie just had her blood level checked for Depakote and it was 61 with her being on 375mg per day. Anyway, glad to read that her development is really taking off. It sounds like she is doing the most adorable things. It must be so fun to watch!!!