Monday, September 10, 2007

Wonderful New Things!

OK again I apologize for taking so long on Camis update! Well let me 1st say that she has been Seizure Free for 5 months now! HOORAY! We are seeing improvements weekly, she is just so happy.

Well as I mentioned before we have been working on Pecs and let me just say that the girl is getting it. She just got mad one day a couple of weeks ago because she was so hungry, that she grabbed that picture card and pointed to it hard 3 times for I Want Bite! So she was rewarded with what she asked for! She has finally gotten use to the drink and eating pecs and uses them correctly for the most part(like when she is done she just wants to play and chew on them). So now we are introducing more pics for toys.
Signing- Is about the same, she does "more, done, play(sometimes). We are working on Thank you, Bath, My Turn, Choo Choo, Go and a few others. Sometimes it looks like she does it but its not consistent enough.
B-U-T she is doing Bye-Bye, occasionally she will wave, but her sign for it is blowing kisses....well she kisses her hand but doesn't know how to blow it away! Funny story the other day was that I had her at her new OT's and Cami was getting mad she didn't want to work and she kept putting her hand to her mouth and her OT asked me what she was doing and I said she is telling you Bye! It was the cutest because she kept going to the door blowing her little kisses and trying to open the door...OK Mom I'm done here.....LOL!

Talking- The days vary she is still saying Dada, Bubba/Bye(not sure which one it is), Lots of squealing, laughing and a new thing is she likes to act like she is choking you know the fake cough...Drives me batty!!! She clicks her tongue says Hi sometimes. A new cute thing is she walks around taking quick deep breaths real fast then smiles and releases its hilarious!

Playing- This is where she has most improved. Cameran can now stack rings on a stacker! She has also started putting objects back in buckets where she pulled them out of. Like the pop beads she will pull them out and we will tell her to put them back and she will!

Sharing- Now she just started this skill this week we aren't really sure what she is doing but this is what she does. She will be playing with a toy bring it over to you and put it beside your head always up next your face and then taps you with it like she is telling you here you go. You take it and she just grins and I say thank you Cami for sharing with me and she just grins. Then she signs for more wanting it back so we are trying to get her to sign for my turn! We are getting there. We try to get her to do this with Caleb but she will not she just gets mad when I give him the toy she shared with me. She yanks it from him(like he does with her so she gets that honestly) and then gives it back to me. Such a little stinker but she has her ways of doing things and who knows what she is telling us.

Although she doesn't share her toys with him she would follow that boy anywhere! She loves to play chase and ball with Caleb. And he gets a big kick out of her reactions to the games.

Feeding- Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
OK well her eating is off and on. One day she is a great eater and the next day she will not touch anything....So stubborn! Well 2 weeks ago we approached spoon feeding herself. This has gone relatively well she does refuse it sometimes but at least she is trying. Right now we are trying puddings, yogurts, potatoes and oatmeal they stick to the spoon better. She has gotten really good at dipping the spoon into the foods and taking good bites. But don't let me fool you here, there have been times where she absolutely refused to touch that spoon and would just dig her hands into the food. We have not figured out if she is left or right handed yet neither hand favors over the other. Caleb is left handed but me and Jason are both righteys! So we will see with time I guess.

Weaning- Well the time has finally come...HOORAY! We started weaning her Keppra today. She is currently on 500mg a day so 250mg in am and pm! So we are to reduce the pill down a 125mg a week until its gone. Just keep her in your thoughts that this will be another successful wean. This will eventually just leave her with the Depakote alone.

Well that about sums it all up! I hope I covered it all but I know I always leave something out!
Heres a few pics that I took over the last week!

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