Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Camis Friday appt

Well all in all it was a great follow up at the Neurologist! He couldn't get over how great she looked. We are still waiting on her blood results for her Depakote levels. They also have set up her another MRI it should be in the next few months haven't got the exact date yet. But he doesn't think we should worry, since the lesion is in her cerebellum, he said if it was growing in size her balance would get way off a sure sign of growth. So no problems there because her balance has really improved alot. One other thing we discussed was her sleeping issues, she tosses and turns and wakes alot during the night so he is wanting to do a sleep study on her early next year and possibly put her on a sleeping med to help her get some much needed rest. The way he talked in my describing her sleeping pattern he thinks she is staying in a the light sleep and not the deep sleep. So we will see.

On another note.....We have had a doosie of the cold season already. The kids seem to be staying sick. Cami started running temp last Monday so we took her to the Dr where we found out she had Bronchitis. They gave her Antibiotics and it cleared out of here fast. Then that Thursday I was at Calebs school visiting for their Turkey day dinner and decided to spend the rest of the day out with him and he was just happy go lucky. Then it ended he got sick at school threw up everywhere. Yes you named it a virus....2 days later Cami gets it. That leads us to this week Caleb woke up at 1:30 this morning saying his belly hurt got sick then said his head was hurting really bad so I felt it sure enough he had temp. So I checked it and it was 102.6. So I gave him Motrin sent him back to bed he woke up again saying his head hurt another temp of 102.6 so I took him in to the Dr. today and sure enough he now has Bronchitis. I tell you its like a never ending cycle of sickness. The nurse there said the Dr wants to do a follow up next week and all I can think of is what in the world we are gonna pick up when we go back! Ugggghhhhh I really hate this time of year....Don't get me wrong I love the Holidays I just hate what this season brings! My poor baby's! Hopefully Caleb will be good to go come Saturday for our family gathering! All I can say is Thank goodness he is out of school and has plenty of time to rest!

Hope everyone else is staying well! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!


JSmith5780 said...

Hope everyone is feeling better!

JSmith5780 said...

I hope the med increase goes okay!! Keep m posted.