Sunday, February 03, 2008

Quick update!

Sorry dont have much time to update! Cami is very sick right now with the Flu and temps reaching 105 took her to the Dr today he said it will last 4-5 days! He put her on Tamiflu, So much for her classes this week, its her last week with Early Intervention, we'll miss all her wonderful teachers!
We also had to make a Dr visit for Caleb on Friday for his little hands that look horrible. He had red hands then it turned into dry patches that started to split all along his knuckles, wrists and inbeteewn his fingers. Looked like he was burned. Dr gave us a RX for hydrocortisone 3xs daily and Eucerion and Aquaphor for Excema and chapped hands. He has to wear gloves until its healed.

The bed is still being processed no more news as of yet we were instructed to give it 15 days.

And last but not least if you noticed the tag at the top of her page in the right corner than you guessed it! Our Big girl will be starting the Special Needs Preschool come next week. We got the warm fuzzies from her teacher! Mommy is very nervous but Cami did great in the observation!

I'll update more when I can!

Love you baby girl, we hope you feel better for your big day!

And to Cami's New York buddies Ben and Connor who share my special day with me!

Have a good one! Muah!

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