Thursday, February 07, 2008

Get well...

I've got to get these kids better. I have lysoled this house down and cloroxed wiped every toy and opened up all the windows this past Monday and Tuesday to air out all the germs...So thank goodness for a few warm days! Hopefully it worked!
Cameran is feeling much better and is over the flu, learned that she picked it up at her Preschool last week during her Observation some of the teachers in that room had it and kids.....ICK! But welcome to the world of school, we experience that enough with Caleb. Who speaking of has been out of school since Tuesday. We thought he had the chicken pox he has some real bad bumps on his bottom. Turned out to be Perianal Strep/Impetigo....uggghhhh! We have no idea where he picked that up at probably from the schools toilet or something! He is on an antibiotic for 10 days, it is very contageious but only if you rub up against it(which no one should be doing) its like a form of staff. But anyhow I have kept him out of school so it doesnt get passed through toilet sitting and such. Oh and lets not forget the lovely med that he is on for it, it makes him sick to his stomach. So every time he gets the med he is running to the bathroom! Could I have any sicker kids???? I'm telling you this is ridiculous. You know what makes me really mad is that parents send their kids to school like this. I know you gotta work but look how many people are put out because of one child. I've heard of a parent who doeses her children up with Tylenol for their temp sends them to school, hoping it gets them through half the day so she doesnt have to take off work all day! Thats just horrible, come on people they are contageious if they are running a temp and up to 24 hours after a temp. Its unbelievable how packed the Dr.s office has been and its careless parents like that of why this is such an outbreak of flu and viruses right now! They just need to shut schools down for a week to flush out all those germs. I'm really hating that I have to take Cami for her 3 year check-up tomorrow fearing we will come out with yet another illness. But with her starting school Monday I guess it makes no difference she is gonna get it there if not from the Doctors office!
Sorry just venting, I'm tired of having sick kids all the time!!!!!
We have been to the Dr 3 times in less than a week. For the Flu-Cami, And Calebs hands and now his bottom and then tomorrow will make 4 visits but thankfully its just a chek-up!
Oh and Calebs hands are much better they are still dry but the bright redness and open wounds are gone. Here are some pics of his hands:



Caleb praying his hands soon get better. Poor little guy says it burns everytime he gets water on them. They gave us Hydrcotisone to put on it 3 times daily and Eucerin and Aquaphor for other times during the day. He had to wear gloves over his hands to keep them moist!

Heres a picture of our sick babies piled on their daddys lap and our dog Daisy is squeezed in there too! I love this picture!

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JSmith5780 said...

Daisy is SO cute!

Warm, it's warm there??? I am SO jealous! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!