Monday, February 18, 2008

Ready to kick sick in the butt.....

Here we go again Cami is sick again. She woke up Saturday morning the day of her Birthday party running a temp of 102.5. So her party had to be cancelled :(
I took her to the Dr that morning and found out that she had Strep......Ahhhhhh! Can you hear me scream, this is ridiculous! My kids have been so sick this winter and I have no idea why! Why are they catching everything that is going around?

The Dr thought she had the flu and strep but only the strep came back positive....I was relieved but still as he said they both make you feel crumby so atleast she didnt have to deal with both! But man I have never had to cancel a party before and here we where stuck with a cake that feeds 50! I was happy that my mom had made it up to visit so atleast we had a small party....LOL! I'm not even going to attempt a rescheduled party because as sick as my 2 have been the chances of another illness on that day are pretty high! And one of those illnesses probably already got picked up at that Pediatricians office when I took her. There where probably 50 people in there all with the same miserable looking kids as Cami on a Saturday!!!

Cami is on Amoxocillin and is still running the hi temp and she is still refusing food but is atleast drinking! Of course this is all making her sleep at night that much worse. My poor little Cami, Mommy hopes you get to feeling better soon!

I did take a few pics of her "Small" party so enjoy!




Caleb riding beside his sister, showing her the ropes of riding a bike!

We got this for Cami in hopes we could teach her how to ride it will also be some great coordination for her. It has a seat strap now we just need to get some velcro to strap her feet down she doesnt understand to pull her feet up, but with practice she will get it.

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JSmith5780 said...

That's a LOT of cake for one family :)

Sorry to hear everyone is still sick. Get those windows open and air the germs out!