Tuesday, February 12, 2008

1st Day of School

What a BIG girl! Cami had a great 1st day at preschool! When I took her in I was so nervous but everyone was so nice. I put her things in her cubby and the teacher walked her over and had Cami pull the 1st pic down of the day and thats the potty and she happily walked along with the teacher to the potty and the teacher waved goodbye and said we will see you at 12:30! I walked out and barely made it outside before the tears came running! My baby girl was all grown up and I didnt even get to give her hugs and kisses and she could have cared less, she was happy! Did I mention she is the only girl in the class they have a room full of boys 7 of them, Daddy is gonna have to keep his eye out on that situation....LOL!
It took me 15 minutes to pull myself together in the parking lot and dried it up and headed over to Calebs school to Volunteer, which is right down the road maybe 5 minutes if at that so its great! I needed something to take her being gone off my mind and it worked because Caleb's teacher was swammped with a new student, Valentine makings and such but I kept finding myself looking at the clock and checking my cell making sure I didnt miss anything! I guess it will get easier I just missed her tons!

Well at pick-up time I was of course the 1st mom inside waiting outside her room. Then out they came and Cami had the biggest smile on her face to greet me. Her teacher said she had a GREAT day! Hooray Cami!!!! She said well I took some pics so you could see(thats my kind of teacher) there she was all smiles in the sitting area and then in the painting area painting up a storm. It was the sweetest. She said that she was hand painting and had finished the page so they took it from her and she screamed so they gave her another, they said she really enjoyed it. And by the looks of her clothes I would say so she was a mess! But as long as she had fun thats all that matters. They said she also worked best if they put her in her booster seat, she knew then it meant work time. I'm so proud of her!

And I tell you the good things didnt stop there. I was in the restroom which of course is never alone if you have kids you know what I mean. Anyhow Cami was showing intrest so I asked her if she needed to go potty and she walked over to the potty and raised the lid.....Blew my mind. So I sat her up there and she made the biggest grunting sound and then looked up at me and gave me the hugest sweetest grin like all done! Of course she didnt do anything but she tried. Then I got her up and thought I would ask her if she could flush it and YES my smarty reached over and pushed down the handle then bent over and pulled up her own pants. Ok people no way is the Preschool that dang good....Come on! I couldnt believe this, I mean I have tried the potty many of times with her with no luck. But of course last night we are getting her ready for a bath put her up on the potty she doesnt go we get her down and she squats and pees in the floor! So my question of the day is, Does she understand or not?

Heres a picture of Cami right before I took her to school! I didnt get any of her after that because I was by myself and had to carry her, her backpack, her lunch box, her booster seat and a bag full of class supplies! So a little sad about that so hopefully her teacher will be able to share her pics with me! But here is my BIG girl all ready for her 1st day!




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JSmith5780 said...

Peer pressure is a GREAT thing when it comes to the potty. And it appears the school is going to help alot. Whether she goes or not, keep starting her pre-school day with it and keep doing it at home. Eventually she will "accidentally" pee and she'll get the connection. I say this, but we still haven't gotten Connor trained. My aunt had him sitting the other day and he kept yelling at his pee because it was "broken" and wouldn't come out! too cute!

So glad she had a great first day. You'll get more used to it!