Monday, February 25, 2008


That's all we can do with the whole bed situation. We have fought and fought over this issue but the insurance will not budge. My thoughts are this, How can you send a company a letter of approval allowing them to order the bed but in that same letter say at the bottom it does not guarantee payment. Why even give the approval if you don't intend on paying. My frustration doesn't end with the insurance company and yes I am going to name drop its Holland Medical and never again will I do business with them again! How can they allow someone to deliver a bed to us knowing that in fact it had not been approved but lead us to believe it is and that is for an intire year of not knowing any different...That is just dirty business! We are going to do our best to win this thing. But honestly I don't know what else we can do. We have had our Neuro call and talk with the insurance and they still will not budge! What is the deal?
Holland Medical called Friday with an offer and that is for us to pay what the insurance would pay but still that is $3,741.00 thats a $1600.00 discount.

So my question to you all is would you pay it or would you seek out a lawyer? Any suggestions welcome! I know what I really want to do and that's to tell Holland tough luck and for them to take it up with the insurance for it because I really don't think we are at fault here!



Dawson said...

What a pickle. We hate to see you guys in that situation. Keep your chin up and KEEP FIGHING! We are praying for you daily

JSmith5780 said...

You HAVE to fight.

I think you should try and find a lawyer. Contact the Epilepsy Foundation and see if they have contacts for a lawyer in your general area.
In the upper left corner you can enter your zip and finfd the closest office.

Good luck!