Monday, January 28, 2008

Latest on Bed & Observation....

We rescheduled Camerans preschool Observation for this Wednesday. So I will update about that later this week.

As far as the bed goes I feel like we are making progress but not before I lost it with the Medical Company. I spent all day Friday on the phone with them and insurance trying to get to the bottom of this. At first they told me they cant even order the bed without an approval from the insurance then I have another person telling me they can. I felt like I was getting no where. Then to top it off the City calls me and tells me that they(MC) said I had signed a piece of paper stating that if the insurance didn't cover the bed I would pay for it. I had no memory of signing any papers from them. So I requested it to be faxed. Well there it was me in dis-belief my signature at the bottom of the page with a guy witness. Hummmm I thought the only papers I could think of that I signed that had anything to do with the bed was the delivery papers. Gotcha!!!!! Sneaky rats! I feel like we where misled here I was signing for a delivery and in all actuality I was signing something that I thought was already paid for but would later be charged for!
So first thing this morning I got back on the phone with Insurance again, where I confronted them about their approval letter. As states here: 1 Canopy bed being approved for an order between 1/17/07 to 3/31/07 but states at the bottom that it does not guarantee payment! WHAT? I said how can you approve the bed and let them order it but not pay for it...I'm confused! The woman says I don't know I see where they approved it and then says oh the note here states they needed the Letter of Medical Necessity(which they got). Then she says wait they cant even give approval if they don't see the letter of necessity so they had to have seen it for approval! THANK YOU......awwww I can breath now! My goodness people come on give me a break here! Well she has sent this claim off for an Urgent Review so 15 days.
In the mean time I sent our Neuro an e-mail requesting he call the insurance physician for us and to help out any way possible. He is so wonderful because not long after my e-mail I already had one back from him letting me know he had just spoke with them! He said they approved! So we will see what happens next.....Fingers crossed!

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Jacobs said...

Hi. My name is Josh Jacobs. I came across Cameran's website as I was doing research on Infantile Spasm Syndrome. Unfortunately my daughter Allie was diagnosed with this syndrome at 4 months. She is now 9 months and seems to be doing pretty well. I recently talked a mentor/friend of mine who had a daughter that was severly impaired. One bit of advice that he gave me is that if your ever are having problems with your insurance company covering any of the bills for your child, contact your state senator. Write them, call them and let them know your situation. He said it was amazing how fast his insurance company would change their minds about coverage once he involved the politicians. I wanted to recommend this to you as I really think this could help your situation. Best wishes to you, Cameran and the rest of your family.