Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Look what I can do.....


I think a window has really opened up for Cameran, seems as though she is picking up new things daily. I've never been so proud of her and I love love being able to request something and she actually do it. What can she do? Well she is now waving bye-bye consistently, if you say NoNoNo to her she will shake her head no real fast its hilarious! Also she will repeat some sounds back, if you say Rub rub she will rub her hands together, if you ask her if she wants a bath she walks to the bathroom door. Tell her diaper change and she will walk to her room and lay on her bed and wait. Tell her time to eat she climbs up in her chair and tries to buckle herself. Tell her take it to Mama or Daddy or ask her where Caleb is and she goes on a hunt! And lastly she is learning clean up time. If I start to sing that song she will wait to see what I do then she will pick up toys and drop them in the bucket and waits for a praise. But you gotta be fast because once all the toys are put up she wants to dump them out and sit in the tub.

At school yesterday Her teacher told me she showed intrest to one of the other kids in the room. Cameran typically thinks she is the only one in the room stumbling on top of the others paying them no attention. Well yesterday her teachers said at lunch time one of the little boys put a orange in his mouth like it was teeth and smiled at Cami. They said she let out the biggest belly laugh and kept on searching for him to do it more! Just melt my heart would ya! I love stories like that! She is really doing great up there and seems to really like it. In fact if she sees me packing her lunch box she gets so excited and waits by the garage door. Once its made she knows we leave so she insits on carrying her on bags. We get tot he school and she is overwhelmed with excitement kicking those feet trying to get out of her seat. I get her out and I can barely get her backpack on her and she is trying to run, skip and pull me to the front. They must really work her because we get home and that girl is out! Poor thing only gets an hour nap though because then we are off to pick Caleb up from school.

They have been working on Sensory stuff with her, so she has been playing in rice and beans and she really seems to enjoy it. Normally she tries to put it in her mouth but they said on Fridays try she didn't! So proud of my girl! Now if we can just conquer her sleep issues we would be good to go!

These things might seem small to some but its actually HUGE for Cameran and I just love her participation.

Here she is on Valentines Day ready for school!


Oh and a neat affect to their snow picture that a friend made me!



Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

It's great to hear that Cameran is doing so well in school. Isn't it amazing that what may seem so ordinary for other parents is so extraordinary for us. I love the way I appreciate what might seem to be the simpliest things that Sophie does. Way to go Cameran - keep up all the new learning!!!

Dawson said...

Praise God for her progress. We are so happy for her and you. Isn't it amazing that we pay so close attention to what others take advantage of so easily. She is such a beautiful girl and I know you are proud of her

JSmith5780 said...

Go Cami...sucha big girl making all this progress!

Love the picture. Do you know what program your friend used??