Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Stubborn Teeth.....

Photobucket We are at a losing battle with Calebs loose teeth. His 2 bottom middle teeth have been loose since December 14th and they have yet to fall out. These are his 1st loose teeth!
We have tried so many techniques to get them out and they will not budge. I see so many kids at his school come in on a Friday and say look at my loose tooth and by Monday its gone! All I have to say is that he must have some really strong roots or long ones. We work on it every night and still come up empty handed and he is growing anxious everyday. His permanent teeth recently popped through behind both baby teeth so I called the Dentist and he has an appointment for Thursday. Now you know it couldn't be that simple as just going in and them pull it. Well our insurance only covers their every 6 month cleaning/check-ups or surgerys so we have to pay! I'm going to tell you right now that one day I'm going to be a Dentist! They charge $107.00 to pull the tooth and its $31.00 for the Snoopy mask you know to numb it up! I'm thinking the tooth fairy might not see a tooth because I would have already shelled out 138.00 for it! Is that not ridiculous its a tooth, man if the parents got that much money every time we pull one we would be sitting pretty!

He has a 1st grade American History Program that same evening so I'm sure the video will be adorable of his some what snaggle tooth grin. Man I cant wait to have those things out, I just hope this doesnt happen with every tooth. I'm just happy hes never had a cavity or any other problems! Oh and let me not forget to mention how crazy it makes Cami to hear her Bubba squeal everytime we try to pull it out! Sends her over the edge she cant take it and screams at me and Jason till we put him down, she so protective over her brother!

Caleb showing off his pearls to his new Webkinzs he named Twisters!


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JSmith5780 said...

Poor Caleb. Austin hs already lost two teeth, but he has four more that have been loose for at least two months. Luckily there are no teeth right behind them but still!

Austin just had a cavity filled and that cost us about $75. Not great but what can you do.