Sunday, November 02, 2008

Look What I can do....

Yes thats Mommys little Super Star!
Oh the good news just keeps coming. Just so happens my girl has also learned some moves to some nursery rhymes! Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.....yeppers my girl can do it! She points to her head then kind of slides her hands down to her toes. Its the cutest. Then the other night I was trying to calm her down and started singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider and she immediately jumped in. She put her fingers together and crawled them up and was doing the rain sun and all.....MELT my heart would ya! She even tries to hummm it.
Next is Ready Set Go......An everyday game of ours with throwing a ball. We will count it up to 3 then say go or say ready set go. Well my girly has started saying Weay(Ready) GoGoGo!

Now my next know how on her came from her brother. Some may know what I'm talk about some may not, but I think he got it from school. If you take your pointer finger and going in small circles in front of someones face and say Lolli Lolli Lolli then clap your hands together and say POP.....all in trying to get someone to blink. Well he does this to Cameran all the time and gets a BIG giggle out of it cause she blinks everytime....So predictable she is! Anyhow she has picked this up but instead of her pointer finger she does her whole hand waved in the air saying Loa Loa Loa(Lolli) then Uhhhh(for pop) where she then claps hers hands! Silly Caleb a blink everytime too because you never know how many Lollis you get out of her....teehee!
Lastly came from school and I have to say it was such a proud moment. This would be her drinking out of a big girl cup....No Lids, No Straws! She can do it, with a little mess of course but SHE IS DOING IT!

Before she didnt understand to lift the cup to get a sip so she would just throw her head back soaking herself! But now she is doing it the correct way just little sips at a time, thats fantastic work Cami! Such wonderful changes going on in our Household! Keep it coming sweet girl.


mom said...

thank you Jesus! mom

JSmith5780 said...

The POWER of peer interaction. School is obviously exactly what she needed! I am so happy that she is moving right along!