Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Trick or Treating Camping style


We had such a fabulous last camping trip of the year! Every year for the past 5-6 years we have done a double birthday party for my niece and cousin and its always followed by our Halloween bash! But this year was the first time we all had campers and made it a Camping Party Weekend with the whole family. We actually had the whole loop(8 campers) all to ourselves and man was it nice.

This place was set right at the foot of the Centerhill dam and the weather was perfect specially if you love to camp! A campfire is what its all about on a cold cold night. The leaves are in the mist of changing, the air was crisp and all you could hear where the sounds of the kids laughter! It was PERFECT! Our sites where settled in the very back of the campground backed up to a creek. Our campsites made a loop around a pavilion with a huge fire pit in the middle. That was our hangout for the whole weekend. The grown-ups got to sit and visit around the fire, while the kids made circles on their bikes around us.

I believe we used a whole truck load of firewood that weekend. Saturday was the big day for all the activities front and center at the pavilion around the fire pit nothing like a toasty fire. We started out with a Yummo lunch provided by the birthday girls mammas and man oh man was it a perfect hit for the Chilly weekend. Can you say homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup, Taco Soup, Vegetable Soup and Chili, man did they hit the spot! Then next was celebrating the girls, which together made a number of 18....ack thats a scary thought!

Gifts, cake and ice cream! After the kids wound down a little we rounded them up for the next party Trick or Treating Camping style! And oh boy where they all cute, you had 2 pirates, a witch, a princess, a baton twirler, a Dr., a horse and a grim reaper, so a little of everything! We let them go camper to camper in our loop and we had lots of exciting faces. Grandparents spoiled them with goodies!

The all got lots of good treats to rotten those teeth....lol! Speaking of teeth My lil Caleb lost his stubborn loose tooth thats been hanging in since April, that thing finally fell out that evening after taking a bite into a hot dog.....HOORAY for mommys little jack o lantern ;)....But would the tooth fairy make it to the camper? Yeppers he got a silver half dollar and ten bucks....now thats my kind of tooth fairy!

Anyhow once the sun started to set we brought out our pumpkins around the camp fire to do some carving. And was there ever some cute pumpkin turnouts.

This was a first for me, thats right I had never carved a pumpkin before. My sis-in-law pulled out some adorable pumpkin stencils. Caleb was surprised with a seahorse. I picked a camper settled at night. Of course Caleb got as far as cutting the top off his pumpkin and lifted the top and saw what was inside. He said now what I told him you have to dig all that out by hand, he said no way....lol! But guess what I wouldnt do it either...they get it honestly! So we let daddy do it...teehee. Then once ready to start marking our pumpkin he helped somewhat then took off with the rest of the kids leaving us for the carving part.

Now I tell you it looked alot easier than it was. No wonder everyone else choose easier ones. It took me a good hour but it took Jason a while to do mine and then my father in law took just as long. But the ending result was worth it, they turned out really cute.

You had cat carvings, a pirate ship, Winnie the pooh, an airplane, a campfire, and a few classic pumpkin faces. Take a look:

It was great! Lots of good memories that weekend including Cami's surprise of talking! Cant wait to go back next year!!!!!

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Kelsey Celeste said...

wow, that looks like a ton of fun!! we are going camping for the first time at Lake Claiborne in Louisiana for Thanksgiving with my parents and some more people and we are renting cabins so we are looking forward to it! I LOVE the carved punkins, we used to do that and IT IS alot of work!! haha! But they turned out GREAT, I love them! Talk to ya soon!
Love ya,