Thursday, October 30, 2008

A New beginning...

Thats what I have been feeling for Cami this past 2 weeks. She has really made some HUGE improvements. My girl is actually talking It started with us just getting notes in her folder from school stating she was saying "I want" then more words added in to it. Well slowly at home she started saying "I want" appropriately for food, drinks or toys. Then this weekend at our last camping trip she really just took off. She was flipping through a toy magazine and she pointed to a ride in car and said "I want it" I couldn't believe my ears....Three words in a row!
She continued the evening with the I wants. She went over to her cousins ride on and said "Mama, I want it" 4 words....What in the world was going on. Was there some sort of talking juice in the air....LOL! Then she went over to a bike that had the kid seat on the back of it and said "Mama I ride" OMG I was about to fall over with excitement. I mean where in the world did this all come from. It was like a switch just flipped on! She went on and on that weekend with the I wants.
On Sunday morning she woke up and her daddy was gone and she sat up and looked out the end of the bed and said Dada Go Go, Dada Go Go! That's right Cami dada went gogo! So sweet my little gal.
At school this week she has said quite a few new things. During speech she has said to be doing amazing. On Monday she said "I want more" 5 times spontaneously, Boo for ghost(shes been saying that one for a few weeks now), Pat Pat, More, Done, and Dada.
Then on Wednesday during speech her teacher asked her what do you see in this book? And while looking at the book she said Frog and there it sat a Frog on the page. I couldn't believe what I was reading. That's amazing Cami!
On her class room notes the good news continues of saying how well she is doing and how well she is participating with her friends. And even saying Gabby a lil one in her class. Also said "Dont want' after a taste of a carrot and ranch dressing, Blo for block and a big one PENGUIN! My goodness baby girl you are on a roll. Now I haven't heard her myself say this stuff but she will come around. It took her awhile to say the "I want" to us so I will wait patiently.
Yesterday she was standing on our bed looking out our window as the dogs where barking she said Dog. SO I asked her what the dog said and she said just as clear as day Bow Wow. How cute is that? I then asked her to say it to her daddy and she said it again to him.
Today was there Fall fun day at school and I told her outside, Cami come this way and she looked at me and said Disay(this way). I am totally just blown away by her huge improvements. Mommy is so proud of you....maybe just maybe Caleb our big girl WILL be talking by her 4th birthday! Wouldn't that be just awesome!!!!!!!


Reagan Leigh said...

That is so wonderful! I can't believe all of the things she's saying!! She is certainly an inspiration. It sounds like she will be talking by her 4th birthday!! Just wonderful!

JSmith5780 said...

Karen- I am SO happy for you. Keep at it Cami! HUGS!

P.S. One day soon you WILL ask if she'll ever STOP talking ;)