Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gearing up for the Holidays

Ok so where has this year gone, can you believe its almost Thanksgiving! The 1st part of the year for me always seems to drag by, usually not alot going on. But come September it flys by faster than I can even keep up with. We usually get jammed with Birthday Partys, camping, school activites then there is the Holidays. Could it slow down any please. I'm not ready for the big Holidays to start yet but its coming and the kids well Caleb is sooo excited, actually couldnt get here soon enough. Funny thing is that as soon as Christmas is over he'll say how many more days till the next Christmas......ACCKKKK! And for those people already putting up their Christmas Decor stop it already.....its too soon! Wal-mart was already putting out their Christmas trees about a month ago, I would still like to enjoy the fall please and Thank you! Can you tell I'm not ready, not one thing bought and typically I'm considered one of those last minute shoppers. I put it off as long as I can,usually the 2nd week of December. I hate the large crowds, its already started so I think I'm sticking with online shopping ;)

This week is gonna be a busy week, Calebs school is having there bookfair and I have volunteered for the week! Calebs turkey day lunch is scheduled for this Thursday, and then Friday its to Nashville for a Vandi appt for Cami, a follow up sleep study. Wonder how that will go, we never did try the Lunesta, never felt the need to. Right now things are going good she is sleeping pretty good. Some nights she is sleeping through the night and others she is only waking once. I did have a scary night last week, I think I may have seen her have a seizure. She was in the bed with me and she started moving around alot then she did it....her arms went up real tight then it paused then she did a quick jerk her arms came down and she started to cry, but she never woke up! Not sure what it was. SO I wonder if she is still having them occasionally. I just dont know and would it be worth another sleep study? What are the chances to catch one? Uggghhhhhhhh! I almost dont want to tell him because I know thats even longer on her meds. But it has to be done!

After this week time will really start to fly. Saturday we have a birthday party to attend at 3:00 then we are hosting a baby shower for some very close friends that same day at 5:30. Dont know how I'm gonna pull that one off, probably send the kids with their daddy to the party so I can get my cooking done for the shower and then go set it up. Then Sunday its packing day we are headed to my familys for the Thanksgiving. The kids will have to be taken out of school Monday and Tuesday but its well worth it. I've never been to my moms on an actual holiday for atleast 11 years now. My family is all in Louisiana so its a long drive 9.5 hours but it is well worth it. I miss them so much, dont see them nearly enough maybe twice a year. Its really hard not getting to see my neices grow up....Man the fun we would have if we lived closer lots of movies, park trips, visits and maybe even some shopping for the moms ;) So this trip is gonna be a great one, now thats a Holiday date I would happily count down too!
We leave Monday the 24th and return on Friday the 28th. Jason has to be back at work on the 29th. And me and the kids will spend Saturday relaxing from the long drive. Then Sunday the 30th its Thanksgiving with Jasons yummy for the tummy for 2 turkey dinners! Hopefully I'll be able to get into my pants after its all over with....TeeHee!
Now my tradition since me and Jason have been married is we always put our tree up after Thanksgiving dinner and this will be the first year a lil different. So we will put our tree up that Saturday of our return. I tell you I'm worried though, Cameran has really showed alot of intrest in the trees in Wal-mart, she reached out and grabbed that thing and was shaking it. So I may just leave it with just my pre-lit! I just dont think I have the energy to fight with her this year about staying out of the tree. Last year she climbed underneath it, shook it, pulled my ornaments off and even broke a few. Come Christmas last year Jason took that thing down as soon as the gifts were open, he had had enough....shes a lil stinker! I guess we shall see how it goes this year.

For my hubby Christmas came a little early this year. We ventured out this weekend and when you have too much time on your hands, well unexpected things happen. Well last night we came home with a brand new truck. Its beautiful and a long time coming. He has been wanting a new one since we got married. Every time we went to look we ended up getting me a new car because the time called for it. Well when my car got payed off back in July he has been on a search. We had it narrowed down to 2 but once we got to the lot the one he had really been interested in was being drove off the lot.....SOLD! SO there it sat the other one we had looked at the week before thinking this is really nice. We where very picky this go round, the dealer had a tough time with us. Our window of specifics was very strict. We either wanted blue or gray, had to be a full four door truck, full front console the list just went on and on so! This truck far exceeds what we wanted its great and rides so smooth. Its great, 6 disk changer, controls on the steering wheel for the radio, and ac., leather interior, sunroof, only 41,000 miles, new tires, tonneau(sp?) cover, Power memory seat, and heated seats woohoo for that felt like a heating pad on my back perfect for a gal thats had two back surgeries, it will come in handy!
Cant wait to see how it does on our drive to Louisiana. So Merry Christmas Hunny guess it was well worth the 10 years of wishing! Heres some pics of his new Pride and Joy, its a 2004 Ford F150 Lariat super crew.

Coming soon pics of Cami in her new bed. We finally took down her Pediacraft bed. So anyone out there who is in need it is still up for sale. It came down very easy so Please contact me if you are interested. Oh and stayed tuned for some cute fall pics of my sweet peas!

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I'm also ready for busy weekends for Thanksgiving & Christmas shopping.