Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Trick or Treat

Well this Halloween goes in our book for the Most Memorable! The kids had such a blast Trick or Treating. Caleb new what was going to happen, he loves to be the 1st at the door to knock, well this year he had some competition....Cami!

The 1st house is always our next door neighboor. Cami was hesitant not knowing what was going on. So we led her up there and they gave her some candy and a little bear. She turned around and gave us the BIGGEST smile and came running down in excitement.

We then put them in the wagon and continued to the next house. He wasnt home but he always leaves a basket of candy out for the kids. They both walked up and got one piece and Camis face really started to light up. The third house was a fireman that works with their daddy and by now Cami has started to figure it out...She was going up and and tapping on the doors. Now come the 4th house and I tell you it was like the LIGHT BULB clicked on! She was now running trying to beat Caleb too the doors. She had been listening to him say Trick or Treat and then he got candy. SO at this house this man came to the door and Cami said Hi and he gave her a piece of Candy she then said Hi again and he gave her another piece she then said it again, Hi and he gave her another piece....I then said ok ok Cami thats enough we have plenty to go....LOL! She had finally figured it out! It was on then, it had now become a racing match to beat her brother to each house...Who was going to ring the doorbell first or knock first. One house we went to had a Spongebob Halloween blow up and that struck both their attentions...Caleb says thats so cool and Cami is trying to squeeze into their house to catch a better look....silly girl loves her some spongebob....thanks Caleb!

Now a few embarrasing moments is 2 houses we went too, she had walked up and she said her hi got her candy and the people stood there saying how cute she looked and what did my daughter do? She slammed the door on them....She had her candy and she knew they always shut the door afterwards so she was just helping them out. Thankfully the owners got a BIG kick out of it!

Another house we went to the husband and wife where sitting outside on the porch one on each side of the front door they where just passing out the candy there. Well Cami walks between them and knocks on the door and waits and they are laughing so hard. They give her some candy while she waits and she keeps looking in there front door wondering what is going on...Where were they at she was thinking, she looked so puzzled, it was so funny! Come on people you are suppose to let them knock...well to Cami's thinking...LOL!
She never lost intrest that evening she was so into it. A shinning moment is when she was doing twirls in her dress she knew she looked pretty...I got so teary eyed. At one house Caleb was up getting his candy and Cameran was doing twrils around there trees, it was so sweet. It was a long walk and a beautiful night for it the stars where twinkling and the air was nice and cool, a perfect Halloween!


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LOVE the costumes.

Here is an embarassing story. As Connor was walking away from one house, he says VERY LOUDLY..."why doesn't she speak Engish?" I was mortified. She did speak English but had a very thick accent!