Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall Fun Day

Oh what a great day with Cami! I so enjoyed watching her in her school routine even though it wasnt actually their everday routine. But even through a different schedule she had the rules and listening down perfectly and did everything she was asked to do, it blew my mind. And then I started asking myself why she doesnt act this way when we go out.
The kids where so cute, outside participating in their Fall Fun Day. They had a face painting center, marker center, bean bag toss, fruit loop necklace center, spider ring dig and potato sack races. There was much more but we didnt get to it all. But I tell you I was really impressed with Cami's classroom and how they handled themselves outside. To be a special needs class they held it together nicely.
First stop was face painting and Cami really didnt care for it made lots of faces. But she ended up with a cute little pumpkin. While waiting for our turn at the next table they played on the slides and then once our turn was next they called them over and Cami turned those listening ears on and followed all her friends over and waited in line. Whoa baby girl!!!

When asked to sit down and wait in line she would sit and wait....Perfect! Why cant I get her to do that? She amazes me that she is capable of doing this at school but why not at home???? What am I doing wrong?
She didnt try to run off from her group and even in a tempted outside setting with playgrounds all around she stayed focused on what they where doing! I was truely impressed!

On the necklace making section I had to help her alot she couldnt get those little fingers grasped right on those fruit loops to string them on the yarn but she was giving it a great shot. She can grasp them good just cant figure out to turn them on the opened loop to get it on the string. But in the end she had a great little snack of a necklace.

"Cami and her teacher"

Next was the sack races and my girl was ready. She ran over and grabbed that sack and started climbing in. And get this she had figured out how to do it by watching the other kids and started hopping it was so sweet. She then got tired and started walking/shuffling those feet and wasnt getting far so mommy stepped in and helped hop her down the rest of the way. She loved every minute of it!!!!

At the end of the outing they asked all the class to go line up at their door. They where 2 playground areas away and Cameran dropped what she was doing and ran to their door and stood in line waiting for her teachers to get there. WAY TO GO CAMI! I would have never pictured her doing that but she did and is doing great following directions.
So proud of my girl on all these things. Just 6 months ago she would have never understood how to do these activites. Weird thinking that it was just that short of a time that we had to work soley on getting her to sit still for longer than 30 seconds. And now look at her sitting and waiting in line for her turn isnt that amazing! She is such an inspiration to me, Love you baby girl.

This is Camerans buddy Mr. "J". He was one of her teachers last year and this year she mainstreams with their new class. And get this she can say his name so clear they say. I'm so happy that she is settling in well at this school! They are all really great with her.

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Jamie said...

KAREN you should make a big news letter type thing on Fall Fun Day for Cami's School! she looks so happy and the teachers just seem to love her!! Your pics are just great!!Once again...just looove it. Cameran my little hero :)
I hope Madie will have such great teachers when she is older :)