Monday, November 17, 2008

New found love

Ok so when we took our venture out and was looking at vehicles I found a new love of a car. Have you seen them its called a Ford Flex
Man this thing was awesome, looks like the old station wagons. I always loved those cars and now here it sat one on the lot we where at. It was a cinnamon color and had loads of room. I think it just may be my next car, of course in the years to come. I'm still loving my Tahoe, you know in the 4-5 years that we've had it we havent had to do one thing to it. Now thats a good car, I sure hope his truck turns out to be just as good. Kids will probably be teenagers before I get a new one...he told me no more cars....LOL!
Well there you have it my blog of the day....Sorry not a lot going on! Kids are being kids fighting then being sweet, then back to fighting again, the usual sibling arguments. But with my two it consists of Cami snatching and Caleb saying hey you arent being fair then he takes it back and she screams and then she starts hitting and then he cries and then she runs trying to look innoncent like she wasnt in the room when it happened....teehee. Shes is a stinker and we are trying to teach him to stand up for hisself, I mean for goodness sake they are 3 years apart and she beats up on him! But at school she is the perfect angel and shares, guess she does it here because its her brother. You know the one she is so protective over. Like if he gets hurt and starts crying she drops to her knees beside him and crys with him not letting me or Jason near him....Its a love hate relationship....LOL! Goof balls they are. Now I look over at them and they are sitting in the rocker together watching Icarly and she is rubbing his ear and all is calm but they where just figthing and screaming at each other 2 minutes ago over a rolling bag. Believe me I dont even try to understand, guess its payback from our wild figths when we where younger!
Update of this week:

Camerans speech is getting more clear she is saying Hi and Bye to everyone, its the sweetest. She has also joined the runny nose and cough team this week.....ugghhh remind me again why I so love this time of year! Sick kids every where you turn. The thing going around schools now is fifths disease. Last month it was chicken pox and bad things about both of those is you are most contageious when you dont even have signs of having it, and then when the rash appears its too late to take precautions, its already been passed....lovely huh! Gotta love schools.

On to Caleb the boy is braking me at the bookfair, he could never have enough books, guess thats a good thing though. But of course he is way over the reading level of those level 1's and 2's ...the 3.99 or 4.99 books he is reading chapter books that cost $8-10.00.....that really adds up. But they have some awesome stuff this year, so I dont mind besides the sales help the school!
So there you have it another boring but busy day in my household! A little wishful mommy thought, a little sick, a little fight a little money and a whole lot of love ;)

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