Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spooky Ookeys

Just thought I would share my cute as pie spookey ookeys with ya! A little early I know but I couldnt resist. Caleb is a pirate and Cami a witch! They are both loving their looks this year I couldnt get the costumes off of them. More pics coming soon from our trip to the Pumpkin Patch and then more from Gatlinburg. I've also got an amazing update on Cami coming soon! Until then enjoy my little bugs!

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apes said...

We are so proud of her! These pictures are priceless, she is super photogenic and Caleb is the best big brother ever. I can't imagine what I would have said or done about the baby comment he threw at you! Good answer though, just think it will only will be in a blink of an eye before you will be having a more serious talk with both of them because they grow up so fast. It looks like you guys had the most wonderful time camping. I pray for Cameran to keep making the wonderful progress we have seen. She is such a blessing to us here at school and lights up the room. I want a copy of the picture of her smiling looking up at the sky!!