Friday, October 17, 2008

The Birds and The Bees...G rated!

Ok so this is not an easy topic for me simply because I thought I had plenty of time to prepare for it. And of course too it was never one we got from our parents. So I was really caught off guard but I knew it was coming with all his interest in the seahorses and how the male carrys the babys, which hey I think is fabulous!
Lets just say Calebs interest didn't stop there. We've had the conversation of when they came out of my belly. When I had Cameran I told him that I was going to the hospital and she was going to come out of my belly end of story and he was fine with that. But now he thinks they where both in my belly at the same time and he just came out 3 years before Cami and then she came out later....LOL! I have tried explaining that before but I get no where. So I'm guessing that topic led to the next big one. Let me lighten the mood for you!

Its late evening and I'm ebaying, their daddys is at work(of course) and the kids are playing and Caleb comes over and says Momma does Cameran have a baby in her belly?
I then say what? No Cameran is little she cant have a baby in her belly. Only grownups have babys in there bellys.
I continue doing what I'm doing.....trying to win a dress for Cami.....I lost...I'm so not good at that stuff. Anyhow I look up and his wheels are still turning and then it comes....

......Mommy how do babys get in your belly.....JAW drop!


I'm at loss for words. I say Caleb I I I I and he interrupts me and says Mommy tell me! My mind is now running a hundred miles an hour trying to figure out what in the world to say. I look over at him and curiosity has now taken over his face and he is patiently waiting on an answer.

I say Well you have to have a mommy and a daddy and mommmy has an egg and daddys have an egg and when you put them together it makes a baby and when Jesus thinks you are ready he will make it in your belly.
He says oh well thats neat....ok...and then walked off! Can you see me sweating.....ACCKKKKK! I so need to prepare myself better for that one next time. I'm sure the older he gets the more in detail you have to go and I'm a long time away from that kind of detail.

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