Monday, October 06, 2008

Great things....

Wow Cameran has really been a different kid lately. We actually don't know what to think of her new changes. Lets 1st start with an update from last weeks issues...the sleeping and belly problems. Let me just say they are no longer a problem. It was like a flip of the hat.
We were suppose to give her the Sparkling laxative to clean her out and instead she did it all on her own. In fact she has gone EVERYDAY with no needed med to make her go.
It really threw me off because she has NEVER done this EVER its always been once a week. So what made her start going?
Weird how we go to the GI Dr and then all of a sudden she just starts going....almost like she knew what they where going to do if she didn't start going.

Then there is the sleep.....Well its been perfect with NO med help! Can you believe that??? We still cant get over these changes almost like these two things were linked together.
Could the belly be linked to her bad sleeping habits...Possibly!

But whatever it be we will take it happily. Its been great with her sleeping in her own bed all night long and no more tossing and turning and crying out. She is actually getting lots of good sleep.
The Dr had called in Lunesta to try but we haven't had to use it yet. Hopefully things will stay going this smoothly!

Next topic will be about her speech. This is such a touchy subject for me because its one that always proves me wrong. Will she ever talk....I think so, I mean she does on some days say a few things, but the next day it is a thing of the past.

Caleb always asks "Mommy will Cameran talk at her 4th birthday?"
Me: I don't know but I pray everyday that she will.
Caleb showed much concern this weekend when he was talking to his cousin Allie who is the same age as Cami. He said mommy how old is Allie I said she will be 4 in November but he says shes so little how can she talk so much like I do and Cami cant and they are the same.
He then said is it because Cami is still a baby....I just wanted to cry, he still thinks of her as a baby because she doesn't talk. Its so hard for him to understand the whole situation. Because then he says why does Cami not talk I tell him its because she had seizures when she was a baby and it made her not be able to talk but reassure him that she will one day. But when Mommy? And then its mommy did I have seizures when I was a baby? Did Allie have seizures? .....So many questions and some times I don't feel like I have enough answers.
But he does see and hear her trying and when she does say a new word it makes him so happy and he'll say mommy did you just hear that she said "Hello" that was so cute....Good job Cami! He loves to praise her which is great encouragement coming from her big brother. I think that sometimes its great to hear it from someone else besides the mommy and daddy!

At school she seems to be more talkative for them I don't know why this is. But they have sent home some notes of things she says and I just think to myself that no way in this world they are talking about my child.
One day we got a note saying she SAID not signed "I want book" .....jaw drop! But then this weekend I heard her say it! I asked her Cami do you want your milk and she said "I want" this went on all day when I would ask her if she wanted something and she would repeat "I want" back to me.
Also a new sound this weekend still has us puzzled. But we think she is saying "A Car" she says it most when riding in her car. It sounds like a crow "A Ca A Ca" its really cute. I've thought it could also be "A Girl" because they always try to get her to sign Cameran is a girl. Whatever it be its new and she is trying to say can only guess what it be ;) doesnt really matter to me its just cute and music to my ears.
She is also saying "DaDu" for thank you, its really cute but she doesn't say it all the time and never when you want her to. She'll usually just surprises you with it every once in a while. Who knows, her pattern of speech is everywhere but I love it all!
Some of her everyday sounds are mama, dada, hi, hiyo, wow and quit those are the main ones. Occasionally you hear her say Nana, Papa, No, and her new one for my mom is Mawmaw that one is really hard to get out of her. So she is speaking some...where she should be...I don't know but around here nothing is by the books!

She is following directions much much better but still has problems understanding. But if you ask her to shut the front door and lock it, she will do just that. Or tell her to rinse her tooth brush off, turn off the water, put her stool up and then turn the light off she will do it with no problem. Is that because its an everyday routine or is it that she actually understands it. The reason I ask is because if we go to the Dr.s office and they try to give her a direction of can you step up here on the scale so we can weigh you she just stands there...she doesn't understand.

Or if they tell her keep your hands down and don't hold onto to the scale she just keeps holding on so I know she doesn't understand. Or if you are outside and tell her not to run off or climb on something cause she can get hurt its like she doesnt even hear you. She still walks behind someone swinging on a swing still not realizing she can get hurt. She will walk out on our road here and just stand in the middle of the road when a car is coming...So I know she still shows no safety awareness still....WHY?
I'm guessing it will come like everything else. She has really slowed down alot and is actually paying close attention to things she has never noticed before. Like the other day a airplane flew over us and she actually looked up and watched it go by as if she had never saw one in her life was amazing. Another new thing is her shoveling rocks into a bucket, then dump them out and do it again. This still amazes me! Or putting her own shoes might not be the right feet but she gets them on or pulling her own pants up. Cami has come along ways and I am so proud of her progress! So keep it going sweet girl, mommy, daddy and bubby are super proud of you!

Now my last bit of info is about Camerans Pediacraft bed. It is still up for sale and really needs to go so we can get her a big girl bed. We are lowering the price to $2500.00 even though we lose out big time! This will leave us having to pay $1300.00 for the bed which we didnt want to do but it just needs to be sold. SO anyone out there who is interested please e-mail me at or if you could just pass the info along if you might know anyone interested. That would be greatly appreciated.

This week we are off to another great camping adventure in Gatlinburg! Its my birthday this week and all I really wanted to do was getaway with the family in the most beautiful hills of Tn and enjoy the fall colors and cool breeze by a nice campfire....I can just picture it now! The kids are out of school for 2 weeks for their Fall break so we are looking forward to ever last day of it!

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LOTS of great stuff!! Happty early Birthday... enjoy your trip!