Friday, March 28, 2008

Troubles in Louisiana

We are still here at my moms in Louisiana, we leave out tomorrow to go back home. I have really enjoyed my time here but I am so ready to go home! Cami has been in complete destruction mode since we have been here. Caleb has been sick with a cold all week and their heavy pollen down here is making it so much worse! On top of all that they both have had poor appetites since we have been here. Neither wanting to eat much of anything in fact its a daily struggle I'm just ready to give up. Its either mac n cheese or grill cheese this week, how much cheese can one person have! Sounds like a riddle. Oh and I bought hot dogs the kids favorite but it wasnt their normal kind Oscar myer with cheese in the middle. Instead I had to get what the store had and it was ball park hot dogs with cheese. Well have you know that neither one of my kids will touch the stinkin things! They are both so picky.

Now my last complaint will be is why do kids always come down with stuff while you are out of town? Story Caleb has been off and on complaining of leg pain in both his legs for about 2 months we always just thought growing pains. Well we get down here and on Tuesday morning he wakes up crying that his legs hurt the boy wouldnt even walk on them. Cried if I touched them and he had bruises up and down his legs. Well I call his Pediatrician and they just ask me a ton of questions. He then instructed me to take him to the nearest walk in clinic and have them run a CBC! SO this is 4:30 in the afternoon. My sister comes and picks us all up takes us to a clinic they know and I go in the woman is talking on her cell phone and just says real quick like are you new I say yes and she points to the papers for me to fill out. So me and Caleb are sitting and filling out papers for about 10-15 minutes I get up to give them to her and tell her the situation and she says oh why didnt you tell me they needed a lab ours closed at 5:00! I say well you where on the phone when I walked in. I just sat there and filled all these papers out for no reason. She said oh I will just shred it, she said you will have to go down the road here to Quick Care! Ok I'm so name dropping this place because it was the worst.... THE WORST place I have ever in my life been to. So if you are ever in Shreveport, La and need to see a Dr never got to Quick Care and see a Dr. Smith! I stayed only because I was worried for Caleb. Anyhow the Dr. was so incredibly rude that I couldnt believe he was even a Dr.

He says why would your Dr. wait till you got out of town before he started to run a test for the possibility of Leukemia. I'm like what I didnt even get that impression from our Dr. just maybe it was low sugar or something. SO I start to freak out a little bit. He just went on and on ranting about our Dr. when I'm trying to defend. Calebs Dr. didnt even know the pains he was having till Thursday when I took him in for his temp from a cold the day before we left. Which we didnt even see his regular Dr. it was a different one and the Dr says well was it in the same clinic I say yes, He says you recon they read from the same file. I said I guess so but I then say do you read your patients full file before seeing them, in which it wouldnt even matter because this leg issue was just brought up last week. Anyhow they run the test and it is now 6:00 and we are suppose to be meeting at my sisters house for a grill out. So I ask the dr. if I can send my sister home with Caleb and Cami and my neice while I wait for the results. He said just about as rudely as someone could possibly get No cause if he dose have Leukemia we are sending him to our Hospital or St. Judes....My response....Ummm no hes not going anywhere if he has something I will take him where I know we would get some descent care, he then slammed the door. I was furious! We waited 40 minutes and the test all came back fine his HGB hemoglobin was a little low but that was it. Have you know on Calebs papers he wrote injury most likely from just being a boy! Accckkkkk......I will never never never take my kids to another Dr. in Louisiana! My sister said she has had to see him before and said he was that way with her. SO why does this guy still have a license?

SO let me finally say that I'm so thankful for all the wonderful Dr.s we have in our lives who deeply care for my children! We have been blessed with a wonderful Pediatrician and Neurologist!


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JSmith5780 said...

What a week!! I would DEFINITELY report that doctor to the LA medical board!

Hope camping goes better!