Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brain Awarness Week

We wear our Silver ribbons for all our little Epilepsy Friends! We love you all!


Special Dates:
*Saturday, the 15th marks Camerans 11 months seizure free. I have put a countdown clock on her page and hope you check in and celebrate with us on her 1 year of being seizure free which will be April 15th! We are so excited about all her improvements. She is doing so wonderful in school. We had her 1st Parent Teacher Conference yesterday and it went really really great. She is starting to complete tasks, like concentrating on one toy at a time then clean it up and move to the next. I've asked her about some signing Cami has been doing trying to figure out what it is and it seems she is picking up bits and pieces of stuff and making it her own in a way thats easiest. So if we work together maybe we can figure out what she is trying to tell us. I just noticed one day this week when I was singing the Clean up song she kept clapping after I finished and then pointed in a motion to her palm. I thought maybe she picked up a new way of signing for "more" but she would do these motions every time I sang that song. So I mentioned it to Mrs. M and she said they sign clean up by motioning hands in a rubbing sort of way then point up so Cami is pointing to her palm in a motion so weird how that came together but hey whatever works. We are just seeing huge improvements in her, its amazing.

*Monday the 17th we are taking Cami to Vanderbilt for the beginning of her sleep studies. We have patiently been awaiting this appointment. Cameran has had sleeping issues since the seizures started when she was 6 months old. She wakes alot during the night seemingly uncomfortable and crying out but never opens her eyes. Not sure whats going on but we hope and pray we get some answers so our baby girl can get some much needed rest.

*And this one for Caleb because he is super excited his school is taking a field trip next week to see Horton Hears a Who and is psyched that Mommy is tagging along.

~He got his report card yesterday and got perfect scores all the way across and she even left a note saying he is excellent in counting money. Thats one of the things they are working on in his class. They are also working on determining the differences in Liquids and Solids doing experiments and such and he really enjoys it all! I love that he loves school so much. Other things they are working on are Mapping, Learning American History, Double digit math adding and subtracting, learning the ones and tens place. He is excelling in reading and now reads me & Cami books, hes just growing up so fast, heck they both are, I'm so proud of these two.

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JSmith5780 said...

So much happy news in one post!!

Good luck with the sleep studies. We finally see the sleep specialist at the end of the month. He's definitely doing better now that he's off the Vig though!

So Caleb likes science. Austin's favorite show is Smash Lab. It's on the discovery channel. They take "ordinary" materials and try and do something different with them. Last week they fluidized sand with air to trap a car in a "pit" as it fled a bank robbery. The week before they used some type of crystalline material to make a "blanket" to cover a house in a forest fire zone. Austin LOVES the science behind these shows!! He keeps walking around talking about "fluidizing sand". He gets the strangest looks from people! too funny!