Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dress Up

Sweet Sweet Cami brought her momma to tears the other day playing dress up! She has always shown interest wearing our shoes around the house so for her Birthday we bought her a pair of Princess dress shoes. Well Last week she finally showed interest in them, she wanted her footy pjs off so she could wear them so I was happy to oblige. Then I decided to pull out a dress for her and she was excited to put it on. Next is when my heart melted she went and grabbed her baby stroller put her baby in it and was pushing her around the kitchen and then would walk over to her play kitchen and push buttons open up doors and then PRETENDED to wash her hands! I was ecstatic my girl was finally playing in role play! HOORAY for Cami and you all know I took pics so here they are in a slide show, there are a few other pics on the slideshow before hand of the kids playing outside but be sure to stay to see the dress-up its so precious! My big girl is growing up!!!! Love you Cami!

Pushing her baby around the kitchen!

Pretending to wash her hands!


Miss Madii said...

Awww...She is so precious :)
Congrats on her moving forward.

Madissen from myspace(One of Classy Creations artists)

Dawson said...

She is ADORABLE!!!!!!! glad to see her doing so well

Jeff and ALlison