Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tooth Fairy

Well Caleb finally got his 1st visit from her and he was thrilled. Thursday after school I picked him up and we headed down the road to the kids Pediatric Dentist, who are just wonderful! He was so excited, we pulled up and I could not get out of the car fast enough for him. He said hurry up Momma I love this place. Soon as we walked in they where ready to take us on back. Where he was happily grinning from ear to ear showing off his pearls to everyone. The nurse asked him to show her his loose tooth, where she then saw where both permanents had grown in behind them already she said oh yeah those both have to go so the new ones can come in.
He walked in our room she slid out a drawer full of different scented Snoopy masks, he choose the purple/grape. He got up on the table they put the mask on him and started the numbing procedure. Of course I had no idea of how involved this procedure was, I've never even had a cavity so I was clueless to what was going to take place here. Well lets just say they have 3 numbing steps. The mask for 10 minutes, a q-tip placed in the lip with numbing cream placed there for 15 minutes then I looked down and hidden by her leg is a needle full of stuff. Ok catch me now, I could not watch. He had no idea what she was doing just told him he would feel some pushing and that was it. Let me tell you that boy sat there smiling the whole time had no clue she was sticking a needle in his gums...They are good! So she let that kick in for about 5 minutes and in that time his daddy came in to help out with Cameran and watch him loose these stubborn teeth he tried so hard pulling for 2 weeks now with no success! When he saw his daddy he said hi daddy and then said hey my Wip feels funnie(did you catch the spelling there, well thats exactly how he sounded) his lip was HUGE! So funny! Well it was time, she then called me over for the perfect picture opp(yes of course I had my camera) she said it would be quick. Well in 1 minute he was a cute little snaggle tooth. She put his cute little teeth in a tiny tiny little yellow treasure box that said Tooth Treasures. They flushed him out sat him up and he was good to go well with a slight lisp that is! She said she really had to tug on those teeth to get them out, surprinslgy she thought for as loose as they where. Said we would have never gotten them out on their own, well not before it messed up his permanents, now those newbies can move forward and grow perfect!
Lastly he got to stop at the treasure box and pick out 2 surprises and even 1 for Cami. So that just made his day. So all in all not to bad $119.00 I'm keeping those teeth forever!
Anyhow we got home and he ran and got his big tooth that he puts under his pillow it glows in the dark. He placed his teeth in there and placed it under his pillow and wished with all his might for 2 half dollars. Come Friday morning I heard Wow.....pit pat pit pat pit pat down the hall look mama she left me lots of money 4 half dollars and 2 dollar bills well he said a 5.00 one and a 1.00 one so thats $8.00 ummmmm lets see I know how much that is its $4 a tooth! Way to go Caleb you must of had some beautys! He of course had to take it for show and tell to school and they where all so excited for him now he fits in with the rest of them. Oh forgot to mention he had a Salute to American History 1st grade program that night and he did such a wonderful job singing and dancing his little heart out on the front row! Mommys Big boy!

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